And Just Like That: Everything You Need to Know

Sex and The City: And Just Like That

The long-awaited premiere of “And Just Like That” is just around the corner! So if you are a fan of this iconic series you won’t have to wait long to see the first two episodes. Because it’s ready on December 9, 2021. As you know, this series will be available on HBO and will feature new episodes every week.

There have already been several controversies created around And Just Like That, such as the character Samantha Jones not participating. In addition, there is the possibility of visiting an apartment just like Carrie Bradshaw. Including her wonderful and unforgettable closet! Of course, the series also excels at dictating fashion trends.

Love Happens doesn’t want you to miss anything about the highly anticipated Sex and the City: Roboot. So find out what you need to know here, while you wait anxiously until December 9th for the show to begin!

And Just Like That: Everything You Need to Know

Actually, we have to remember 1998, because that was the year “Sex and The City” premiered. After more than 20 years, the series still has a huge amount of fans who don’t want to miss a novelty. Therefore, one can understand the reasons for its success.

In addition to the series, there are also two movies that are important to mention.

The Characters

In Sex and The City, four iconic single women changed the way women live their lives, the way they think, and the way they love. But in And Just Like That, Samantha Jones, played by the wonderful actress Kim Cattrall, will not return.

So, Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon), and Kristin Davis (Charlotte York) will be the main characters.

Unfortunately, there are other characters that will not be part of the cast either. We are very sorry for the loss of the incredible actor Willie Garson, who passed away during filming at the end of September.

On the other hand, new characters will emerge. For example, we can reveal that Charlotte and Nixon will have children.

In addition, Michael Patrick King remains as the writer and director.

The Most Iconic Trio of Friends Ever (Photo via @justlikethatmax)

The Big Premiere

Mark December 9th on your calendar now! You can follow these new episodes on HBO Max. Most of the episodes will be about 30 minutes long.

The Trailer

On November 12th the official teaser for “And Just Like That” was revealed. So on this day, there was a big trend on social media. The first teaser of the 10-episode series did not reveal much about the story. However, they have aroused a lot of curiosity.

Meanwhile, on November 30th the first official trailer was revealed and shows never-before-seen footage of the three friends. It is also possible to see some of the wonderful looks they wear as they parade through the streets of New York. Mr. Big is also present in the trailer. Once again we wait for the romantic and happy moments with Carrie.

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The Design: Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment

In order to celebrate the release of And Just Like That Carrie Bradshaw’s enviable apartment has been recreated. It’s true! For only $23 per night via Airbnb, you can visit this recreation of the apartment (of course if you can get in!). Also included is her fashionista closet, which you can enjoy!

The guests would be welcomed virtually by Sarah Jessica Parker. Of course, cosmopolitans were not to be missed to toast and celebrate the occasion.

Carrie´s Apartment Recreation (Photo via @sarahjessicaparker)
Cosmopolitans (Photo via @sarahjessicaparker)

KOKET Has Everything You Need to Recreate the Interior Looks from And Just Like That

If you can’t get in to stay at Carrie’s apartment, how about creating your favorite show look at home? When it comes to powerful women, glamour, and style, luxury home decor brand darling KOKET radiates the Sex and the City look! Be inspired by these amazing mood boards and get the look!

The Fashion

We think it´s impossible to think of Sex and the City and not think of the associated fashion trends. From the dresses to the shoes, to the bags. Everything becomes iconic! All the fans want to wear the same outfits.

We are also very much looking forward to seeing them parading around in looks that would make anyone jealous!

Carrie’s Closet (Photo via @justlikethatmax)

The Controversy With Aging Actresses

Sarah Jessica Parker gave an interview, in which she revealed that both she and other actresses have been the target of comments about aging, namely wrinkles. SJP mentioned that it is important to age naturally and not to look perfect. Once again, she leaves us with an important message!

Words by Sílvia Oliveira
Feature Image: And Just Like That Instagram @justlikethatmax

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