Hats Inspired By The Royal Family – Summer Edition x Rosie Olivia

Queen Elizabeth II 1965

The royal family is famed for their high stature, drama, and fashion. As their lives change along with fashion trends, one thing remains the same — no royal look is complete without a statement hat. Each member of the royal family has their own taste, identity, and style represented through their immaculate hat choice. Summer designers have been obsessed with colors that reign in tranquility, ambition, versatility, and boldness. Inspired by the individual looks from the royal family members and trending summer colors, Love Happens has picked some favorite Rosie Olivia styles that are dominating this season. Read on to see some luxurious summer hats that are fit enough for a royal.

Summer Hats Inspired by The Royal Family

Elizabeth x Twist

Twist by Rosie Olivia summer hat - royal family
Twist by Rosie Olivia

Queen Elizabeth II has made many appearances with hats that are taller, squared, and pastel-colored with a beautiful flower on one side. This summer is perfect for her majesty as sky blue is making a noticeable appearance this year. Designers are falling back in love with the color that encourages calmness and reflects clear skies as we inch out of the hectic time of the pandemic. Rosie Olivia’s ‘Twist’ brings forth that serenity that is elegant enough for a queen.

Diana x Sadie

Sadie by Rosie Olivia hats - royal family
Sadie by Rosie Olivia

The late Princess Diana favored short hats that were more rounded and symmetrical. Some of her classic looks that deserve a notable mention incorporated a mini veil that framed her face. Rosie Olivia’s ‘Sadie’ is a perfect look for this summer as gold is trending with its relation to optimism and good fortune. The timeless hat with its quaint veil breathes humble allure, much like the late Princess of Wales.

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Kate x Monroe

Monroe by Rosie Olivia summer hats - royal family
Monroe by Rosie Olivia

Kate Middleton tenaciously wears tilted hats that are typically only one color with an asymmetrical design. Rosie Olivia’s ‘Monroe’ is not only a great reflection of The Duchess of Cambridge’s style, but the powder pink is a great reflection of the color that is dominating the runway this summer. Many designers are loving how this pink can be worn in a charming, yet sophisticated way because it can easily adapt to neutral color schemes.

Meghan x Azure

Azure by Rosie Olivia

Meghan Markle’s hat taste is similar to Kate Middleton’s. They both have made appearances with smaller, asymmetrical, and rounded hats. However, The Duchess of Sussex is known to wear more neutral-colored hats. Rosie Olivia’s ‘Azure’ takes the neutral-colored and asymmetrical style to a new level. This summer is applauding the use of soft grey for its ability to cool the warmness of the season in a royally fashionable way.

Anne x Greenpoint

Greenpoint by Rosie Olivia

Anne, also known as Princess Royal, has never held back in being fun and artsy in her hat choice. She pushes boundaries with brightly colored and eccentric hats that typically have some creative use of patterns, feathers, flowers, and bows. Rosie Olivia’s ‘Greenpoint’ is electric enough for a daring princess and this summer’s trend. Designers have become playful with orange this season as its flamboyancy comes with its own bold statement.

Words by Caitlin Battle
Featured Image by Annie Spratt (@anniespratt)

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