Why Diamonds Will Always Be A Girl’s Best Friend?

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World-renowned American singer, actress, and model, Marilyn Monroe’s song “Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend” will forever ring iconic. How can a girl not want a diamond best friend? Regardless of age, standing, or race, diamonds are always well-loved. When it comes to fine jewelry, there’s no stone more special in the heart, mind, and eyes of women than diamonds. Particularly for those who adore jewelry, a piece with diamonds on it is always perceived as beautiful and priceless, even if it may not necessarily be the most expensive piece in the store. A best friend forever!

Why Diamonds Will Always Be A Girl’s Best Friend?

Diamonds Represent Everlasting Romantic Love

Diamonds are always associated with engagement and wedding events. It’s almost always the case that engagement and wedding rings will have a diamond on them.

Why is this so? Well, there’s no straight-up answer for it. But it’s more a symbolism of a pledge to love the woman and to give her that value through an engagement ring. Diamonds are special, expensive, and beautiful. So, in essence, there’s no better way to seal that promise than a 1-carat diamond ring or any other size for that matter.

Be it square, round, pear, or oval engagement rings, if it has a diamond on it, then it follows that the wedding ring itself really must also have its own diamond. I mean it’s worn on the same finger, so?!

On the practical side, a wedding ring is a piece of jewelry a woman wears every day, for the rest of her life. Since diamonds are lasting, they’re set to last through wear and tear, without looking worn-out. Hence, diamonds are a worthy investment. And a girl’s best friend should always be worth its weight!

Diamonds Make a Great Heirloom

Heirloom jewelry is usually made of stones that have the most financial value. This means that it won’t significantly depreciate despite getting passed on through generations. In fact, the value often appreciates and can get even more expensive through the passage of time. Diamond rings are considered classic heirloom jewelry as they can hold memories and experiences from one generation to another.

The great thing about heirloom pieces is that they’re classics. It’s not just a fashion fad where, in the next generation, it’s already considered outdated. Diamonds have been used in jewelry for hundreds of years, and even if you’ve got an old piece from your grandmother, today, that piece is surely still beautiful, relevant, and elegant.

If you do fancy making changes to your heirloom pieces, you can safely do that with diamonds. Its price is very much justified by its quality and versatility, so you’re sure that even if you do make a few tweaks here and there, it’s going to look just as beautiful, if not even more beautiful, than a pre-tweaked heirloom.

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Diamonds Pair Well With a Multitude of Jewelry and Wardrobe Pieces

Diamonds are a dream in every fashionista’s wardrobe thanks to their effortless versatility! They work well with any outfit–whether you’re simply going to work, out for a casual run, or you’re off to a fancy gala, your diamond piece can surely match your look.

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When wearing diamonds, consider these styling tips:

  • Don’t overdo it. You don’t need to wear all of your diamond pieces at once. Even a single piece is already beautiful in itself and enough to make a statement, so you don’t need to wear it all in one go.
  • If you have a diamond engagement ring and a diamond wedding ring, a diamond tennis ring is also nice to have. These pieces all go perfectly together to give you the right amount of glam.
  • Reserve diamond necklaces for formal and dressier events. If you want to wear a diamond piece daily, you can stick to your rings, a tennis bracelet, or earrings.

Moreover, usually white and colorless diamonds can be mix-matched perfectly with other types of jewelry. Also, color-treated diamonds can be paired with different clothing pieces, either for casual or formal events. Not to mention that they can also be a statement piece.

So, are diamonds a girl’s best friend? Definitely. Every woman always wants to feel special and unique. There’s no better way to fill this desire than having diamond jewelry. Whether it’s something given to you or one that you’ve saved up, diamonds are always going to be special. And, yes, every girl at least deserves to have one.

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