Thinking of Eyelash Extensions? Here’s What to Know

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Eyelash extensions are a boon for women with thick and scanty eyelashes. They give your eyes a beautiful mascara-filled look for months without the need to use extensive eye makeup or master the use of eyelash curlers. 

Choosing the correct type of fake eyelash is tricky, and the wrong choice might cause eye irritation, eyelid lips and create a look you hate. The tips given here will help you choose the best eyelash extensions to get that pretty fluttering look. 

Decide on the Look

Classic: It is essential to decide on the look you need and then select the best brands selling them. The most famous one is the classic style which adds volume to your natural lashes without drama. Most professional women seek this style that is suitable for both the office and the evening parties. 

Lilac St. DIY lash extensions have the best classic eye fake extensions, which get layered according to the thickness necessary. Trish McEvoy Pick-Me-Up Lashes and Sweed Lashes classic collection also offers natural DIY lash extensions. 

Doll and Cat eye: Women with small eyes often go for doll’s eyelashes, making the eyes look bigger and open them up nicely to give an innocent look. The cat eyelash extensions are pretty famous among women with normal eyes as it thickens at the edge creating a natural wide-eyed look. Lankiz, Vavalash, and Lilac St. brands produce them. 

Staggered and highlighted: If you want to rock the party with a dramatic look, choose the staggered extension style, which uses a combination of short and long lashes to create a very thick volume. Colored or highlighted staggered extensions will make you the star attraction of the party. Eneda Volume Eyelash extensions and Eylure Luxe lash extensions create such types of high-volume products. 

Check Your Budget

Once you select your style, check the budget of various brands and the time to fix them. DIY lash extensions are easy to apply and remove in the home. Salon-fixing extensions will take around two hours to get fixed by an expert and cost more.

They last for one or two months, while you must remove the DIY ones in two or three days. Natural animal fur extensions cost more as they do not weigh down the natural lashes, while artificial ones are cheaper. 

Natural vs. Artificial Extensions 

Faux eyelashes are the first preference of budget-conscious women because they are soft, affordable, and best for creating the classic style. Synthetic eyelash extensions are even cheaper but give a dramatic look and are a bit heavy to wear on the eyelids.

Silk lashes are also artificial, and they are commonly used for doll and cat-eye style creation. They usually give a smoother and natural-looking finish than Faux and synthetic lashes. 

Fox, mink, and sable hair extensions are natural animal hair lash extensions. Natural lashes are extremely lightweight and do not cause any harm to the natural lashes due to being overweight as there are no artificial materials used in them. They are costly but do not cause any allergies to the eye and last for a longer time. The feather-soft lashes are luxurious to wear and can be layered multiple times to create any style.

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Weight of the Extension 

If you have naturally strong lashes that do not drop off easily, choose synthetic lashes. If you already have thinning lashes and want a dolled-up or staggering look, it is best to use natural hair extensions. They will not break the natural eyelashes due to excess weight and blend easily with human lashes. 

Red Flags to Notice

Both DIY and parlor-done lash extensions should not cause any allergy, irritation, or pain. Speak up if you think you face any discomfort, and the technician will change the glue or alter the procedure a bit. If the glue gets into the eye during DIY procedures, it will burn severely for a few minutes. 

Try to wash it with plain water and place a piece of clean cotton cloth or cotton balls soaked in water on the eyelids. The burning will subside in a few minutes, and you can reapply the glue on the top layer of the eyelids carefully again. Wash your face carefully without pulling on the extensions to make it last longer and avoid artificial extensions getting into the eyes.

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