Don’t Forget to Take Your Exercise Outdoors

take your exercise outdoors

Exercising outside is beneficial as it can be classed as an antidepressant because sunshine naturally increases serotonin, a hormone that positively affects your mood. Exercise also releases endorphins, a feel-good hormone that improves mood and minimizes pain. It provides a challenge for your body: exercising on ever-changing outdoor terrain pushes your body more than doing it on a flat interior surface. It’s also possible that you’ll be more likely to continue exercising as it is enjoyable and can offer mental comfort. Exercising outside is fun and feels more like a game than a chore.

You can make it a social gathering. Involving family and friends in exercise may make it a lot more fun. Consider going for a walk instead of seeing a friend for lunch or coffee. A great benefit of working out outdoors is that it’s completely free! All you need is your body weight and a secure, well-lit park, field, suburb, or walking trail to get a great workout. There’s no need to join a gym.

It might be a fun way to bond with your co-workers. There are numerous adult recreational sports leagues, such as kickball or softball. Joining a team can help you stay regular with your fitness and can bring back memories of playing outside as a kid with the emphasis on fun rather than athletic ability. Wear trendy fitness clothes or durable slimming shapewear to motivate you to exercise more.

There are so many varied options to choose from when it comes to exercise outdoors. You should never get bored!


woman running
(Photo by Cameron Venti)

Take advantage of the warm weather and transfer your runs outside if you are wary of the indoor track and treadmills. Make sure to run on a safe trail, park, or path, and wear solid running shoes. Sun protection and water are two important supplies you need when taking your exercise outside. 


woman biking in the city fashionable (Photo by Dominik Hofbauer)
(Photo by Dominik Hofbauer)

Bicycling is a low-impact, enjoyable activity that strengthens the heart and lower body. Always wear personal protective equipment (most especially a helmet), keep your eyes on the road, and ride a good bike that accommodates you properly. You can leave behind your traditional bike and try a cruiser bike for slow rolling, or try out a motorized bike for top speeds.

Roller Skating

woman roller skating exercise outdoors
(Photo by Rameez Remy)

Put on your skates for some roller skating fun in the sun. You’ll train your lower body and raise your heart rate. To avoid harm if you fall, remember to use protective gear. Because outdoor skating can take place in a range of extreme environments, investing in a womens outdoor roller skate set will ensure you feel safe and secure. High-top boots, robust plates, and sturdy wheels are part of the design of these skates to keep wearers rolling smoothly irrespective of what’s underfoot.

Hiking and Geocaching

people hiking exercise outdoors
(Photo by Cynthia Magana)

Hiking paths can be found in many state parks and other regions, and they can provide a wonderful respite from your normal gym routines while also providing a full-body and cardiovascular workout. Stick to the path and choose trails that are appropriate for your fitness level. Invest in a decent pair of hiking boots or sneakers. 

As an add-on to hiking, geocaching has become a popular past-time that keeps people active and fit. The potential benefits are immense, most especially with regards to physical and social rewards or advantages. People who want to get some exercise through geocaching can choose between parkland and urban locations, or a combination of both. 

These unique forms of exercise outdoors can provide good motivation to get the blood pumping without the boredom that often sets in with strictly gym work-outs.

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