Is “Relatable” the New Trend In Fashion?

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If you are looking for fashion ideas, street trends may just be the most relatable place to look! Read on as we explore the idea of relatable fashion, and some fabulous Instagram pages to visit for inspiration!

What if there was a place where prosaic individuals can approach to relate? Regardless of where you currently stand in life, who you are, or who you surround yourself with, it is human nature to want to relate to an event, an object, a figure, or maybe an outfit. In the past decade, we have encountered a myriad of diverse trends, and unfortunately, relating wasn’t always an option near reach.

The concept of relating roots to identifying or connecting to a certain figure of event. But What makes relating so important? Does it make you feel seen, heard, noticed? The truth is it provides clarity. And with clarity forays the concept of certainty, a trait that has been absent for the past two years.

With precocious technology dominating the 21st century, it is difficult to relate to the content displayed online. The world is now a village where news circulates within seconds. And as for fashion, the traction is often focused on unrealistic trends marketed by influencers who were once known to be relatable. For any basic individual that is not sponsored by a diverse range of brands, it is less amenable to recreate an outfit displayed online. Yet, as lavish, and exclusive reign over headlines, much more amenable pages are born.

Live From the Streets

Chronicling out of the fashion capitals; London, Paris, Milan, and many others. The 21st century’s gossip girls have risen. But this time their intention no longer focuses on gossip as their expertise solely lies in the field of fashion. By anonymously sashaying the streets of the star style capitals, the Instagram accounts @londonersinlondon_, @milanesiamilano, @parisiensinparis, as well as many others, have accentuated the best of the streets capturing photos of authentic outfits best representing the city.

In the past year, the accounts have gained the admiration of a diverse range of users on Instagram. Some include fashion influencers such as Alexa Chung, Valentina Marzullo, in addition to actress Jodie Comer. In their posts, the mysterious accounts oppose the fashion stereotype that has gaslit the world to believe that the intrinsic component to style is money. Instead, taking on relatable fashion from the streets as the primary trend-setting force.

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Looking at the Definition of “Stylish

Fortunately, I was able to have a chat with the account @londenersinlondon_. During the conversation, they revealed that the account was inspired by the original @parisiensinparis. The account also shared the strategy they use choosing an outfit to showcase, explaining that “When I take pictures, I don’t look for something in particular, I try to spot people who wear their clothes with confidence.”

The following accounts are driven by pure passion and alongside it, they search for an authentic street style that reveals the city to its true roots. When positing they look for a diverse range of outfits connecting and relating to a wide audience. With their varied strategy, they manage to expose different types of “stylish” that appeal to a wide spectrum of trends.

The love people across borders express to the account is a by-product of relating, feeling accepted, and having clarity. “I think people love the account because it is real. It’s not set up, it tells a story about real people living a real and normal life around London,” @londenersinlondon_ explained. Through the posts, the reality is conveyed. Thus, artificial posts on Instagram are replaced by a reality naturally present on the streets of London that people can relate to.

Fashion By City

Since these accounts have gone viral, a wide range of different fashion accounts have been at the forefront, accentuating the different styles and trends occupying the streets of different cities worldwide. Some accounts that have recently gained traction include,, @madrileniansinmadrid,

Although all these accounts may seem similar, they drastically differ from one another. Each account portrays a different style of streetwear, deciphering the different relatable fashion trends found in different cultures. Regardless of the city’s geographical location, a clear difference in trends can be spotted by exploring the accounts.

Through the photos, it is evident that different trends are present in different cities. An example of such is having eccentric, vociferous looks found on the streets of London but traditional simple Italian-inspired wardrobes on the streets of Milan. Further, by showcasing different roots to fashion these accounts prove that there are no solid rules for fashion. True style and expression are what truly dominate the industry.

Relatable Rules the Streets

By showcasing normal individuals present on the streets, these accounts are allowing people to be seen and heard. They clarify that style is not a by-product of status or money, and neither are the latest fashion trends. Moreover, fashion is not an inclusive field, it is an ocean filled with a variety of different styles and different trends that allow a diverse range of people to relate to.

The relatable fashion trends showcased on these accounts may not necessarily be the ones colonizing the current headlines, but they are the ones ruling the streets. Despite the lack of traction these looks may have, they yet expose the city for its true authentic nature allowing a wide range of average individuals to relate to them. The looks inspire and clarify the reality that has been distorted on social media as they provide insight into the actual trends showcased on the streets.

Even though a look is not glamourized on the hottest magazine, does that change the reality of it being a trend?

Words by Farah Massadeh

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