Inspired Ideas for Decorating the Walls of Your Home

decorating your walls at home koket dining room with feather wallpaper wallcovering

Whether you like your walls to be plain or patterned, it’s what you put on them that matters most.

Ever heard the expression “as dull as watching paint dry”? I’m sure you have, but I can think of something even more boring: watching dry paint! Clear, uncluttered walls might suit some people’s personal space, but most of us like at least a little something, whether it be photographs, paintings, or our children’s drawings.

Most of us don’t want to stare at blank walls all day long, so wall art is crucial for decorating our homes. There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating your walls—once you start to make a list of your ideas, you might be surprised just how many you come up with in a short period.

In case you get stuck, though, we have plenty of suggestions for you to choose from right here – but we would also recommend you treat them as exactly that—suggestions.

Have a browse through our recommendations and then think of ways to add a little personal touch, twist, or flair – this will genuinely make your home your own.

6 Ideas for Decorating the Walls of Your Home

Wall-to-wall Mural

When it comes to large-scale ideas, an entire wall-to-wall mural is pretty much as big as they come. The scale of this will leave your visitors mesmerized, but be careful to match the colours of your carpets and furniture, so there isn’t a colossal clash between the background and foreground. What mural to use? That part is up to you. I’ve heard of people using everything from their favourite album covers to recreating biblical paintings and optical illusions. Now that’s adventurous!

gold leaf with birch trees custom bespoke arol moreno mural
Mural by Carol Moreno (Meet Carol!)

Painting Straight On the Walls

It can create a fantastic effect, as the image can spread across multiple walls and even the ceiling. This technique often works best with more straightforward paintings, such as line art and cubist-type designs, but you can make it work with just about anything if you pick the right accessories and furniture to finish out the room.

Cecelia claire painting custom mural on wall
Cecelia Claire painting a custom mural (Meet Cecelia!)

Timeless Brick Beauty

When exploring creative wall decor ideas, brick veneers emerge as a popular choice. Brick veneers offer versatile wall design solutions, effortlessly blending style and substance to transform any space. Their unique appeal lies in their ability to provide the rustic charm of traditional brick walls without the weight and cost. thin brick by I-XL is a nice choice because of its adaptability to diverse design aesthetics – from industrial chic to rustic farmhouses. They seamlessly fit into various interior themes. Additionally, their lightweight nature allows for easy installation, making them a practical choice for both interior and exterior applications. Their durability ensures long-lasting beauty, making brick veneers a standout choice for homeowners and designers seeking timeless elegance and practicality in their wall designs.

Three-Dimensional Wall Art

Three-dimensional wall art? Is that a thing? It most certainly is, as Delia Kenza Interiors recently proved when they had one of their pieces featured in a beautiful magazine. Apparently, the property owner suggested the idea after browsing an art sculptures collection—they saw something they liked that was outside their budget, so they chose to hire an expert to recreate something similar instead.

In this particular example, the abstract piece was placed above the fireplace mantel to protect it from passers-by, but there are many more suitable locations for this type of piece with a bit of thought.

Apply Fabric On Your Walls (Or Feathers!)

While often not thought of, decorating your walls with fabric is a style that truly deserves more attention than it receives. Once again, think big with this one—an extra-large rug with matching accessories located directly underneath it in similar colours or shades will help to bring out the best in this technique. Or if you want to step your design even more and step into the exotic zone try a feathered wallpaper! “This idea works well in living, dining and bedrooms and probably wouldn’t be recommended in areas where moisture and odors circulate (such as kitchens and bathrooms),” commented Ruban Selvanayagam of Property Solvers.

koket feather wallpaper wallcovering
Feather Wallpaper by KOKET

Use the Fireplace As a Piece of Artwork

Ever noticed how every home you visit, the mantel is always filled with carefully arranged items, frames, and photographs? How could you do this differently? The fireplace is often the centre point of many living rooms, even though the vast majority are now used for decoration rather than serving any utility purpose.

This change has allowed us to use the fireplace as a piece of artwork, and it is something that many of us already use to significant effect. But going back to the mantel, how about a collection of overlapping frames, each holding a piece of similar artwork in a style that can survive with just a tiny portion of it hidden away? You could also try decorative wall stickers for a fun twist.

Choosing different but similar frames helps with this technique, and remember not to clutter the space—perhaps choose one large piece, two medium, and one small. How you choose to lay them out is up to you!

decorating walls fireplace wall accent reve mirror koket
Interior by KOKET

Use a Grayscale Colour Scheme

Take a step back in time with a grayscale colour scheme—or maybe just use the look further to enhance the minimalist look of your bachelor pad. A large selection of grayscale paintings can look great on the all-white walls that are so common in these types of apartments, and perhaps even allowing one colour but with a very light or dark hue to brighten it up a bit could work too. Blue can work exceptionally well for this. Add some black ash furniture directly underneath, perhaps holding a vase or two where you can place flowers or a plant to add some contrast.

Gray Living Room walls - Ramzy Alaa
Interior design by Ramzy Alaa

To Wrap Up

So, there are six suggestions for decorating the walls of your home. What do you think? We hope we have inspired you, but as we said initially, you have virtually unlimited options! If we haven’t hit the right note here, then fear not—you’ll find plenty more inspiration on both our website and the wider web.

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