This Floral Wallpaper Is a Maximalist Design Fantasy

Discover Wonderlust, an eye-catching wall mural created through a collaboration between iconic British brand Wedgwood, bespoke wallpaper retailer Feathr, and multi-disciplinary artist Claire Luxton. Taking inspiration from Wedgewood’s Wonderlust teaware collection, Luxton reimagined the tropical illustrations as a hyperrealistic work of art, which Feathr then turned into a stunning maximalist design wallpaper mural.

Claire Luxton x Wedgwood x Feathr

The rich heritage of Wedgewood’s brand has rightfully made them one of the most iconic fine china makers. Wedgwood is renowned for collaborating with artists to create new expressions of its iconic patterns, an approach focused on reinvention that has resulted in unexpected interpretations and exciting contemporary visions of the company’s classic and timeless designs. So, when it came time to celebrate the introduction of six new patterns to their Wonderlust teaware collection they decided to approach interiors start-up Feathr to bring the collection to life as a wallpaper.

On a mission to fill the world with more art and less decoration, Feathr, headquartered in the famed artists-only village of Fiskars, Finland, Feathr, who also loves collaborating with contemporary artists, in their case to create original wallpaper and fabrics was delighted to partner with Wedgwood.

Tom Puukko, Founder of Feathr, says of the collaboration, “We believe art is for everyone and that art should be everywhere. The lush creativity of the new Wedgwood Wonderlust collection felt so ripe for taking into a larger format like a wall mural.”

And the perfect artist for the partnership—Claire Luxton, a British contemporary multidisciplinary artist working with photography, installation, poetry, and painting. Best known for a challenging series of self-portraits and sculptures she created after receiving a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from Goldsmiths University of London.

“Claire Luxton, whose work so cleverly plays with the form and scale of botanics, felt like the perfect artist to take the Wonderlust designs on the journey from tableware to wall mural,” says Puukko. “The final artwork is something truly joyous; rich in detail, filled with tropical texture, and a siren call to explore and engage with the natural world.”

maximalist design floral wallpaper art wall mural Claire Luxton in front of Wonderlust (Photo Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar UK)
Claire Luxton in front of Wonderlust (Photo Courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar UK)

Inspired by Wedgwood Wonderlust

“Being able to work with a brand that has such a rich heritage was really thrilling to me, as you’re building upon generations of craft that is already established,” says Luxton of the collaboration.

“The Golden Parrot and Sapphire Garden prints just popped out to me. They both became crucial in the artwork I created, and I was adamant that I was going to involve the parrot in the final artwork and have balance between the botanicals and the animals.”

Luxton adds “I’m just moved by the way these two worlds have been able to come together and reflect each other, and I think we’ve created something truly unique.”

maximalist floral design Wonderlust wallpaper by Claire Luxton x Wedgwood for Feathr
Wonderlust by Claire Luxton x Wedgwood for Feathr (Photo Courtesy of Feathr)

From 3D Art to Digital Art to Wallpaper

Luxton’s experience with mixed media is evident in the Wonderlust work of art. She uses a combination of florals, botanicals, taxidermy, and live animals to create an elaborate composition. The piece intertwines each subject using sculptural, collage, photographic, and hand-painted techniques. Resulting in a masterful maximalist design fantasy.

Claire Luxton working on Wonderlust (Photo Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar UK)
Claire Luxton working on Wonderlust (Photo Courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar UK)

Once completed, Luxton photographed the three-dimensional sculpture in over thirty different sections. She then digitally stitched the artwork together in hundreds of layers before applying hand-finished details, including water droplets and images of real-life poison dart frogs.

Detail of the 3D Wonderlust claire luxton
Detail of the 3D Wonderlust (Photo Courtesy of Claire Luxton/Wedgwood)

Working with Luxton, Feathr then adapted the artwork into a 6 x 3-meter wall mural, available exclusively from The Wonderlust by Claire Luxton x Wedgwood wallpaper faithfully reproduces the exquisite detail of Luxton’s original artwork, with the flora and fauna captured in breathtaking sharpness.

The maximalist design wallpaper comes in two colors: Dusk Flight which has a light grey background, and Dawn Flight which features a Baby pink background.

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Looking for Perfect Pairings for Your Maximalist Fantasy?

Styling Luxton’s incredibly detailed wall mural is a great place to start for a maximalist living space. Maximalist design trends embrace the attitude that more is more while pairing pieces. I suggest embracing the flora and fauna theme of the wallpaper and pairing it with nature-inspired pieces.

Koket’s Nymph chandelier works in harmony with the butterflies in the wallcovering. This gold chandelier would tie in the whimsical wallpaper with a luxurious twist. The Bloom Chair by Koket in Lux Velvet | Natural Nude (1601) is a cozy armchair inspired by a soft flower petal. The floral-inspired chair is a nod to the botanical theme without being overly conspicuous. Koket’s Yasmine side table with a Pink Lacquer base would make a great addition while styling this wallpaper. The side table has organic lines that embrace the whimsical contemporary aesthetic. Each of these pieces incorporates luxury and femininity Luxton had in mind while creating her wall mural.

Words by Sarah Swinski
Feature Image: Photo Courtesy of Shutterstock/Philipp Shuruev

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