The Ultimate Designer Guide to Decorating Your Interior With Art

koket heive cabinet luxury furniture art decorating with art

Art is a key element in creating a beautiful and welcoming interior. When it comes to incorporating art into your home or office the first thing that is sure to come to mind is framed wall art, however, there are SO many more ways to create an artfully inspired interior design! Read on for our ultimate designer guide to decorating with art!

The Ultimate Designer Guide to Decorating With Art


Walls are an integral part of any home. They’re also wide open spaces looking to be filled aesthetically. Having walls painted is not the only way to make them look beautiful. They start looking barren and dull if not properly decorated. 

You can use several kinds of wall art to make them colorful and lively. The key is to strike the right balance.

Abstract Art

Abstract art can be challenging to understand, but it adds so much to your decor. You can have traditional or modern decor and abstract art will fit in all styles.

The critical factor is that you pick up the right pieces of art that can blend in well with the rest of your interior. You should also focus on where to place the artwork to fully accentuate its presence on the wall.

You can have an accent wall by placing a large piece of abstract art with bright colors on a wall with a lighter color shade. Or you can also use smaller, less flamboyant artworks to cover the corners of a room that homeowners often overlook.

Having complementary abstract art pieces in the center of your wall can also brighten up your room. If you have darker colors in your living space, you can even opt for decorating with black and white abstract art.

decorating with art FORM Design Studio Lefbank Art in Room by Justin Shaulis
Interior designed by Justin Shaulis featuring FORM Design Studio art for Lefbank Art


Murals are paintings that are applied directly to a wall (or a paper applied to the wall). You can have an artist do it for you or bring out your painting skills and go for it. Murals look fantastic, especially in living and family rooms. They can reflect your personality and make your living space stand out. 

You can have all kinds of murals in your living space as there is no limit to creativity. Your mural may be just a simple geometric pattern, or you can opt for flora and fauna on your walls.

Other ideas include abstract art, an illustration of a beautiful valley covered with trees, or even old wooden panels with different shades. Gridline maps murals also look amazing on walls.

gold leaf with birch trees custom bespoke carol moreno mural
Mural by Carol Moreno


Wallpapers traditionally have been a go-to option for decorating walls. They come in all kinds of colors, shapes, and sizes with a host of designs and patterns printed on them.

You can cover a single wall in a room, or apply it to all the walls. You can also use it strategically in places such as the back of bookshelves or by matching your sofa fabric to your wallpaper for a great visual effect.

Wallpaper looks equally great in the living room, family room, and bedroom. It’s imperative that the wallpaper selected fits well with the rest of the decor. You can use simple patterns, intricate designs, and even lined wallpapers to get the desired outcome.

decorating your walls at home koket dining room with feather wallpaper wallcovering
Feather wallpaper by KOKET

Canvas Prints

Canvas art prints are a staple option when it comes to decorating the walls in your home. These prints are reliable, easy to maintain, and very reasonably priced. You can get them in different sizes and hang them on the walls as you like. The same picture may be printed on one canvas or multiple, different-sized canvases. 

Many people prefer to have pictures of their families and pets on canvas prints. However, you can have your favorite quotes printed on the canvases, too. You may even choose photographs of the most stunning city skylines in the world. There is no limit to ideas for canvas prints and you can let your imagination run wild. 

koket luxury home decor black living room design vamp muse sconce
Interior by KOKET


Photos are a great source of saving memories. They also serve well as a part of your décor. The key is to choose images carefully. There is no bar on what kind of images you may display. 

Some people prefer to have their family pictures framed on their walls. You can choose photos that were randomly taken or opt for ones captured at formal events. You can also pick images from beautiful destinations around the world. Whatever adds to your décor is a good fit. 

There is also no restriction on the size of the frames, and you can have a couple of large ones or go with lots of smaller frames. Whichever option you opt for, be sure that it does not go against the décor or overpower it together. 

Interior by Lori Morris house of lmd
Interior by Lori Morris


Calligraphy is the art of writing text aesthetically and delicately. A calligrapher may use a pen, pencil, or any other writing instrument to exercise their craft. It is a part of most cultures around the globe. However, it is more prevalent in Asian countries and the Middle East.  

If you’re looking for something different and delicate that will look stunning on your walls, calligraphy is an ideal option. You can add intricate Arabic works or sharp Chinese writings to adorn your walls. They will add an excellent and sophisticated feel to your overall décor. 

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Sculptures as an art form have been around for thousands of years. They have taken all kinds of shapes and sizes during the different eras. Holding in common of course their three dimensionalities. The current day artwork in this field is highly diverse. They are no longer limited to figurines, and can even be found incorporated directly into architecture, or as the whole building itself designed as one large sculpture. 


When it comes to architectural sculptures there are a few different forms. First, there is sculpture that is attached to a building as decoration, either inside or out. Then there are free-standing sculptures that are placed in interiors, usually large in scale, and which affect the architectural feel of the space. Lastly, many buildings are designed to be works of art themselves.

Due to the nature of interiors, especially residential, there is a limited scope of how architectural sculptures can be used indoors. However, they can be easily incorporated into the walls or as a centerpiece in a larger room. The latter creates an amazing effect and can uplift the entire space around it.

The staircase becomes art in this stunning interior by SAOTA
The staircase becomes art in this stunning interior by SAOTA (See the full project!)

