25 Top London Interior Design & Architecture Firms

Famous as one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, London offers an incredible array of inspiring architecture and design. And while the city is rich with historical design, these top interior design and architecture firms in London offer a bit for everyone: Minimalist, Lux, Colorful, Funky Chic, Scandinavian, and, oh so much more to love! So, since at Love Happens it is our mission to celebrate the creative minds of today (and tomorrow!), here’s a list of some of the top London interior design and architecture firms.

25 Top London Interior Design & Architecture Firms to Know


Albin Berglund, Marie Soliman & Sarah Colbon

Bergman interior designers njord Albin Berglund, Marie Soliman & Sarah Colbon

Marie Soliman and Albin Berglund, founders of the highly revered Bergman Design House, are a design powerhouse making waves in the luxury interior and architectural design world. Now, alongside Sarah Colbon, as co-founder of Njord by Bergman, the trio is also changing the yachting interior design sector, designing only natural elements and artistic interiors for superyachts, cruise ships, and floating hotels.

Bergman interiors yatch
Yacht interior by Njord by Bergman


Ellen Søhoel

ellen sohoel xbd collective

Norwegian Designer Ellen Søhoel is the founding member of the award-winning company XBD Collective, a leading brand internationally. Ellen is renowned for her project designs for some of the most prominent clientele in the Hospitality, Residential and Commercial sectors. A must on our list of top London interior design firms!

luxury Interior design by XBD Collective
Interior by XBD Collective


Charu Gandhi

charu gandhi elicyon top london interior designers

Founded by Charu Gandhi, Elicyon is a luxury design studio based in Kensington, London that offers Interior Design, Interior Architecture but also Project Management services. Their goal is to create unique and exclusive environments. Each tailored to the individual requirements of their clients, crafted with precision and care, in some of the most desirable, prominent locations not only in the UK but also internationally.

Interior by Elycion (Photo by Patrick Williamson)
Interior by Elycion (Photo by Patrick Williamson)


Oz Sevinc

Oz Sevinc os designs top london interior designers

OS Designs and Partners prides itself on its international portfolio that includes large-scale architectural design, interior design, and renovation for—among many others—listed buildings in central London and commercial and residential projects across the United Kingdom and Europe, as well as many significant projects in the Middle East. The studio also specializes in private jet and superyacht design. Further, the firms’ ongoing success can be most recently seen within the exciting and innovative world of aviation and yacht design whereby the studio’s exterior and interior designs are revitalizing the marketplace.

Villa residence interior by OS Designs featuring KOKET's Reptilia Sofa
Villa residence interior by OS Designs featuring KOKET’s Reptilia Sofa


Sarah Ward and Rosie Ward

ward & co designers sarah and rosie

Mother and daughter duo behind Ward & Co Interiors, Sarah Ward and Rosie Ward create refined interiors for a discerning clientele. They spend precious time getting to know their clients before embarking on a project, so as to be able to create mindful interiors with personal meaning.

luxury living room traditional Interior by Ward & Co. (Photo by Jon Bond)
Interior by Ward & Co. (Photo by Jon Bond)


Laura Hammett

laura hammett top london interior designers

Founded in 2008, Laura Hammett is an award-winning interior design studio that not only strikes to create timeless as well as though out designs but also luxury lifestyle in general. The company provides so much more than design, it also is big on uniqueness and project management.

luxury foyer Interior design by Laura Hammett cream and gold
Interior by Laura Hammett


Sonia Pash & Pawel Sipta

sonia pash and pawel sipta temza top london interior designers

Sonia and Pawel founded TEMZA – Interior Design and Build Company in 2012, bringing their passion for property and diverse expertise together. The main goal is to help their clients make the best possible use of their space and maximize its potential and value. In short, from homes to investment properties and offices to hospitality projects, TEMZA delivers spaces that are beautiful and functional.

