How to Keep Your Skin Soft In the Sun!

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Summer may be waning but there is still time to soak up that forever much-needed dose of vitamin D. Although the sun and warmer weather have many health benefits, it also comes with a need for extra care and attention, in particular in relation to our skin. There are several reasons our skin can become dry and damaged. So let’s take a look at some of them and some solutions to keep your skin soft. You can also save money on all your skincare products by using Look Fantastic discount codes.

First, what’s causing the damage?

Air conditioning can be one of the main causes of dry skin during the summer. If you’re spending time in air-conditioning, make sure you keep an eye on the state of your skin. Air conditioning systems tend to remove humidity from the air creating more comfortable surroundings especially if you’re in a humid climate but this can cause the same problems for your skin as central heating in winter. 

Sun damage is also important to avoid to keep your skin soft and looking its best. It’s recommended to use sunscreen whenever you spend time outdoors even if it doesn’t seem particularly sunny, as your skin can still absorb harmful UV rays even on a cloudy day. If you happen to get sunburned, you need to act quickly to avoid any long-lasting damage to your skin. Be sure to apply a cooling after sun lotion immediately after any excessive sun exposure.

Dehydration can be a serious problem at any time of the year, but perhaps more so during the summer months. Since our bodies are 70% water, hydration is essential to keep everything working properly, including our skin. Make sure you drink the recommended 8 glasses or 1.5 liters daily and your skin will also thank you.

These are just some of the main causes for dry or damaged skin and you may experience them either while on holiday in a different country especially if your destination abroad has a different climate, but also at home. In any case, you can prevent and remedy your dry or damaged skin by following these important tips for soft skin.

Tips to Keep Your Skin Soft All Summer Long


One of the most obvious solutions for dry skin is of course using a moisturiser regularly. Using a fragrance-free moisturiser once or twice a day can help to keep your skin soft and at its best, whether air conditioning, the sun, or any other factor is causing the damage. It’s also a good idea to avoid using soaps that have chemicals in them as their ingredients may cause skin rashes. Instead, try to find all-natural soaps which contain safe components and fully replace chemical soaps. Here you have many options and depending on your skin needs you can choose between avocado, honey, Aloe Vera, and goat milk soaps. For instance, natural goat milk soaps contain lactic acid which gently removes dead skin and hydrates it. However, honey soap has antimicrobial consistency which will help you not only clean your skin but also to clear up acne as well.


As mentioned, hydration is key in maintaining a healthy body and will also keep your skin soft and in good condition. Although we can include liquid intake from other sources like food and other drinks, water is your best option. As well as hydrating your skin, drinking enough water also has many other benefits including better concentration and digestion. 

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To avoid damage to your skin and keep it soft and silk, it’s important to follow the rules when it comes to sunscreen. Recommendations include using a sun protection factor (SPF) 30 and reapplying regularly, at least every 2 hours as well as after water contact (even if the product is waterproof or water-resistant). You should also avoid the hottest hours in the middle of the day. Don’t forget that excessive sun exposure can be seriously damaging and not just for your skin. For more information and advice on how to enjoy the sun safely, you can consult these helpful NHS guidelines.