The WOW Factors That Will Make Your Bathroom

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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. Not only do you hold concerts and shows while dancing and screaming out loud, but this is also where the most profound thoughts hit you; surely you have contemplated life there. And, this is why having a special, warm, and welcoming environment in your bathroom is a must.

So, how do you bring this dream bathroom to life? Read on for 5 ideas for your bathroom design that are sure to radiate the WOW vibes you desire!

5 Wow Factors to Make Your Bathroom

1. Add a little wood to the mix

The myth that wood is destroyed in the bathroom is brought down by the advancements of technology. For this reason, now feel free to integrate wooden cabinets, floor, or traditional double vanity, sinks and tubs in your bathroom. Walking barefoot on a wood floor can feel much more pleasant and warmer than traditional tile. Such blending of styles, wood, and other elements in the bathroom, like the curtains, the rug, or the tiles, adds more options for building cozy spots in your house. 

This trick works perfectly if you choose your tones correctly. Darker tones preferably start at the bottom then move to lighter shades at the top of your bathroom. 

wow factor bathrooms Wood makes the perfect accent to this marble-clad bathroom designed by 212box
Wood makes the perfect accent to this marble-clad bathroom designed by 212box

2. Experiment with concrete

Using concrete to design your bathroom is chic, let alone more cost-effective! The manifestation of concrete lines around the bath is aesthetically pleasing and delivers a clean vibe. It is easily applied anywhere in your space since it can be mixed with other materials. Especially if you are a minimalist, this is the style that will certainly rock well for you: simple, rustic, and twenty-first-century.

Concrete tiles add rustic glamour to this bathroom at Roma Monti Hotel designed by THDP (Photo by Janos Grapov)
Concrete tiles add rustic glamour to this bathroom at Roma Monti Hotel designed by THDP (Photo by Janos Grapov)

3. Ceramic elements

If you are in a space consisting of ceramic tiles, it’s easy to guess: You are most probably in the bathroom. As the most common material, ceramics come along with other materials just fine. Be picky with the patterns of the tiles, choose the right color, and you will have a “boujee” bathroom. Be bold when designing with tiles, special patterns show your personality. Ceramic tiles are also practical; it’s easy to maintain them, they express freshness and are resistant to water and any temperature changes.

bath design by Maison Valentina
Bathroom design by Maison Valentina

4. Chandeliers for a spa look

To light up the atmosphere in your bathroom, add some chandeliers. They look luxurious and transmit warmth and cozy sensations in the room. Lying in your tub with a chandelier sparkling above you is what a spa-like bathroom is all about. Chandeliers can be simple to pick as they come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. It can be placed anywhere in your space, it just depends on the style you choose. Once your chandelier is in, you will love taking long baths while reading a book or sipping your glass of wine beneath its ambient glow.

wow factor bathroom Interior by Caroline's Designs, featuring the Cuff Chair by KOKET
Interior by Caroline’s Designs, featuring the Cuff Chair by KOKET

5. Decorative sconces, chair, table, and a floor mat

If a chandelier feels too much for your style? The solution for you is sconces. You can put them on either side of your mirror for ideal illumination. A great bonus, especially if you are used to doing your make-up in the bathroom. Scones come in different styles and sizes as well, so you just need to pick the ones that go with your taste. You can also add candles, which are game-changers for mood-setting. Not only do they have a warming effect on your atmosphere they also can add scent making your space even more inviting. If you have the space, place a chair, a side table, and a floor mat as well to add luxe vibes to your bathroom.

wow factors koket bathroom mandy stool ribbon sconce
Design featuring the Mandy Stool and Ribbon Sconces by KOKET

To Wrap-Up

Once you have followed the tips above to design your bathroom, you are ready to be part of the Pinterest gang with your bathroom pictures. You can also take pictures of yourself in that welcoming room, trust us, they are instagrammable. 

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