Not Your Everyday Sandal, What’s In Style Now

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As temperatures soar and the world continues reopening, it’s time to step back on the scene in style. Before you reach for your old faithful thong flip flops, consider reaching for these sandal updates to enhance alongside your fresh pedicure. Read on to discover what sandals are in style for 2021!

Details that you should be looking for to elevate your summer strut are angled square toes, sleek wedged flip flops, puffier and comfier straps, kitten heels for those not ready to commit to their stilettos, and mules made for walking. Don’t be afraid to mix and match these details, as you will notice many sandals hold more than one of these elements (i.e., puffy straps offered with a squared toe). Whether you aren’t ready to strut in your 6″ heels or you’re looking to upgrade the slip-on slides you have been living in, there is something in there for everyone.

These sandal upgrades may make you feel nostalgic, and that’s because these trendy details have come full circle from the ’90s and early 2000s. The timing of these blasts from the past feels right for the moment. Many may be looking for height or an appeal to look more put together but aren’t ready to let go of the comfort that many have prioritized over the last few months.

See here five sandals that you should consider this summer as you step back out!

5 Sandal Styles to Consider This Summer

Sophisticated Square

A modern update to the everyday sandal that offers the same simplicity and versatility as your tried and true thong flip flops while making a statement. This geometric sandal will make any outfit feel chic.

Puffy & Padded

When clouds and your favorite summer sandal collide, they create your go-to comfort shoe. These puffed sandals come in an array of options, from cushioned quilted bands to plump straps offering a unique take on a traditional silhouette.

Lifted Kittens

For when you just aren’t ready to commit to the inches in your favorite stiletto heels, there’s always the kitten. It will allow for any outfit to feel well thought out but not overdone. You’ll be taking your thong flip flop to the next level, literally!

Manageable Mules

Mules are a staple summer piece that allows for extra comfort and support with the broader strap, all while not compromising style with the elevation in textile and wide assort of heel options.

Wedged Flip Flops

Go from poolside to a night out on the town in a versatile pair of wedges. They are easy to style up or down and come in various punchy summer colors and wedge heights to fit every occasion.

There you have what sandals are in style for 2021, happy summer!

Words by Jailynn Taylor

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