15 of the Best Luxury Bedding Set Brands to Indulge In

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Don’t you love that feeling of arriving at a luxury hotel and when you reach your room, it’s like the bed is immediately drawing you in? Your sleep is so much better and the bed is just so much more comfortable than it is in your home. Luxury hotel brands settle for the best when it comes to their amenities. So of course they opt for the best when it comes to bedding sets. While staying in a luxury hotel may not always be possible, you can recreate that feeling right in the comfort of your home by shopping from the best luxury bedding brands.

If you’ve been contemplating investing in a new bedding set for your home, read on for some of the best luxury bedding brands to choose from!

15 of the Best Luxury Bedding Set Brands to Indulge In

1. Beddable

Beddable makes it on top of this list, and most rightfully. It knows everything when it comes to bedding.

With Beddable, they’ve simplified the process of searching for the right bedding for you. The navy range from Beddable, for instance, is plain, simple, and fuss-free, and all sourced and made from nothing less than the best quality materials. These are all 100% cotton and with an average thread count of 400.

If you’re the type to sweat when you’re sleeping, Beddable works to your advantage as it’s breathable and absorbent. It helps regulate your body for that ultimate comfortable sleep.

Navy bedding set from Beddable
Navy Bedding Set from Beddable

2. Brooklinen

Brooklinen also makes luxury bedding accessible by giving you good quality sheets, without hurting the bank. If you’re pinching pennies but just want to invest in good, luxurious sheets, then Brooklinen is the one for you.

Here are good reasons to purchase from this brand:

  • They’ve done the work for you, to come up with the softest and coziest bedding, which will always have you feeling like you’re sleeping on the cold side of the pillow;
  • They’ve mastered the right cotton used, to the weave style, and even the right thread count.
Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle by Brooklinen
Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle by Brooklinen

3. Parachute

Parachute is another game-changer when it comes to luxury bedding. Its overall feel creates an airy, sunny room, which is a stark contrast to the dark colors or plain white hues that many luxury bedding brands are leaning towards into.

Plus, Parachute carries a lot of reversible sheets, which offers more options as to finding the perfect color, without necessarily needing to have a lot of sets.

parachute bedding set blush-blog-hero
Blush Linen Bedding by Parachute

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4. Matouk

Matouk has been around for over a hundred years now, you can rely on the brand’s promise of handcrafted luxury linen, using only the world’s finest materials.

With Matouk, the brand lives through a close-knit family-like team of artisans that balance the classic of handcrafting linen, while also using new technologies to come up with linens that were given meticulous care and attention.

Allegro by Matouk
Allegro by Matouk

5. Frette

Frette takes pride in its long-standing history as a luxury bedding brand, starting from 1860. You can only imagine how much the Italian brand has mastered the art of coming up with luxurious bedding all these years. Frette’s core principles center on three F’s:

  • Feel. No matter the weather, Frette’s sheets will always give you that comfortable feeling of a good night’s sleep.
  • Fiber. Frette believes that using a longer fiber length of the cotton brings a smoother, more uniform, and resistant thread.
  • Finish. Frette goes through a patented finish, to come up with the most luxurious and smoothest finish.
Luxury Bedding by Frette
Luxury Bedding by Frette

6. Donna Karan

Donna Karan’s luxury bedding is a modern classic. While the name is best known for its fashion apparel, it also hasn’t fallen short of coming up with bedding that lives up to the standard that her name brings.

If not in its plain muted colors, a majority of her luxury bedding set line is in shiny satins, like gold and dark blues. When brought to a bedroom, even that in itself is already luxurious.

luxury bedding set brands Reflection Collection by Donna Karan
Reflection Collection by Donna Karan

7. Four Seasons At Home

When it comes to luxury accommodation, you can’t go wrong with Four Seasons. Hence, as you shop on its home line, you can trust in this brand and its trademark of quality to be able to bring that Four Seasons feel right into your home.

It’s a five-star hotel, so, the bedding also lives up to that five-star standard. You no longer have to regularly check in to a thousand-dollar a night room just to get that five-star assurance of Four Seasons.

