Celebrate The Present Moment With Bergdorf Goodman Windows 2021

Every holiday season Bergdorf Goodman decorates its NYC windows with stunning art installations, but this year there was extra special magic surrounding their unveiling. It’s not just the beauty of the decoration, it’s the lovely message that reflects in the decor. After so much time of restrictions, Bergdorf Goodman wanted their 2021 windows to offer a touch of enchantment. So the theme of 2021 became “The Present Moment”.

Bergdorf Goodman Windows 2021 : “The Present Moment”

On the night of November 18th, the famous Bergdorf Goodman windows were unveiled on Fifth Avenue.

The opening of the windows in the luxurious department store was attended by dozens of people, who eagerly came to discover the decoration of this holiday season. This event was attended by some onlookers and tourists outside the store. In addition, some famous people were sure to make the event. Well-known names in music and fashion were present.

To commemorate this iconic moment, there was no lack of music, the responsibility of DJ Mona Matsuoka, or the celebration drink, champagne.

DJ at Bergdorf Goodman Windows 2021
DJ Mona Matsuoka (Photo by David Benthal via @bergdorfs)

However, the most important thing this evening was without a doubt the message of freedom. Thus, the main theme was “The Present Moment.” We all know that this is a time of warming the heart and sharing love. Thus, after so much time of restrictions, it’s relevant to celebrate this.

In this way, Linda Fargo, the fashion director of Bergdorf Goodman, emphasized the idea of ​​the joy of people being together again. Likewise, guest Julianne Moore referred to this store with great tenderness, recalling the times when she was a young actress in New York.

Fargo and Julianne Moore at Bergdorf Goodman Windows 2021
Linda Fargo and Julianne Moore (Photo by David Benthal via @bergdorfs)

Bergdorf Goodman Window Designs

The decoration of these stunning windows is by designer David Hoey. According to him, the goal is to be opulent and madcap. And for us, he definitely managed to achieve his goal.

The design of the Bergdorf Goodman Windows 2021 is extremely colorful, predominantly red, purple, and blue. This is visually appealing, conveying joy. The fantasy side predominates, which awakens curiosity and imagination. In fact, all these features make the windows really different. And most importantly, they convey the happiness we so desperately need at this time of year.

Finally, internalize the beautiful message that these windows demonstrate and be thankful for the present moment! Particularly on this very special day.

Bergdorf Goodman Windows 2021 idyllic photo ricky zehavi @bergdorfs
Bergdorf Goodman Windows 2021, “Idyllic” (Photo by Ricky Zehavi via @bergdorfs)

Words by Sílvia Oliveira
Feature Image: Bergdorf Goodman Instagram, Photo by Ricky Zehavi
All Images Bergdorf Goodman Instagram

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