Set the Perfect Holiday Table With Design Maven Janet Morais

holiday table setting marie daage porcelain limoges belle nuit koket janet morais custom

Known for her exquisite sense of style, Janet Morais, founder of luxury home decor brand KOKET, is a connoisseur when it comes to creating a stunning tablescape. Perfectly elegant and stylish, here are her top tips on how to set the perfect holiday table this season!

5 Designer Tips for Setting the Perfect Holiday Table

1. Pick a Palette That Goes With Your Decor

The easiest place to start is with colors. Or a color theme if a theme is on your mind. While traditional holiday colors are always beautiful, remember they are by no means necessary. Your table should make you happy! When selecting your color palette be sure to consider the decor in your dining area as you will want to be sure the colors all flow together. Moreover, a neutral palette with splashes of metallics is always festive and can go with pretty much any decoration you have in your space.

holiday table setting marie dagge
Tableware by Marie Daage

2. Flowers, Flowers, Flowers (Real Ones!)

Janet’s favorite table decor is natural flowers! And plenty of them, while of course keeping space on the table for dining. If you go for low arrangements keep them on the smaller side so they don’t crowd your table. If you want to make a bolder statement go for something with height. However, be sure whatever you decide that guests can still see each other across the table.

There are many beautiful holiday flowers, from sunflowers and chrysanthemums for Fall and pretty much any flower white, red and green for the Christmas holiday. White orchids (any orchids really in Janet’s personal opinion!) will always make a beautiful centerpiece. White lilies are also striking in holiday arrangements.

holiday table setting by Casa de Perrin black and gold orchids pink
Tablescape by Casa de Perrin

3. Cloth Napkins With Decorative Napkin Rings

A proper dinner party needs quality cloth napkins and beautiful napkin rings. Like jewelry on an outfit, decorative napkins are a fabulous way to dress up your holiday table. Below are a couple of Janet’s favorite napkin ring looks at the moment, but there are SO many choices out there you will surely find the perfect look for you with just a little hunting.

MICHAEL ARAM Anemone Napkin Rings
MICHAEL ARAM Anemone Napkin Rings

4. Select the Perfect Dinnerware

Some say the centerpiece is the star of the table, however, others are all about the dinnerware. While Janet loves flowers, she also loves beautiful artfully crafted porcelain. Recently Janet ordered a set of stunning dinnerware from French Limoges porcelain artist Marie Daage. She custom colored the gorgeous hand-painted Belle Nuit pattern with her brand KOKET’s favorite colors, gold, black, and cream. Find a pattern you love and that speaks to your home’s decor and holiday theme and your table will shine.

marie dagge belle nuit gold and black koket janet morais the perfect holiday table setting
Janet’s set of Belle Nuit by Marie Daage

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5. Add Balance With Glassware & Silverware

To complete the table you will need to focus on creating just the right balance of color and material with your glassware and silverware. If your other table decor already has lots of color clear glassware will fit best. However, if you opt for a neutral palette, adding some colorful glasses can create a gorgeous pop. You can also add a bit of the same tone in your flowers for more balance. If your dinnerware is solid, etched glasses can add some textural variety.

 Belle Nuit by Marie Daage black and gold table setting
Belle Nuit by Marie Daage

When it comes to silverware, classic silver or gold are always beautiful. If you are going for a modern look go for a set with a streamlined feel. Or if you prefer a more traditional vibe try something carved. Matching a color from your dinnerware is a great way to create balance on your table as well.

Wrapping Up the Perfect Holiday Table

When it comes to creating the perfect holiday table, for Janet it is all about the pieces. From statement to support, each element on the table should be its own work of art and flow together with balance. Cheers!