Lakemore Partners interior design by TEMZA
Lakemore Partners interior design by TEMZA


Laura Marino

studio l interior design laura marino

Studio L draws upon founder Laura Marino’s extensive experience as an entrepreneur; a co-founder and Creative Director for a design-led, multi-award-winning development management company for 20 years. During this period, she built broad experience within the interior design, architecture as well as property development industries. Laura’s desire to help transform buildings and spaces was so strong that once she began designing, there was no stopping her. Today, as a result of love for design, her work has become her life.


Tiffany Duggan

tiffany duggan director studio duggan top london interior designers

Studio Duggan is a leading design studio creating distinctive and well-considered interiors for high-end residential and boutique commercial projects. Tiffany Duggan leads a passionate and creative design team. With an emphasis on form, colour, texture, scale as well as an expertly curated mix of old and new, projects are approached holistically and underpinned with a total respect for the client’s brief.

Interior by Studio Duggan


Dara Huang

Dara Huang dh liberty

DH Liberty is a top interior design label, that has done big residential towers for the likes of KnightDragon (owned by New World) in London as well as 1.5m sq ft towers in China. Due to their work alongside funds for urban squares and mixed-use developments in the UK and partner local design institutes in Asia, DH has created a vast portfolio of amazing projects. Meet Dara Huang in The Lh Design Questionnaire!

luxury master bedroom Interior by DH Liberty
Interior by DH Liberty


Hamish Brown, Partner

hamish brown partner interior architect 1508 london

1508 London is an interior and architecture design studio that creates exceptional spaces worldwide. The designs they produce are not formulaic or style-driven unlike most, instead, derived from measured principles, inspired by history, geography, and the architectural vernacular, creating designs of incomparable value. Having been involved since 1508 London’s inception in 2010, Hamish has been pivotal to the growth of the company, helping 1508 London become one the world’s most revered architecture and interior design studios.

Interior by 1508 LONDON dining room kitchen
Interior by 1508 LONDON


Laura Passey

laura passey interiors

A dynamic, boutique interior design practice, Laura Passey Interiors offers a warm approach and professional rigour. From the studio established in 2016, Laura creates highly personal interiors, resulting in a luxuriant sense of romance, tempered with a crisp, modern edge. Each is meticulously planned as well as carefully executed to enhance every aspect of life at home.

Interior by Laura Passey
Interior by Laura Passey


Karen Howes

karen howes taylor howes top interior designers london

Established in 1993 by Karen Howes, Taylor Howes studio has created remarkable projects, bringing a breath of new air and a brighter look to interior design in London and the World! Moreover, Taylor Howes has been awarded great design honors. To sum up, luxury is key and design is a lifestyle for Karen and her team. Due to Karen’s motto (Be passionate, Be honest, Be kind), the team and the designs have always in mind the client’s personality and uniqueness.

Interior by Taylor Howes
Interior by Taylor Howes


Celia Sawyer

celia sawyer top interior designers london

Founded 20 years ago, Celia Sawyer Interior Architecture and Design, has been discreetly providing both private and commercial clients with bespoke, groundbreaking luxury interiors, turning dreams into practical day-to-day reality. Celia’s ethos is clear, distinct, and straightforward—”to interpret our partners’ ideas, ambitions, and requirements with flair, passion, innovation, and excitement, executing and delivering projects with diligent attention to detail and timely professional execution.” Indeed, their track record of satisfied clients from across the spectrum of homes, commercial, sea, and air represent their testament of quality, delivery, and surety.

luxury Interior by Celia Sawyer
Interior by Celia Sawyer


Anna Burles & Christopher Trotman

Run for the Hills Anna Burles Chris Trotman

Run For The Hills was founded with the creative coming together of the established studio practices of interior designer Anna Burles and Graphic Designer Christopher Trotman. Forming a multidisciplinary design house, specializing not only in interiors but also in branding for professional and private clients. Including the hospitality sector, high-profile individuals, property developers, hospitality investors, and restaurant and bar operators.

run for the hills luxury dining room farm house
Interior by Run for the Hills


Fiona Barratt

fiona barratt interiors

Based in London’s Pimlico design district, Fiona Barratt Interiors is an award-winning multidisciplinary interior architecture and interior design studio. Since their very first commission in 2006—a 12,000 sqft ski chalet in Verbier, Switzerland, for Richard Branson—their international perspective has been awarded with ambitious projects in the UK, Mallorca, Hong Kong, Moscow to Beirut. Textural experimentation, natural materials such as wood, metal, and stone, and the importance of craftsmanship are just a few of the studio’s signatures. Further, Fiona Barratt Interiors has become best known for transforming historic residences with modern timelessness. Fiona also owns a beautiful furniture brand called FBC London with showrooms in Pimlico and New York that incorporated her style and unique attention to details.

