A Buyer’s Guide to Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

astteria pink diamond engagement rings

At Love Happens we love pink! So here we are again talking about our favorite color! And this time our focus is pink diamond engagement rings. The majority of people like a classic white diamond ring. And with good reason–white diamonds are super gorgeous, classy, and not to mention timeless. But, if you like something a little more vibrant and rare, then go with a forever color of love with a pink engagement ring.

A pink diamond ring is like a delightful rosé. It is attractive and sophisticated. It is also quite rare, so you know that it is guaranteed to make heads turn and stare at your ring finger. 

With so many rosy options out there, how do you know which one to choose? Not to worry, if you plan on proposing to your special one, read on for tips to help you select a stunningly beautiful pink diamond engagement ring!

First, What Are Pink Diamonds?

First things first, a little bit of history. The earliest known jewellery with pink diamonds are the Daria-i-Noor (182 carats) and the Noor-ul-Ain (60 carats), both are part of the Iranian Crown Jewel collection and come from the Golconda mines in India (which is incidentally where the first pink diamonds were discovered).

Daria-i-Noor largest Pink Diamond
Daria-i-Noor Pink Diamond (182 carats)

Pink diamonds are evaluated based on the colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight. So you should know that when it comes to diamonds, “pink” is not a single shade. They come on a scale of 1-9, from the softest blush to deep darks. Pink diamond rings can be faint, sharp, intense, deep, or vivid. Nowadays, most of the world’s pink diamonds come from the Argyle Diamond Mine, making them rare and somewhat of a celebrity favourite. A reputable dealer will be able to provide you with a certificate of authenticity for all pink argyle diamonds, also known as a diamond grading report, which verifies the quality and authenticity of the diamond. You can find stars like JLO, Victoria Beckham, Mariah Carey spotting pink diamond bands.

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What to Look for in a Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

Looking at a pink diamond for your wedding or engagement? Here are a few questions and answers to help you find the perfect stone.

  • Pink or White? Pink and white diamonds are quite similar with the most prominent difference between pink and white diamonds being their colour. Another big difference is that pink diamonds are way more rare and expensive. So ultimately, it boils down to preference.
  • How do the 4Cs impact pink diamonds? As mentioned earlier, Pink Diamonds are measured by colour, clarity, cut, and carat, and because of their rarity, finding the perfect pink diamonds can be difficult. So get ready to make tradeoffs. For example, if you’re looking for deeply saturated pink diamonds, you may have to get a smaller size diamond, as diamond cutters typically try to save as much of the rough diamonds as possible.
  • Are pink diamonds available in large carat weights? Yes, pink diamonds come in large carat weights. If you really want a large pink diamond, you will require a more significant budget, as pink diamond rings hardly come in large cuts due to their rarity. 
  • Should I buy a certified pink diamond? There have been many examples of fraud in the past like passing lab-grown diamonds as natural pink diamonds. So always buy from a reputable diamond store, that way you can ask for a certificate of authenticity even for a small pink diamond. 

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Ready to join the pink diamond engagement ring ranks?

Check out some pink diamond rings from Astteria’s collection that we absolutely love.

1. Fancy Light Pink Diamond

pink diamond engagement rings asterria fancy light pink

Set in 18 carats White Gold, the Fancy Light Pink Diamond Ring is a radiant cut with VS1 clarity. Both sparkly and feminine, the main stone weighs .66 carat. The ring is bordered by white diamonds that weigh .9 carat, making the ring a total of .75 carat of GIA-certified jewels.

2. Faint Pink Diamond Ring

pink diamond engagement rings asterria faint light pink

The faint Pink Diamond Ring is a charming 0.41 Carat Cushion Cut ring. The ring is certified Natural Diamond set in 18K Gold Ring. Surrounded by white diamonds, it Totals 0.33 Carats.

3. Light Pink Diamond Ring

asterria fancy light pink

A stunning ring, the Light Pink Diamond Ring uses a pear-shaped pink diamond and clear diamond side stones to create its dramatic look. This ring’s main stone weighs .51 carat while the side stones weigh .55 carat. Each of these SI2 clarity diamonds is GIA certified and set in 18k white gold.

4. Fancy Purple Pink Diamond Ring

pink diamond engagement rings asterria oval cut fancy purplish

This beautiful 0.21 Carat Oval Cut Fancy Purplish Pink diamond ring is a GIA Certified Natural Diamond Ring. Set in 18K Gold with 14 Brilliant Cuts Fancy Pink totalling 0.06 Carats and 24 Brilliant Cuts totalling 0.9 Carats.

5. Very Light Pink Diamond Ring

pink diamond engagement rings asterria gia cut

This ring features a 0.45 Carat Radiant Cut GIA Certified Natural Diamonds. Set in 18K Gold with 14 Brilliant Cuts. The white diamonds along the halo and band add a lot of sparkle to this beautiful pink diamond ring.

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