6 Interior Design Tricks To Make Any Room Look and Feel More Spacious

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One of the best tips for home interior design is to take it one room at a time. But designing each room can have its own challenges because they can all be different. For instance, homeowners can’t simply decorate smaller rooms in the way they would design open and spacious rooms. Therefore, it’s essential to use specific design techniques that are tried and tested for smaller spaces. 

Whether it’s for bathrooms, small bedrooms, or tight apartments, there are different ways to make it seem larger than it is. Before anything else, it’s essential to first measure the room’s dimensions to avoid any issues like buying furniture that’s way too big for the space. After that, these tips below should help any small room look wider, bigger, and more comfortable.

White It Out

White walls will instantly make any space feel larger as seen in this design by KOKET
White walls will instantly make any space feel larger as seen in this design by KOKET

Painting your walls and ceiling white makes any room light and airy, creating an illusion of wider walls, higher ceilings, and a more open look. There are different shades of white paint or other light colors so homeowners can choose warmer or cooler shades.

If white isn’t something that you want to use, other bright and light colors can also help. The walls can considerably impact how a room looks because it takes up so much of what people see when they enter a room. On the other hand, dark colors can make a room look more cramped and even stifling.

Through The Looking-Glass

spacious interior design tips burlesque console table, eternity chandelier and sconces by koket in hall by irina kuzina
A mirrored wall adds a whole new level of spacial dimension to this foyer design by by Irina Kuzina featuring KOKET’s Burlesque Console and Eternity Chandelier & Sconces

Hanging mirrors make a space look twice bigger is a well-known trick, so double it up by adding glass furniture or fixtures to the room. One of the best tricks to make a room look larger is to trick the eye with illusions. Mirrors are great for these reasons. The first is that it can make the area look twice as large, especially if it’s a large mirror covering an entire wall, door, or panel. Since mirrors are already staples for bathrooms, installing larger mirrors in small showers, baths, and comfort rooms might be best.

The second reason why mirrors are great for small spaces is that they reflect light. This means that it can make a room appear brighter and wider by bouncing more light into the room. But it’s also important to remember to not use mirrors that have large and heavy frames because it can make a space look more cramped instead.  

Furthermore, transparent materials let light pass through and let you see through them, making the area look wider. For instance, when looking for items like coffee tables, look for those with glass pieces. This way, light can pass through it and allow the space to look brighter and wider.

Pick Oversized Furniture

gold cream black luxury living room koket agate chandelier
Select large beautiful statement pieces rather than filling your interior with furniture for a more spacious look like in this interior by KOKET

Large furniture may sound like a bad idea if you’re trying to make a room look less cramped, but it actually does the trick if you choose a few oversized pieces instead of filling the room with a lot of smaller ones.

However, only a few pieces of furniture would fit. To help out with this problem, look for multifunctional pieces. For instance, when looking for a couch, try to see if there are ones with compartments for storage. This way, you won’t have to purchase separate pieces of furniture for different purposes.

Mix Solid Hues With Light Fabrics

Keep patterns and textures simple for added spaciousness like in this interior by KOKET

When choosing furniture and decorative items, go for solid-looking colors and avoid incorporating too many textures. Patterns and textures can make the room look too loud and cluttered. Just like how too many items can make a room too cramped, visually stimulating patterns can look too gaudy in a tiny space.

Instead, always pick light fabrics like cotton or linen over heavy ones like velvet or wool. This is because the same idea about bright and light colors applies to fabrics of throw pillows, couches, carpets, and more.

Ditch The Drapes

Skip window treatments to let in extra light and make your room feel even bigger like in this master bedroom design by KOKET
Skip window treatments to let in extra light and make your room feel even bigger like in this master bedroom design by KOKET

Avoid heavy window treatments and, if possible, leave your windows uncovered to invite more natural light and make the room look brighter and fresher. This helps make the space look brighter and airier. If possible, installing large windows would be fantastic. However, if you want a bit of privacy, try using sheer curtains or bright-colored light curtains instead.

Make The Rooms Flow Into Each Other

There are different ways designers can divide rooms. One of the ways to do this is to use different flooring materials to show that you’re in a separate room. However, for smaller spaces, it’s best to use the same flooring material in adjacent rooms to create a seamless effect.

Furthermore, unlike walls and ceilings, floors look much more spacious in dark hues and tones. Rich dark wooden tones are fantastic for a natural look. Either way, no matter what color it is, just make sure that it’s the same as the color with the rooms connected to it.

Wrapping Up

Completely transforming any room might seem impossible, especially for those with no experience with decorating and interior design. However, it’s always possible to make the most of any space without doing some huge construction projects. For smaller rooms, don’t knock down walls just yet. Bring in more light, brightness, and space, and the room will instantly be transformed into a larger and comfortable room.

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