Inside SuperSalone, A 2021 Edition of Salone del Mobile Milano

supersalone 2021 salone delmobile.milano

Curated, intimate, and hopeful–this is how we would describe the 2021 edition of Salone del Mobile Milano, duly named “supersalone”. In charge of the show’s curation was internationally renowned designer Stefano Boeri. Alongside Salone del Mobile’s new president, Maria Parro, and the show’s amazing team, supersalone 2021 came to be. Full with sustainable initiatives, a new COVID-19 friendlier “gallery” style layout, and while drastically smaller than Salone’s of the past, filled with talent and beauty.

Inside SuperSalone 2021

The Future of Salone del Mobile & Maria Parro

Before we get into the show, I had the pleasure of hearing Maria Parro speak about the exhibition and the future of Salone del Mobile. Her passion and drive are sure to continue to shine upon the fair to say the least! The question we loved was on the tie between digital and physical, her reply–a top priority for Salone. A point clearly seen in the QR codes throughout the show linking to the show app and many other design-user-friendly features.

Sustainability & The City of Milan

A quick turnaround and a need to be as sustainable as possible were clearly visual at the show. No glue and lots of plywood, all to be disassembled post-show and repurposed. Also on the green front, a forest of 200 trees flowing from outside at the entrance all the way through the four open pavilions. The trees, part of a partnership with Forestami, were planted in Metropolitan Milan after the show. A gift back to the city. The relationship between the city of Milan and Salone del Mobile was also celebrated in an exhibition called il Salone/la Citta at the Triennale museum over the past almost sixty years (2022 is the 60th!).

forestami trees Photo by Diego Ravier / Courtesy of Salone del Mobile.Milano
Photo by Diego Ravier / Courtesy of Salone del Mobile.Milano

Take Your Seat

Chosen for its staple status when it comes to furniture, the chair took center stage at supersalone 2021. In an exhibition titled Take Your Seat, chairs of all shapes and sizes accompanied by great photography of people sitting came together in four display areas created by the ADI Design Museum. Given the layout of the fair, chairs also shined throughout the event as you may notice in our round-up below.

More to Love:

Feminine Chairs Designed Just for Women

Exhibition at SuperSalone 2021

Technology was also seen heavily used throughout the show to compensate for the small exhibition spaces. The world of video in magical full force across massive screens. However, this was just one of the ways brands got creative with their gallery-style spaces. With a large vertical wall perhaps the most important place to draw attention, brands also created wall-applied aerial views, attached products to the walls in creative ways, and played with the concept of space. A new feel for a trade show, will it stick for a COVIDless future? Hard to say, but certainly a breath of fresh air.

supersalone 2021 salone del mobile milano
Photo by Andrea Mariani / Courtesy Salone del Mobile.Milano

TRENDS WE LOVED at Milan Design Week 2021

When it came to Color Trends, these, often deeply saturated, tones appeared again and again: blush pinks, rusty oranges, marigolds, mossy greens, and classic blues.

Technology also played a strong role. From powered-up seating to transformable counters and high-tech appliances, we will definitely keep seeing more and more integration of technology at home.

febel casa kitchen technology salone del mobile 2021 milano
Photo by Andrea Mariani / Courtesy Salone del Mobile.Milano

deliciosa bar stool koket luxury furniture

BRANDS WE LOVED at SuperSalone 2021

Castro Lighting

castro lighting supersalone 2021 salone del mobile milano Portuguese luxury design


seletti supersalone 2021 milan design week

Boca do Lobo

boca do lobo luxury home decor art furniture


visionnaire mark ange supersalone 2021 milan


momenti casa super salone del mobile 2021

SICIS Home x Amaretto

SICIS Home x Amaretto textiles

Missoni Home

missoni home ombre outdoor chairs supersalone 2021 salone del mobile

Adriani Rossi

adriani rossi salone del mobile 2021


villari luxury lighting supersalone 2021


chelini luxury home decor


alchymia luxury home design finishes


ambientec lighting supersalone 2021