Discover the Best Anti-aging Ingredients to Look for When It Comes to Skincare

best anti-aging skincare ingredients

Choosing any skincare product can be a difficult task, that’s why so many people stick to the same one for years at a time. It is simply easier than trying to locate a new one. However, your skin changes as you age and its needs also change. This means you need to change the products you use too. A good skincare supplier will help guide you through the process. But, it is also worth noting which are the best anti-aging skincare ingredients. You can then verify they are in the product you have chosen.

8 of the Best Anti-aging Skincare Ingredients


The sun feels fantastic on your skin but its rays damage the cells and can cause premature aging, as well as other issues, such as cancer. Your skincare product should contain sunscreen to help protect your skin every day.

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Collagen appears naturally in your skin and helps it to be elastic, which means it bounces back and looks full. This helps you to appear youthful. However, collagen production reduces as you age, that’s why it’s good to have it in your skincare products.

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Your skin is your protection, it helps your body to stay hydrated by keeping the moisture in and it keeps toxins and other contaminants out. 

To help strengthen the skin barrier and keep it working properly you should look for skincare products with ceramides. These are a type of lipids that are excellent at keeping irritants out of your body and they have no known side effects.

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Glycolic Acid 

The word acid can be off-putting but this particular acid has the smallest molecular size of any. This allows it to penetrate your skin and it will target dead skin cells, effectively dissolving them.

That makes your skin healthier and gives it a better glow.

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Hyaluronic Acid

This acid is known to attract and absorb water. Using a product with hyaluronic acid means you will instantly hydrate your skin, providing there is moisture available to be absorbed. 

The process plumps your skin, making it look fuller and younger. You should note that hyaluronic acid is produced naturally by your body but you stop producing it after the age of 20!

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Jojoba Oil

There are plenty of oils on the market that tells you there are great for skincare. However, not all of these are beneficial. Jojoba oil is, it is referred to as a biometric oil which means it behaves in the same way as any oil you produce. It won’t clog pores, it will hydrate and soothe, helping your skin to look great.

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This is the technical name for vitamin A which is very effective at improving the quality of your skin. You will find this in most skincare products. 

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Vitamin C

Finally, vitamin C is known to boost your immune system. It is also good at neutralizing free radicals. These are caused by the environment and sun exposure and will damage the pigmentation in your skin.  Vitamin C helps to prevent this from being an issue making it one of the most popular on the list of the best anti-aging skincare ingredients.

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