6 Ways to Bring an Exotic Flavor to Your Home Interiors

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When it comes to interior design, people have different tastes. Some prefer a minimalist and chic style, while others prefer a luxurious style. And then you have people who love to add a splash of exotic flavor to their home’s interior.

If you’re one of them, you should know that there are different ways to incorporate exoticism in your home. However, it takes some trial and error before you find the design elements that will mesh well with your current style.

For example, some parts of your home could be challenging to transform because of uniquely designed built-in kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Thankfully, adding some exotic flavor to your interior doesn’t require extensive remodeling or renovations. You can simply add certain design elements and you can get the right flavor you want.

If you’re wondering how and what things you can add to create the exotic interior of your dreams, here are some suggestions.

1. Bring In Some Wood

When the word exotic comes to mind, you might imagine something warm and tropical. And one of the best ways to bring this mood to any part of your home is to add wooden elements. They give off a sense of warmth and elegance in your home.

Using Elmwood’s reclaimed flooring or repurposed wooden crates can add some exotic character to any room. If you have some cash to burn, you can opt to get pieces of woven wood furniture and oriental roll-up blinds.

NA Architects KOKET Reve Mirrors
Interior by NA Architects (See the full project!)

2. Do Away With the Paint

You wouldn’t want to lose the marvelous grain patterns of the wooden materials you’ll use in your home because of paint. If you have the time and the budget, consider using staining, varnishing, and treating the pieces of planks and lumbers you’ll use.

While it’s okay to use paint, it would defeat the purpose of using wood as its natural grain and texture are what adds to the exoticness of their inclusion in your interior.

bedroom by design decor repair ddr valerie chandra chair koket
Interior by Valeria Mikheeva

3. Add-In Some Plants

Another way to add some dash of exotic flavor to your home is by adding plants. Of course, not any plant will do. The key here is to select plants you might find in warmer climates. Here are some excellent options:

  • Corkscrew Albuca
  • Wine Cup
  • Living Stone
  • Madagascan Palm
  • Amazon’s Elephant’s Ear
  • Bird of Paradise
  • Anthurium

There are many other kinds of tropical plants that you could have indoors. But it’s good to remember to look for ones that you feel confident in caring for. Doing your research for plant care would make your plants live longer.

exotic interior home design with plants
Plants and natural materials instantly create exotic vibes!

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4. Install Water Features

Another thing you could do is to add at least one or two water features to some of your rooms. Aside from bringing in some exotic flavor, these water features can add more life to your home. They also help regulate the temperature in rooms and are relaxing to see.

Even though there are only a few types of water features you can put in your home, they come in various forms and are made from different materials. You can find water features that are made from concrete, ceramic, resin, fiberglass, and many more.

exterior of luxury home with water feature by jaimie anand - photo alberto vasquez
Design by Jaimie Anand Interiors (Photo by Alberto Vasquez)

5. Take Inspiration From Nature

When it comes to exotic design, it’s important to take inspiration from nature. For instance, a rainforest theme is fantastic because it involves a combination of cool, relaxing, and bright colors that you wouldn’t find in urban and even in some rural settings.

Of course, you don’t exactly need to bring in anything from rainforests or a jungle to bring in some colors into your home. All you need to do is place items with nature-inspired patterns and colors. For example, installing a wet grass patterned carpet is a great way to add some brightness to the room. On the other hand, if you’re in the middle of remodeling your home and the floor isn’t done yet, you can opt for bamboo flooring.

Interior by Valeria Mikheeva featuring a nature inspired dining table and sofas by KOKET
Interior by Valeria Mikheeva featuring a nature-inspired dining table and sofas by KOKET

6. Look for Exotic Decorative Pieces

And as a final touch, you could put some exotic decorative pieces here and there. For instance, some wooden sculptures that you might find in vintage stores or even from sculptors.

You could even look for authentic decorative brass plates decorated with markings. Brass is great because it looks expensive and exotic, and ages very nicely. You could even pass them off as vintage pieces when they’re not.

Other decorative pieces you could use are stoneware vases, handmade clay pots, or even glass-blown crafts.

exotic interiors lighting muse scone camilia cabinet koket
Muse Sconce & Camilia Cabinet by KOKET

Wrapping Up

Decorating your home’s interior is fun, and adding an exotic flavor to it is one way to make it more exciting. Whether you’re planning significant changes like completely changing your walls or floors or simply adding trinkets or decorative pieces here and there. Sticking to tropical styles or even adding rare art pieces from all around the world would make your home exotic, but remember to keep it respectful and tasteful.

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