Empowered Women Empower: Meet Yummie O. of YUMMY Extensions & KOSA Professionals

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In this edition of Empowered Women Empower, join us for a peek inside the inspiring world of Yummie O., founder of Yummy Extensions & KOSA Professionals. Worn by celebrities like Angela Bassett, Saweetie, and Skaii Jackson, since 2013 Yummie’s first business, Yummy Hair Extensions has been turning customers into Queens by delivering the highest quality hair extensions, wigs, and accessories. Seeking more, the Nigerian-American beauty entrepreneur then went on to expand her brand with KOSA, a professional hot tool collection for all hair types.

Meet Yummie O.

Founder of Yummy Hair Extensions & KOSA Professionals

yummie o yummy hair extensions kosa professionals founder beauty brand female entrepreneur

After 10 years in IT Management and the arrival of her second daughter, Yummie O. decided she wanted to build a legacy for her girls, do something bigger! Today the savvy entrepreneur is a mom of 4 girls and living her dreams!

Yummie O. believes every woman deserves to shine, deserves to radiate her unique gifts to the world, deserves to be honored. Customers love Yummy hair for its instant confidence boost. Further, Yummy Hair Extensions is so much more than just a ‘hair brand’. Part of their mission is to also engage with their community about pressing social issues that are present in the black community and beyond.

Yummie’s passionate vibes radiate throughout her brands, Yummy & KOSA, educating, empowering, and providing high-class hair tools for the hairstylist in everyone.

Read on and be empowered by Yummie O.!

Love Happens: As our name, and the tagline of our publisher KOKET denotes, at ‘Love Happens’ we are firm believers that you cannot achieve any level of success without love. When did your love affair with hair care begin? And how did it make you feel?

Yummie O.: I have always had a love affair with hair since I was little, it is my favorite accessory. I love that there are so many various styles capable of being achieved on your own crown. Often my hairstyles are achieved by wearing extensions. If you are wearing extensions in the correct capacity, you are caring for and protecting your natural tresses as well as enhancing them. Caring for my hair—both natural and extensions—makes me feel even more beautiful and I am happy that I can help others feel the same level of fierceness and confidence. 

yummie o. yummy extensions - July 2021 #EmbraceYourHeritage campaign to support and encourage women of color to explore and take pride in their ancestry.
In July 2021, Yummy Hair Extensions launched #EmbraceYourHeritage, a campaign to support and encourage women of color to explore and take pride in their ancestry.

Lh: What empowers you?

Yummie: Mentoring others empowers me and being able to create an influential impact. I enjoy meeting other women in business, encouraging them, and giving them insight. I am empowered by watching those I mentor succeed and excel. And I believe in investing in others and it is empowering to me to see the fruits of this effort.

Lh: What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Yummie: I consider my greatest achievement to be my beautiful and supportive family. I have 4 beautiful daughters who motivate me to leave a legacy worth remembering and carrying on. My greatest achievement is being their mother.  Aside from that, I believe that my greatest achievement is being a vessel on the earth in many ways and, as I said earlier, being able to create an influential impact.

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Lh: Who is Yummie O. the Woman?

Yummie: Yummie O. the woman is a wife, mother, daughter, friend, and mentor. She is evolving and elevating daily and a woman of extreme faith. Yummie enjoys traveling, reading, and learning new things/hobbies. 

Lh: Who is Yummie O. the founder of Yummy Extensions?

Yummie: Yummie O. the founder of Yummy Beauty brands is someone who is driven and self-motivated. She thrives on the creativity and initiatives of her teams and consumer feedback on her brands. 

Yummie’s entrepreneurial spirit constantly motivates her to evolve and bring to the market innovative initiatives that inspire other companies to do the same. Yummie O. is a trendsetter.

Lh: How do you empower other women?

Yummie: I empower other women through education. I mentor upcoming businesswomen and hold motivational speaking sessions to help them navigate their business. I am also a philanthropist and investor and love to give back monetarily through funding and foundations.

Lh: What three pieces of advice would you give to a young woman starting her career?

  1. Inventory is King..and Queen. Keep up with your inventory and consumer needs. If you are meeting the demands of your consumer then your empire has no choice but to grow. Additionally, learning how to market your existing inventory is very important as well. 
  2. The key to a successful business is to be a problem solver. Coming from a technical background I am an innate problem solver. The reason why I ventured into the hair industry was to resolve the problem of not being able to find the type of hair quality and products that met my standard. Through research, I was able to find what I was in search of and in return supply others with the result.
  3. It is ok to learn something new. As a business owner, it is imperative to have knowledgeable and ever-evolving individuals in your corner that will bring out the best in you and your business. The most successful owners are the ones who hire individuals that can expand on your ideas.   

Lh: Do you have any mottos you like to live by?

“Inventory king and queen.”
“Be proactive, not reactive.”
“Make God your business partner.”

Lh: What’s next for Yummie O.?

Yummie: As the founder, I am so excited to say that YUMMY Beauty Brands is constantly expanding its inventory.   

YUMMY Extensions is in the process of releasing beautiful new hair textures. Please follow us on YUMMY Extensions Instagram and go to the website to see new products released.  

Additionally, KOSA Professionals has just introduced “The Triple Threat” Blow Dryer Set and will expect more hair tools before the end of the year.   

yummie o. beauty entrepreneur kosa professionals hair care triple threat blow dryer set

Our biggest sale of the year, Black Friday Sale is approaching, and we are gearing up. Trust me you don’t want to miss it. It gets better every year. 

The YUMMY Beauty Brands team is expanding, and we are excited for the opportunities to come!  

So, What’s next for Yummie O.? I plan to continue to mentor my teams to excel in this multi-billion dollar industry and bring nothing less than excellence.

Explore YUMMY at yummyextensions.com and KOSA Professionals at www.kosaprofessionals.com!

Feature Image: Vanessa Simmons in Yummy Hair Extensions

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