Table Top Sculptures 

Think of your tabletops and shelves for smaller-sized sculptures. Often, they are made of wood, stone, or metal. However, in the world of contemporary art, you can find tabletop sculptures made from all kinds of intriguing materials.

Such sculptures may include human figures, plant and animal life, and abstract structures. There is no limitation when it comes to the creative side of sculptures.

brilliant lighting @yyoumnaaeltallyy living room yasmine side table feather floor lamp
Interior by Youmna Eltally

For the Wall

Wall sculptures typically have humans and animal figures as their inspiration. There are also some plant designs and even abstract ones. They are often made of metal but can definitely be found in other materials as well and are typically bolted to the wall. 

You may opt for a stand-alone sculpture or a group of smaller sculptures meant to be placed together.

orchid flower lighted wall art decor by koket in a luxury bedroom design
Interior by KOKET


Now we enter the world beyond what you may generally think of when one talks of decorating with art to discuss home decor elements as works of art. Every piece of furniture and decor does not need to be artistic in design to create an artful interior, in fact, this would most likely be overkill. Instead, you should consider a few statement pieces spread throughout your interiors. Here are some elements to consider!


While essential to the practical design and atmosphere of your home, lighting can also be considered as a great way to incorporate functional works of art. A large stunning chandelier in your foyer (or two in your living room!), artfully designed shades on pendants over your kitchen counter, or sconces as wall sculptures.

decorating with art in living room koket luxury neutral interior design
Artful vibes radiate from the lighting in this interior by KOKET


Again think statement furniture as art–chairs shaped like palms, a dining table with a sculptural base, a cabinet faced in a mother of pearl inlay.

Think about the materials used and the overall form of the furniture. If you go for an artful table base, consider chairs with a simpler design to go with it.

You can also go for bespoke designs and make your interior really stand out!

When decorating with furniture as art, you can also send a message through the patterns and colors of the fabrics. You can opt for bright colors and bold floral prints to show your lively side. On the flip side, a serious-natured person may opt for darker colors and no patterns.

luxury dining room table art koket
A statement nature-inspired dining table base adds instant interest in this Interior by KOKET


Functional and fashionable, using mirrors as art is a great way to decorate. Available in endless shapes, sizes, and colors if you want a mirror to add an artful flair to your space look for ones with unique materials and artistic inspiration. Maybe the frame is a vine or perhaps it is an abstract shape. Go for one large frame or create a mirror wall gallery using smaller frames in an artful formation.

Let your imagination loose, and when decorating with mirrors as art. Just be sure that they match their surroundings, though. A funky mirror in the middle of a room filled with Victorian furniture will look very odd. 

wall art mirrors my object of desire koket
Mirrors from My Object of Desire


While we usually think of plates for eating the variety of beautiful designs available can also make great decor! Since they are relatively small, they can easily be placed on a mantle, a coffee table, or hung on the wall. 

Plates can be a great way to add color to your décor. If you like bright colors and floral patterns find some that look great with your curtain. Or maybe you’re a fan of mandala art. You could also go custom if you like the plate look and get different designs per your liking from an artist or do it yourself.

tema e variazioni wall plates fornasetti amara
Tema e Variazioni Wall Plates by Fornasetti, Available at Amara


Given their flat form, rugs are a great way to bring in artful vibes to an interior. Of course, many rooms are best suited for a simple natural rug, if you want to decorate with rugs as art there are many fabulous designs out there to do just that.

Be sure to select colors that work with your other decor and patterns that work with the style of your furniture. From a bright floral rug to a beautiful rendition of a snake or perhaps graffiti is more your taste, find your style and your room will instantly take on an artful feel.

Don’t forget to select the best size rug for your space as this is key to a good design. A larger rug can help cover the floor and make the room look big if you have a smaller space. Multiple smaller rugs can also be used in a larger room. They look especially nice with hardwood flooring.

Studio Collection rug art by Rug Society
Studio Collection rug art by Rug Society

Artful Pillows

Adding artful accent pillows to your sofas, chairs and even your bed is a great way to bring in color and interest. Functional for comfort of course, but also available in so many creative styles! From fur or embroidery to a painted scene or your favorite quote, accent pillows are an easy and fun way to bring in art.

Cloud9 Design Bedding - Decorative Bed Pillows
Bedding by Cloud9 Design

Textile Wall Hangings

Textile wall hangings are a very classy form of decor. These fabrics may be embroidered, printed, or hand-woven. You can choose any colors, patterns, and shapes that you so desire. Hanging can also vary in size, with some covering the bulk of the wall while others are maybe no larger than a few inches. 

The material used should be sturdy to not lose shape. You should also consider their ability to stay clean. Lighter colors may not be ideal if you live in a dusty environment. Textile wall hangings can be hung loosely or framed, based on your preference.

Luxury living room by Perianth Interior design in a ny apartment
Interior by Perianth ID featuring KOKET Mandy Stool and Eternity Sconce (Photo by Nathaniel Johnston Photography)

Wrapping Up Decorating With Art

Decorating your interior can be a tough job as so many elements have to be incorporated together in a manner that they all gel well. Everything must sync from the walls to the lighting, from the rugs to the sculptures to the coffee table. 

The best way to successfully decorate your interiors is to have an open mind about possibilities, think carefully about the various options for the multiple rooms, and turn your plans into reality. You will surely get great results at the end of the day.