5 Surprising Designer Tips for Wall Décor

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Wall decor is an often overlooked aspect of decorating or redoing any space. However, even on its own, it offers a myriad of possibilities to completely change the look and feel of any space. To deviate from the norm and design your wall look in a revolutionary way that is both unique and intriguing; here are 5 outside of the box wall decor ideas to achieve a beautiful professionally designed wall space.

5 Surprising Designer Ideas for Wall Decor

1. House Portraits

House portraits are a quaint, unusual, and narrative-worthy wall decor option. They can come in many forms such as watercolor, charcoal, constellation style, hand-made, oil painted, miniature, and so on. They are beautiful to look at but also indicate a story worth hearing. Many people prefer to have house portraits made to remember their childhood home or the first home they ever bought.

House portraits make brilliant gifts too for all ages. But especially for kid’s bedrooms if they are just starting out in a particular skill like creative writing. The portrait can be made in that style and serve as a memento to hang in their rooms. Not to mention it can also be something simply inspirational to remind them of the comforts and warmth of home.

2. Rugs

In some of the earlier human civilizations fabrics of any description, whether they be furs, jute, cotton, rugs, tapestries, and kilims have always been used as wall décor or for separating rooms and areas. In the present time, rugs are very much still an impactful and rather surprising wall décor option. Whether you’re a fan of Persian carpets or Moroccan rugs or simply your friend’s hand-made tapestries. Fabric can be used if you’re looking for an immediate showstopper piece to attract attention. 

Pick larger rugs regardless of whether they have spaced-out detailing or a more intricate design. Be mindful of their weight so invest in bigger nails or stronger command hooks and make sure your wall attaching option can handle the strain. Rugs can be framed too but the same principle of balancing the weight applies. Rugs also give you the option of choosing vibrant colors and bizarre patterns. Even if the rest of your room is quite toned down or monotone.

unique wall decor ideas The Snake Rug by Rug Society
The Snake Rug by Rug Society

3. Elemental Wallpaper

Everyone uses floral or geometric patterned wallpaper or its other common associates. However, wallpaper is immensely powerful in influencing ambiance and atmosphere in every room. But one of its best uses is when you use it to add some dimension to the room. Brick wallpaper, marble wallpaper or wallpaper inspired by earthy and natural elements like distressed wood or pebble stones is a great twist on the old patterned kind. Want to take your walls to the next level? Try feathers!

unique wall decor ideas feather wallcovering wallpaper koket
Feathered Wallcoverings by KOKET

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4. The World Is 3D

3D sculptures are increasingly becoming a fashionable item when it comes to wall decor ideas. A hanging or protruding 3D sculpture constructed from industrial wire in the shape of a wild animal or an abstract shape is the perfect conversation starter.

Interior designers stipulate that in order to garner maximum impact from your 3D sculpture, always place it in a central location. Since it will naturally form the focal point of the room. Above a mantelpiece is ideal but the center of the ceiling or the main wall is also preferable. 3D sculptures that are less opaque can also be used for reflecting light in a room or serving as a lamp as well. 

Orchidea Sculpture by KOKET
Orchidea Sculpture by KOKET

5. The Gray Area

A major facet of the industrial interior designing style is the use of different tones of greys, whites, and blacks. A designer knows how to play up the various tones of these colors to add dimension, depth, interest, and versatility. Charcoal drawings or other grayscale artwork in different shapes, sizes, and styles of frames really enhance the effect of any room. They serve as an intriguing neutral background for any colored items used like couches. 

A marker of the well-loved contemporary design aesthetic; grayscale wall décor elements like paintings, pictures, quotes, or hanging figurines stimulate the imagination. They balance out even a cluttered or small space by inviting the mind to relax and produce its best ideas in a tranquil environment. Since there’s no one color or set of colors influencing your mood.

FORM Design Studio Lefbank Art in Room by Justin Shaulis
FORM Design Studio Lefbank Art in Room by Justin Shaulis

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