Everything You Need to Know to Choose the Right Hair Extensions

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Remember the last time you opted for a new choice? Chances are it was weeks or even months ago! This is normal because, as humans, we are afraid of change. The same goes for our hairstyles. So today we are here to say embrace change and go for a new style or hair extension. Having a new hairstyle makes you feel like a whole new person! If you are new to Clip-in or Tape hair extensions, you probably have no idea about what’s what. Each hair extension has its own special features that are useful in certain cases. Lucky for you you’re in the right place! Read on for everything you need to know to pick the best product for your new look.

First of all, why are Clip-in and Tape hair extensions at all important?

Hair extensions are ideal if you want your hair transition to not be like moving mountains. The first benefit is that extensions made from real human hair are not based on any chemical products.
This means you can be sure they will not cause any damage to your hair. Secondly, they are so easy to use! In no time, installation or change is possible. And third, they can be found at affordable prices.

Without further ado, here are some of the benefits of using hair extensions. Let’s now go in-depth on the specific features of our two extensions under study.

Tape or Clip-in? Everything You Need to Know Before Choosing Your Perfect Hair Extensions

It’s All About Sustainability

The decision to choose either Clip-in or Tape hair extension depends largely on your needs. Do you just want a hair extension for an event? Are you someone who prefers to have multiple heads every week? Or are you long-term oriented? Get the balance right and the decision will be easy.

Clip-in hair extension should only be worn for one day at a time and should be removed promptly each night before bed. As for Tape’s, they can remain part of your natural hair for six to eight weeks, after which they should be moved to cover the hair that has grown out.

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One Is Self-made and the Other Professionally-made

The other major factor is ease of use. This will greatly influence the choice between Clip-in and Tape hair extensions.

As for the Clip-in hair extensions, they are easy. You don’t need to go to a professional hair salon to wear them. Just 5 to 10 minutes depending on your experience, it’s off to a new hairstyle. On the other hand, tape hair extensions are a bit more complex and require a qualified professional. One or two hours are needed to complete.

One Is More Expensive Than the Other

The price also plays a big role. Having in mind the points on sustainability and ease of use, you can clearly guess which one is expensive compared to the other.

Obviously, tape hair extensions are more expensive. In addition to the fact that it lasts a long time and is complex to install, this hair extension needs maintenance that is not easy to perform. This is why the use of a professional is essential.

Should the size of your wallet be shallower and determine your next choice between clip-in and tape hair extensions, then the first type will certainly do but don’t forget to consider the other points listed above.

That’s it, we’ve done the trick on the nuances between clip-in and tape hair extensions. You can now be sure to make a good choice!

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