8 of the Best Architecture Schools in Europe

Nothing emphasizes the atmosphere of the city like its architecture. It is the buildings and amazing structures that become the country’s symbols. This way, we can’t imagine Sydney without the Opera House, Bilbao—New York without the Guggenheim Museum, and Barcelona—without Sagrada Familia. 

Of course, to realize ideas in such a way, imagination is not enough. The theoretical base and practical experience are of great importance, too. Fortunately, in the best architecture schools in Europe, students work a lot on real projects. Classes are taught by experts who are actively involved in the industry.

So, if you are to be an architect, which school to choose?

8 of the Best Architecture Schools in Europe

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich

ETH Zurich is a prestigious university—its education is known for high quality worldwide. It has a large architecture faculty with 2,000 students annually. 

Key specializations are: 

  • Architecture: theory and history;
  • Conservation of architectural heritage;
  • Technologies in architecture;
  • Urban environment;
  • Landscape design. 

The school cooperates with other prominent colleges, for example, Delft University of Technology and Harvard. Thanks to their liaison, you can gain knowledge at the universities mentioned above and broaden your horizons.

Interestingly, the Bachelor of Architecture program is divided into three areas. The first includes architectural design, construction, and art fundamentals. The second, scientific and technical disciplines, and the third—humanities and mathematics. Many students get help from an essay writing service if they also have a part-time job.

Among the alumni of the faculty of architecture, there are highly qualified professionals. For instance, Nobel and Fields laureates, Pritzker Prize winners as well as the Turing Prize laureate. No doubt, the most famous alumnus is Albert Einstein. Another well-known genius who graduated from this school is Santiago Calatrava. He is the author of futuristic buildings, known for biotech style.

Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

This university tops many ratings of architecture schools. It is part of the association of five science and technical universities in Europe (IDEA League).

“The Netherlands has always prioritized the correct use of limited space,” says Faculty Dean Peter Russell. “At Delft University of Technology, we wonder how to do it better.” 

The main specialization is architectural design. Basically, all key university research is closely related to it. By the way, the focus is also on the humanities as well as social and technical sciences.

Sure, the workload here is huge. That is why students may think: “I need someone to help me write my essay” and outsource their papers to professional writers. With an endless number of projects and assignments, it is probably the best way to keep up and be on time with all the tasks.

Manchester School of Architecture

This college was formed not so long ago, in 1996. It represents the result of the merging of two universities.

Here, you can study urban, environmental, and landscape design, conservation of historic sites, architectural history, and urban planning. To carry out various kinds of research, not only famous English architects are involved, but world-renowned specialists, too.

decodiva dining table koket brass and marble oval

Cambridge University

Cambridge was founded in 1231 and it’s hard to find schools that are as old as this one. It goes without saying that a Cambridge diploma opens up lots of doors.

Also, the school has a sophisticated architectural style. If English Gothic architecture interests you, take a look at the church on campus. It will surely impress you.

The Bartlett School of Architecture 

Being part of University College, the school is located in the center of London. Moreover, the largest UK architecture companies have their offices here. 

The university provides the latest technology tools. For example, students use emulators of day and night light, 3D printers, and college laboratories. All these things allow them to understand how the projected building will look in real-life conditions.

An exhibition of students’ works takes place every summer. The number of visitors reaches 10,000, as the event is truly important for the professional community. 

University of Huddersfield, England

As an innovative educational institution, Huddersfield University is all about preparing a new generation with fresh perspectives and ideas. The school reaches its goal thanks to trips to foreign countries, especially the ones outside Europe. This way, students figure out the architecture of various regions of the world.

Politecnico di Milano

Italian architecture universities are popular all over the world. They are attractive because of their relatively low prices, high level of education, and long history.

Probably the best thing about the Bachelor’s program here is that the university offers workshops and a variety of study trips. Doing the Master’s degree, students may specialize in general architecture, construction, architectural design, and history as well as urban design.

Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Chalmers University is not as famous as the schools mentioned earlier and it’s a pity. It provides students with generous scholarships and various great options for professional development. Its graduates are in great demand both in Scandinavia and in other countries. 

Among the most interesting specializations are sustainable development, urban design, building project management, building engineering, and technology.

To Sum Up

There are no perfect cities, but architects constantly do their best to make them as comfortable for residents and tourists as possible. Creative imagination has no limit, and when it’s complemented by an excellent theoretical base and practical experience, then an architect becomes truly successful.

Of course, studying at one of the best architecture schools in Europe opens up wide prospects. The main ones are cooperating with architectural studios and design bureaus on an international level, taking part in competitions and exhibitions, and, of course, working on ambitious global projects.

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