Why Do We Decorate for Christmas? A Brief History of Christmas Trees

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Before Christmas trees were considered the ideal home decor for the holidays, they were seen as humble, fragrant evergreens that were a source of joy during the harsh winter months.

But ever since their origin in Germany in the 16th-century, Christmas trees have come a long way. So, let’s take a brief look at the history of Christmas trees and decorations, as well as some of the most expensive Christmas decorations that exist today.

A Brief History of Christmas Trees

When and Where Did Christmas Trees Originate?

The tradition of Christmas trees traces back to the 16th century in Germany, where Christians decorated trees. If the year was a tough one from a financial viewpoint, they used to place simple pyramid-shaped wood stacks inside their homes.

What Do Christmas Trees and Decorations Symbolize?

In older times, the winter solstice was seen as the beginning of brighter days ahead. Since evergreen trees or Christmas trees retain their color through all four seasons, they began to be heralded as a reminder of warmer months to come.

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How Did the Custom of Decorating Christmas Trees Start?

Apart from the candle aesthetic, which had already been established in Europe, homemade decorations like ornaments, garlands, and cookies became much more popular in the late 1800s. With technological advancements throughout the industrial revolution, homespun decorations quickly made room for Christmas lights and synthetic materials like tinsel.

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Christmas Today and Luxury Decorations

However, Christmas today means a lot more than it used to mean back in the day. Christmas today is all about lights, baubles, chocolates, wafers, candles, gifts—and the Christmas tree is the biggest attraction of the day. 

Christmas trees today can cost a fortune and people are more than ready to spend massive amounts of money on getting the most visually aesthetic tree to their place. 

The Emirates Palace Hotel Christmas Tree, priced at $11.4 million, is still the frontrunner when it comes to the most expensive Christmas Tree.

The Emirates Palace Hotel Christmas Tree, Dubai (Photo by souvenirsofcanada)
The Emirates Palace Hotel Christmas Tree, Dubai (Photo by souvenirsofcanada)

However, not everyone can (or wants to :)!) lay their hands on a tree as expensive as that. But, we can certainly take a look at some of the most expensive Christmas trees and decorations and get some ideas for Christmas decor.

Diamond-Studded Christmas Star

The diamond-studded Christmas Star is what you need to decorate the top of your Christmas tree. More than 280 diamonds along with a 5 carat D flawless rare diamond in its center embellish this gold star. However, it would also be accompanied by a hefty price tag of $950,000.

diamond studded christmas tree star
(Photo by Alux.com)

A Swarovski Tree Stand 

If you’ve got a highly expensive Christmas tree in your home, complementing it with a gold-plated Swarovski tree stand seems quite reasonable. Combining your Christmas tree with the Swarovski tree stand would make it a super expensive Christmas tree as this tree stand costs about $14,000.

Belsnickles Father Christmas Figurine

Hand-made from paper mache, the Belsnickles Father Christmas figurines originated in Germany. These classic figurines complement Christmas trees and decorations beautifully and can sell for as high as $4.000 if they are in perfect condition.

Life-Size Talking Nordic Reindeer

What could your kids possibly love more than a big, 65” song-playing toy reindeer to lighten up your Christmas? The reindeer, crafted out of acrylic and polyester, sings 3 songs recorded on an SD card- while moving its head around all the while. The expert craftsmen at Hansa Toys make this Nordic reindeer which costs up to $7,000.

Gold Santa Figurine

How awesome would Santa be for a Christmas present? Especially, if it’s made of 20 kg of pure gold? Check out the Japanese Ginza Tanaka’s pure 18” gold Santa figurine, costing a whopping $1.6 million!

Wrapping Up

If you adore antique Christmas ornaments, you can use them in Christmas trees and decorations in many ways. You can hang vintage ornaments from your chandelier or put them as a centerpiece. Regardless of how you style these tree ornaments, they will surely add a sense of history, luxury, and nostalgia to your Christmas.

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