Healthy Ways To Snack At Home

healthy ways to snack at home

Snaking is a forever enemy and best friend! Eat small snacks throughout the day they say. It will help you not over eat they say. Today was so long and it feels so good to flip on my popcorn maker and curl up on the couch with a blanket and bowl full of delciousness. In my head I think of how I should have cut up and apple instead… The truth is we all love snacks, and they offer many great benefits if used correctly. And since so much of snacking happens at home (wish you didn’t exist boredom snacking!), let’s talk about ways to snack healthy at home.

4 Ways to Snack Healthy at Home

Curb the Cravings

The best way to curb the cravings when at home is to ensure some form of protein. Proteins help keep hunger at bay and are great for meal replacements. Proteins also help make you less hungry for longer than average. Regularly including protein in the dietary plan helps as a satiating macronutrient that affects the hormones to keep from starving.

As healthy at-home snacking options, easy-to-digest veggies, fruits, and whole grains are also great alternative options to junk foods and oily, fatty, or deep-fried foods. Companies like Serenity Kids make great pre-packed healthy snack options, which are also always great for life on the move. Fibre takes longer for the body to absorb. So, it helps keep the tummy full for longer and allows you to go for long hours without craving food.

Regular Workouts

While not directly related to snacking at homeRegularly exercising or doing a little cardio (in the house) incorporating energy supplements like this one helps the body break down all the consumed food. Burning calories and fat is critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you manage to get a little exercise during the day, you can snack more beneficially without messing with your body’s dietary requirements. When working out, avoid foods that are spicy, salty, or excessively oily. These foods will not help with weight maintenance and will add to the feeling of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Combine Snack Types

Most dieticians prescribe combining macronutrients. When snacking, it is best to combine fibre, carbohydrate, protein, and fats. While working at home, it is best to snack on a few nutritious nuts and maybe an apple. If you’re in the mood to go all out, a few pieces of grilled protein with a salad can also do.

Whole-grain crackers or multigrain crackers with some cheese or fat (low-fat) or some Greek yoghurt will also make tasty yet nutritious healthy at home snacks. Combining healthy vegan snacks helps keep the body happy. It also makes you full and aids in avoiding overeating.

Foods to Eat

Foods like walnuts, dates, almonds and some cashews are great to snack while you work or as meal substitutes. They are not heavy and prevent excessive bloating. Walnuts are also high in omega-3 and reduce inflammation. If you are facing digestive issues, ginger chews will also help increase the absorption of nutrients and reduce nausea. Ginger also helps improve insulin sensitivity in patients suffering from type-2 diabetes.

Veggie chips are excellent sources of vitamins like A, B6, C, D, E, and K. Veggie chips are nutritious and contain natural ingredients like tomatoes, potatoes, non-hydrogenated fats, and sea salt flavour.

While it is not always easy to curb the hunger pangs and the temptation to eat junk foods, switching to healthy alternatives is great ways to snack at home, maintain weight, and remain fresh all day long.

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