The Design Questionnaire with Manish Kumat

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Have you heard of Manish Kumat? He is the founder of Manish Kumat Design Cell, the smallest private green office. The enterprise was established in 1993 after Mr. Kumat completed his post-graduation from the School of Planning & Architecture in Delhi in 1990. Manish has won several awards for his outstanding work in projects that not only matter but also change the world of design. His brand is all about delicately merging architecture with landscape as well as modern structures emerging boldly with clean lines and earthy materials.

Join us in this edition of Love Happens’ Proust-style Design Questionnaire for a peek inside the creative mind of Manish Kumat and get to know the man behind the revolutionary pro-nature designs.

Meet Manish Kumat

Unlike most times when challenges guide the design, Manish Kumat believes the client’s enthusiasm and faith is the guidance needed for the most wonderful results.

Manish Kumat Design Cell is one of the largest practices in Central India, with its own office of five floors. GRIHA has also rated the building a 5 Star for its uniqueness which you can discover below.

Furthermore, he has spoken on sustainability across India, addressing students, fraternity, and Builders. In addition, Manish has been in this field for around 28 years and has worked on Commercial, Residential, Leisure, Institution, Retail projects of varied scales and locations.

Manish Kumat’s Awards

Manish believes in a sustainable way of living.
1. Smallest private platinum-rated Office Green Building in the Country.

2. 3rd smallest Green Building in overall sector in the country.
3. 2016 INIFD –Stylish Designer Award.
9. 1st/2nd Prize for Best Dream Home Competition, by IIID IN 2010. 
10. IIID Regional Award for Design Excellence AT NATIONAL LEVEL.

The Lh Design Questionnaire with Manish Kumat

Design by Manish Kumat kitchen dining room living room
Design by Manish Kumat

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Perfect Happiness is most of the time elusive. We keep on chasing our ambitions, dreams, and aspirations in pursuit of so-called happiness, but usually, it is only momentary. I have felt perfect happiness touching the innermost core when I’m in the deep Forest.  With no one around, admiring the beauty of the flora and fauna, with wild animals in abundance and when I breathe deep, the stillness becomes perfect happiness. I firmly believe, only the connection with Nature can bring Perfect Happiness.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

It all started with an idea. After almost 21 years in practice, we felt the need to expand. The new office building was conceived with the thought of making it energy conscious and respectful to Nature. This resulted in our office building being sustainable and contemporary.

We ended up designing the smallest Platinum-rated green building in India.

Manish Kumat Design Cell's Office

What profession does your alter ego have?

If not an Interior Designer, I would be a passionate photographer or a model photographer.

The project you will never forget.

We recently completed this home, in which the client was young, enthusiastic, and willing to experiment. The whole project was fun and experimental with a lot of local materials, handmade bespoke furniture, and a lot of art and Craft. The charcoal wall highlighting the small kid turned out to be an interesting element. We also ended up doing an innovative product design (a wooden lamp).

Private Residence Designed by Manish Kumat

Your favorite business tool or resource.

These days it’s INSTAGRAM. It is very convenient and connects the world of design. However, social media in general is the most important business tool nowadays.

The most timeless design.

Any design to remain timeless needs to have a connection with Nature. We completed the “Courtyard House” in 2013. The spaces revolved around the courtyard. The house is still contemporary and liked by one and all.  The courtyard floor was treated with river-washed pebbles, giving it a good feel and acting as an acupressure treatment.

Design by Manish Kumat
Design by Manish Kumat

The biggest design faux pas.

Layers and Layers of treatment in the name of Design. I prefer virginity and innocence as a line of approach towards Design.

Your design motto.

 Future of Luxury is handmade.

Our publisher KOKET makes statement décor, if you were to design a something inspired by KOKET, what would it be, and why?

I would love to Design a door. A door that is iconic, stylish, and a statement. This is a single piece, which catches the eye when one enters a space.

Love happens when…

You close your eyes… sniff the fresh air… and feel the presence of your beloved.

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