6 Master Bedroom & Bathroom Ideas That Will Make You Feel Like Royalty

Wade Weissmann royal Bathroom design master suite

Your home’s master bedroom and bath are your private den where you can fully relax and be away from the goings-on outside their doors. As you choose to stay inside your master bedroom to rejuvenate and enjoy the time you have, wouldn’t it be great if you had a royal master bedroom and royal bathroom, making every inch luxurious?

Having a master bedroom and bathroom that makes you feel like kings and queens is always a great idea. However, before you proceed with renovating your room, ensure you address anything that might cause a headache, like popular bathroom plumbing repairs. The last thing you want is a beautiful master bedroom and bath with leaky pipes!

Read on for some of our favorite royal master bedroom and bathroom ideas that will make you feel like royalty!

Build A Walk-In Shower

Taking a shower in a cramped space isn’t the stuff of dreams! So, build the roomiest shower your space and budget can allow. Installing a walk-in shower with floor-to-ceiling glass doors can make you feel like you’re stepping into your own private retreat to wash your worries away. 

Amp up the luxe level of your walk-in shower by upgrading to a rainwater shower head. Or any other sophisticated shower sprayer that matches your master bathroom’s design. With the right water pressure, you’ll surely feel the luxury with every shower as it gently touches your skin and makes you feel like royalty.

royal bathroom walk in shower mandy stool koket
Design by KOKET

Install Gold Bath Fixtures

Nothing screams royal bathroom better than gold fixtures! From your tub to your sink and faucet and even your toilet and bidet. Take care of necessary plumbing works and replace your regular hardware with equal parts functional and classy.

Moreover, a gold bath fixture would work best if you could allow your entire bathroom’s color to look luxurious by repainting and retiling with a brand-new shade. You could play around with white marble, navy blue, or gray.

royal bathroom Design by Maestri
Design by Maestri

Create a Luxury Spa-Inspired Space

Pamper yourself by picking the coziest and plushiest bathroom elements and accessories—towels, mats, scented candles, indoor plants, etc. Ideally, you should place these decorations around your bathtub if you already have one. However, having a ‘pamper corner’ would suffice, especially for limited spaces, as long as you add luxurious elements to it.

If your bathroom is spacious enough, add a small couch or bench to complete the spa-like experience. For maximum royalty experience, using a velvet couch would be a great choice. Just ensure that the color matches well with your bathroom to provide an even and balanced appearance.

luxury gold bathroom Design by Wade Weissmann
Design by Wade Weissmann

Go For Dramatic Lighting

Switching to ambient lighting is one of the most basic upgrades you can do yet can completely elevate the look and vibe of your master bedroom and bathroom. Pick out light fixtures in varying hues and tones to match the different corners of your room (e.g., shower area, closet, vanity area, etc.)

bathroom Design by Dmitry Kurilov
Design by Dmitry Kurilov

To make your bedroom look like royalty, adding a chandelier will always hit the spot. And in your oh so royal bathroom, try a pair of glamorous sconces or pendants for more royal vibes.

royal master bedroom design covet mansion nyc koket
Design by KOKET

Add Some Sophisticated Wall Art  

Art makes everything look extra classy and expensive. So surround yourself with some eye-catching prints or opt for trompe l’oeil wallpaper. You could begin by placing large oil paintings inside a gold frame on your bedroom’s empty wall space, ideally above the fireplace if you have one. An oil painting would help boost the room’s appearance as most royalty use them to decorate their bedrooms.

Alternatively, you could add in some metal or gold mirrors if you’re not too much a fan of paintings. Just ensure that you provide the perfect balance by matching large and small pieces together and avoid it from taking over your entire wall.

royal master bedroom Design by lori morris photo by brandon barre
Interior by Lori Morris (Photo by Brandon Barre)

Switch to Luxury Bedding

While you can always decorate your master bedroom with the most luxurious pieces, if your bedding is still ordinary, you might not be able to experience how royalty sleeps at all. Changing your bedding with luxurious materials would be helpful to provide a deluxe environment inside your bedroom.

You can change your bedding with Egyptian cotton, silk, or sateen. While there are plenty of colors that you can choose from, going with white or beige would help you achieve an elegant look, especially if it goes well with any interior design. While they can be expensive, they can provide comfort to your body as you drift off to sleep at night.

royal master bedroom Design by KOKET luxury home decor
Design by KOKET

Wrapping Up

Feeling like royalty is always a wonderful idea, allowing yourself to relax fully. With your master bedroom and bath, changing the fixtures and decorations with luxurious and regal elements would help bring you to the right spot. Just ensure that you provide the perfect balance for you to truly appreciate your space.

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