Decor Tips for Perfectly Styled Window Sills

When it comes to putting the finishing touches on your interior styling you mustn’t forget your window sills! To utilize this space well, you’ll need to be a bit creative in mixing and matching decorative pieces. With the right touch you may even turn the too often boring, empty space in to a focal point. Read on for ideas on how to perfectly style window sills!

Use Candles for Instant Romance

In order to experience a romantic vibe at home, placing candles on the window sill and lighting them at night will give you an instant relaxing aura. Planning a date night at home? Candles on your window sill are a perfect background. In addition candles are a great way to make your home smell good! If don’t want to spend too much on styling your window sills, try a homemade scented candle.  

Displaying candles at home never goes out of style. Use candles of different heights and textures, and arrange them to make a beautiful centerpiece. To add variety, don’t use just candles. Try placing them inside a clear glass, in a bowl with stones, or in a candelabrum. 

empowering scent koket home spray fragrance eau de parfum

Place Small Plants to Create a Mini Indoor Garden

If your window sills are located in an area with optimum sunlight and air exposure, creating a mini-indoor garden is a fabulous way to style the area. Placing plants adds beauty and delivers functional benefits to humans. If you really want to create a masterpiece, use vases or pots that are decorative and have color that jives well with the color scheme of your home. 

Aside from placing plants on the window sill itself, there are other ideas for showcasing them. You can hang them up from the ceiling or on the sides of the window. You could also install shelves where you can position small pot succulents.

If you want your window sills to be extended so you can have more space to style your plants, find a local skirting shop, like the Skirting Board Shop. They not only specialize in skirting boards, but they’re also experts when it comes to constructing and repairing interior window sills and other woodwork.

how to style your window sills with plants ora studio nyc long island kitchen photo richard cadan
Plants in the window sills add the perfect touch of green to this white kitchen by ORA studio NYC (Photo by Richard Cadan)

Create a Comfortable Sitting Space 

Turning your window sill into a sitting place is a great way to transform it into a functional space. This is a perfect place for you to sip your morning or afternoon coffee, read your favorite book, or just a cozy resting place. To make it stand out, find comfortable chairs, a sofa or opt for optimal space saving go for a built-in window seat.

2id interiors window seat living room window sill ideas
In this living room designed by 2id Interiors a window seat makes for a perfect place to relax while adding interest and beauty to the overall space.

When it comes to the textiles, choose ones that coordinate with the overall theme of your home. And beyond the upholstery, a beautiful pair of accent pillows will instantly transform a dull space. Find a textured design or just use an outstanding color as long as it adds contrast with the other elements of the sitting area.

Display Artsy Collection Pieces

If you’re into collecting art pieces or sculptures, the window sill is a perfect location to display some of them. Choose pieces that aren’t too bulky so they can fit perfectly near the window. Aside from an art collection, your framed family photos are a perfect alternative for styling your window sills. This way, you can instantly turn the area into a memorabilia space for a homey and welcoming feel.

how to decorate your window sills with style using glass bottles accessories
Antique glass bottles make for a beautiful window sill (Photo by Brianna Fairhurst)

Moreover, during the holiday season, the window sills can be a perfect spot to place your decorative ornaments. This won’t only look good on the inside of your home, but it’ll also have a nice view from the outside. You may also use your window sills to display decor based on other occasions, like Halloween or birthdays.

Final Thoughts

The window sill is an area that’s worth styling because it can easily be transformed into a purposive space. How you style it will depend on the window sill’s size and your preference. 

From being a simple area of the house that’s not commonly appreciated, with the ideas mentioned above, you can turn your window sill into a cozy spot that’ll add up to the aesthetic of your home.