Four Seasons Bedding luxury brands
Four Seasons Bedding

8. Marriott

Like Four Seasons, another name in the luxury hotel business brand that speaks of top quality is Marriott.

Now, you can also have that feeling in your home. You can complete that luxurious feel with their wide range of bedding, and even pillows and robes.

Platinum Stich Luxury Bedding Set by Marriott
Platinum Stich Luxury Bedding Set by Marriott

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9. Sferra

Sferra is a brand made in Italy, which you can trust to be a backbone of luxury, especially in the fashion industry. The Italian craftsmanship for luxury goods is unparalleled, so you know that you’re getting your money’s worth with Sferra bedding.

If you want that cloud comfort and airy feel on your bed, their goose-down collection is the best choice for you to bring home.

luxury bedding set brands Milos Collection by Sferra
Milos Collection by Sferra


THXSILK is another brand that consistently makes it on the top best silk sheets list on the Internet. While a relative newcomer, starting in 2002, it didn’t fall far behind the other bedding brands. THXSILK focuses on making sheets that are fuss-free, simple, clean, and crisp. Its best line boasts of the anti-aging benefits of silk along with the temperature-regulating sheets.

Silk Bedding by THXSILK
Silk Bedding by THXSILK

11. Peacock Alley

Peacock Alleys’ core business circles around self-care, and this is where their luxury bed sheets come in. It’s part of loving yourself with a good night’s sleep through luxury bedding. The company believes in its core purpose, ‘Making you feel good is what we’re all about’.

And indeed, it does. Whether you prefer cotton or sateen, or other fabric for your luxury bedding, they have a wide variety of options to choose from.

Channing Collection by Peacock Alley
Channing Collection by Peacock Alley

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12. Ralph Lauren Home

Ralph Lauren is most widely known for its classic, equestrian-style apparel, a style, taste, and elegance they carry effortlessly to their home line. Especially if you fancy the classic stripes or clean, subtle checkered prints, the sateen luxury sheets with those prints are your best buy from Ralph Lauren Home.

Seeing the Ralph Lauren logo or tag already screams quality and luxury in itself. It’s a brand that needs no introduction. Bring this to your bedroom, and it’ll have that image of class and luxury.

luxury bedding brands Ralph Lauren Home Bedding
Ralph Lauren Home Bedding

13. Muse Bespoke

Muse Bespoke is for those of you who wish to have that princess, classic-like elegance in your bedroom, as it offers a wide range of luxury bedding with custom embroidery. Since they use the best materials, you won’t even feel the embroidery on the sheets, as you would normally do with others.

Muse Bespoke lives on its aim to stand apart from luxury brands through the little nuances and details that give their sheets that extra luxurious look to it.

Muse Bespoke
Luxury Bedding by Muse Bespoke

14. Callisto Home

If the design element in your home has textures playing around, then your best bet is Callisto Home. This luxury bedding brand’s sets offer detailed textiles to add that element of depth and design, even in your bed.

Another advantage of buying from Callisto Home is that they customize according to your size needs, style elements, or any specifications that you may have. That way, you’ll feel like you’ve got luxury bedding that’s uniquely tailored for you.

Callisto Home
Callisto Home Bedding

15. Lily Silk

Lily Silk lives on the promise of providing you nothing less than the best quality silk for your bedding, and even your pajamas. If pictures can speak, the photos on their website invite you towards comfort. It’s like you can feel the comfort of your skin, even when you’re still window-shopping.

If you’re also after all-natural materials, Lily Silk beddings come with OEKO-TEX Certification, which means that all the bedding sets and products in their brand are free from harmful chemicals.

Lily Silk 22 Momme Seamless Silk Bedding
Lily Silk 22 Momme Seamless Silk Bedding Set

Wrapping Up the Most Luxurious Bedding Set Brands

Sleeping well is essential for recharging for the coming day ahead. So it’s only fitting to have the most comfortable bed possible. Your home can feel just like a five-star hotel with the use of the best luxury bedding set you can find. When you head out to shop, take note of the brands above, but of course, the best choice for you will ultimately depend on your personal preference.

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