4 Ways to Recharge Your Sex Life

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As our libidos start to dip or our sex lives get shelved, it can be all too easy to start blaming ourselves. But the truth is that the busy, stressful lives we lead are not always conducive to feeling sensual. Sometimes, there are emotional and medical reasons why our sex lives might not be where we want them to be. But most of the time, our sexual lives can become re-energized by simply investing in ourselves!

Try these 4 simple SELF-LOVING, and FUN tips to recharge your sex life!

1. Create Time for Yourself

Pampering yourself might be the last thing on your to-do list. You are busy, with plenty of responsibilities, and can’t see how it’s worth the money. 

But taking a moment for yourself benefits every aspect of your life. It could be an activity such as a massage, a trip to the theater, or something more direct such as a treatment like FemiWave. Whatever your choice, self-care is proven to reduce anxiety and stress levels, which in turn will help your sex life.

2. Try to Live a Balanced Life

It has been proven that getting enough sleep increases a woman’s next-day sexual desire. Similarly, exercise has been proven to lead to better sexual function. It is easier said than done, but putting effort into getting the balance right between work, play, exercise, and sleep will start to benefit your sex life immediately.

Why not try to set aside half an hour before bed for meditation or reading? Both activities help you wind down. Or why not attend that yoga class you have been thinking about for a while? You don’t want to push your schedule to the limit, but healthy habits will increase your sexual capacity.

3. Laughter Is Always the Answer

Worrying about your sex life is all too easy. All this worry makes you tense and stressed, thus impacting your sex life further. This can become a cycle. The best thing to do is just take a moment to remember that it doesn’t have to be so serious.

Laughter is good for our health. It’s great for our heart, for handling pain, and also for our sex lives. So if you are spending some time with yourself, and you can’t quite get there, or you just feel a bit turned off, don’t worry. Try watching something funny, laughing with your partner or friends, or try something new that might make you grin. Feeling happy and relaxed will instantly re-energize you.

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4. Toys Are Terrific

Sex can sometimes become repetitive. A lot of couples have to schedule a window to make time for one another, and this can diminish the romance or sexual energy. In other cases, it can be that a favorite position is over-used, or sometimes people are just looking for a change from the norm.

Bringing sex toys into the bedroom can be the extra element you have been looking for. With toys, you can reach areas you haven’t stimulated before and discover new things about yourself. Since sex toys are suitable for both couple and single play, they’re brilliant at energizing the bedroom.

Don’t Look Back

Looking back to a time in your life when you felt your sex life was better or that your libido was stronger doesn’t help. All this will do is affect how you feel in the present. The best thing you can do is show self-compassion and focus on the here and now, without adding too much pressure.

Scheduling time for self-care, working towards a healthy lifestyle, using toys, and bringing laughter into the bedroom, will all help you recharge your sex life.

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