The 7 Most Beautiful Road Trips In The World

Wind dancing through your hair, the changing terrain as you jump from town to town. For the wanderlust seekers, the natural-born adventurers, and those just wanting to try something new—road trips offer a sense of freedom and exploration many traditional vacations are unable to. Read on to discover some of the most beautiful and very best road trips in the world!

Whether you opt to traverse the open roads in a compact convertible, an RV, or a truck, road trips give you the flexibility to set your schedule and itinerary, meaning you are free to do whatever you want, when you want to. All you need is four wheels, one international driving permit, perhaps a map, the open road and a sense of adventure and a road trip, and the freedom it offers are all yours.

From mountainous peaks, dusty terrains, and blankets of sun, sea, and sand, we are here to present to you the top seven most beautiful road trip destinations in the world. Grab your keys, pack your back and get ready for the trip of your life! 

The 7 Most Beautiful Road Trips In The World

The Atlantic Road, Norway

best most beautiful road trips in the world The Atlantic Road, Norway
Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway (Photo by Melina Keifer)

Bridges, zig-zag roads, and open spaces—the 8km Atlantic Road in Norway promises a road trip filled with blissful scenes and stunning Norwegian coastlines. 

If intense storms, caves, and a sense of mystery are for you, then this route shan’t disappoint. The Bremsnes Cave promises a creepy stop-off filled with mystery and myths. 80m in length and stories of previous hiding places, this trip is not for the fainthearted. Instead, it is a whirlwind of excitement for those wanderlust cravers who love all things dark, exciting, and history-filled. 

Great Ocean Road, Australia

most beautiful best road trips in the world Eye in the sky over The Great Ocean Road, Australia (Photo by Jack French)
Eye in the sky over The Great Ocean Road, Australia (Photo by Jack French)

If you are a seeker of variety, this route is for you. The green of the forest meets the blue of the crashing shoreline. And the cliffs stand proudly above as you traverse the winding road of the 253km Great Ocean Road.

If you’re a movie fanatic, stop off at the famous Point Break movie setting—Bells Beach or stop for some incredible views of the Australian coast at Otway Lighthouse. 

If you’re road tripping around Australia, taking a look at the roof racks Sydney offers for your vehicle is essential! 

The Alcan Highway, Canada to Alaska

Moraine Lake, Canada (Photo by Redd)
Moraine Lake, Canada (Photo by Redd)

Yes, you read that right. Follow this road trip route, and you’ll find yourself traveling from Canada to Alaska. A mammoth road trip full of snow, mountains, ice, and even the odd wolf or bear! 

A bit of an extreme road trip, this route will have you in for the long haul (2,167 km to be exact). But, don’t forget to stop off for some stunning hiking routes and a dip in the Liard River Hot Springs. 

If dogs and snow are more you—find the Cabins Outback motel and Burnt Paw in Tok for your ultimate dog-sledding experience. No matter your adventure preference, this stunning route is a must on your road trip bucket list.

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Ring Road, Iceland

most beautiful best road trips in the world Ring Road, Iceland (Photo by Tanya Grypachevskaya)
Ring Road, Iceland (Photo by Tanya Grypachevskaya)

If getting dizzy as you circle an island appeals to you, then board this wild road trip route. 1339km of winding road, encircling Iceland and filled with incredible views. You’re bound to leave this trip feeling inspired and in awe of the force that is mother nature.

Think lava, ice, snow, mountains, glaciers, and craters. This location is one of the most breathtaking road trip routes for the insane scenery it has to offer. There are also activities on offer in Iceland to make sure your stop-off spots are just as exciting as the drive itself. With the route taking you around the whole of the island, you can stop off at as many or as few spots as you like! 

The Pan-American Highway,  South America to Antarctica

most beautiful best road trips in the world Cambutal, Panama (Photo by Austin Neill)
Cambutal, Panama (Photo by Austin Neill)

One of the most famous road trips in the world, but also one of the longest. Traverse 48,00km of road from the very tip of Argentina to Alaska. 

The longest driving route in the world will have you breaking only once due to the rain forests of Panama but note this spot is not for the faint of heart. 

Traveling across such a long route will have you delving in and out of every ecosystem you can imagine. Pack for every weather and be ready to be in for the long haul – it’s worth it!

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Milford Road, New Zealand

Milford Sound Highway, Fiordland National Park, New Zealand (Photo by Chaz McGregor)
Milford Sound Highway, Fiordland National Park, New Zealand (Photo by Chaz McGregor)

Lord of the Rings fans and nature lovers unite—this road trip is one of the most breathtaking driving experiences you will ever have the pleasure of discovering.  

120km of towering mountains, mighty waterfalls, and expanses of greenery—the drive from Te Anau to Fiordland National Park will have you thanking your lucky stars earth exists.

Stop off at Edlington Valley and the Avenue of the Disappearing Mountain from some genuinely outstanding wow-worthy moments. 

The Garden Route, South Africa

Clifton Beach, Cape Town, South Africa (Photo by Kyle Cut Media)
Clifton Beach, Cape Town, South Africa (Photo by Kyle Cut Media)

If a little bit of luxury is more your forte and the vineyards of South Africa call your name, this route is the one for you. See for yourself the beauty that South Africa offers—from mountains and sandy beaches to miles of vineyards—travel the 300km of the Garden Route. 

Stop off for hikes across the beautiful terrains. And listen as the dramatic waves of the South Atlantic ocean batter the shorelines. 

So there you have our top seven most breathtaking road trips our planet has to offer. Traverse the terrains, embrace the ecosystems, and road trip some of the most stunning spots our earth has to offer—you won’t be disappointed. 

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