Interior by Fiona Barratt
Interior by Fiona Barratt


Natalia Miyar

natalia miyar top london interior designers

Founder of her eponymous atelier, Natalia Miyar is an architect and interior designer. Her residential and hospitality work is internationally resonant, spatially intelligent, and intricately crafted. Natalia’s formal discipline as an architect is responsible for her deep love and respect for the power of materiality and proportion—an affinity that led her naturally into the design of interiors. Moreover, her academic understanding of space, and how to optimize it, is the complementary grounding to her honed creative instinct.

Villa In Ibiza designed by Natalia Miyar Atelier
Villa In Ibiza designed by Natalia Miyar Atelier


Simon Rawlings, Creative Director

simon rawlings creative director david collins studio

Founded in 1985 by David Collins, today Simon Rawlings serves as the Creative Director of the renowned Studio. An award-winning provider of interior architecture, design, and products, David Collins Studio works with brands that represent the best in their field. In addition to private clients that share its obsession with detail, craft, and refinement. In short, the firm has an elite international project list! And most recently, headed by Simon, the Studio designed the public areas, restaurant, and bar at the newly opened Nobu Hotel Portman Square, and ‘The Suites by David Beckham’ within The Londoner Hotel, Macao.

Nobu Hotel Portman square design by by David Collins
Nobu Hotel Portman Square design by David Collins


Winch Design Senior Leadership Team: Paulina Gallant, Jim Dixon, Sarah Pratt, Simon Tomlinson, Aino-Leena Grapin, Igancio Oliva-Velez, Selina McCabe, Lisa Stratton & Andrew Winch (Not Pictured, Kristen Hill)

winch design senior team

Studio Winch brings a new view into the world of Winch Design, with a focus on interior design, decorating, and styling for both residential and commercial spaces. The team embraces art, culture, and both contemporary and heritage references to curate spaces with personality.

European Lake House designed by Studio Winch
European Lake House designed by Studio Winch


Olga & Anatoly Alexeeva

black & milk founders olga and anatoly Alexeeva

Established in 2013, Black & Milk is led by Olga and Anatoly, Russian nationals based in London with a passion for presenting a fresh take on interior design. Olga has is a contemporary interior designer with lots of experience with clients in London’s most prestigious neighborhoods. While Anatoly brings structure to the interior design process. He has a background in management consultancy and project management. Thus he works closely with the design teams and clients to ensure the smooth, full-cycle delivery of projects.

Interior by Black & Milk


Kelly Hoppen

kelly hoppen

Multi-award-winning designer Kelly Hoppen CBE is one of the most sought-after designers of her generation. Kelly’s ever-evolving style, defined by a subtle fusion of clean lines and neutral tones and intuitively balanced with an opulent warmth, has been honored with numerous prestigious awards.

Interior by Kelly Hoppen (Photo by Mel Yates)
Interior by Kelly Hoppen (Photo by Mel Yates)


Shalini Misra

shalini misra

An interior design and architecture studio, Shalini Misra Ltd has a beautifully diverse portfolio of international projects and loyal clientele. Its technical and creative range incorporates prime residential homes and developments, high-end offices, boutique hotels, restaurants, and exhibition spaces. For Shalini, ensuring that no project is ever the same is key in interior designing.

Farm House in India designed by Shalini Misra


Jo Littlefair & Martin Goddard

Jo Littlefair & Martin Goddard

Founded in 2012, Goddard Littlefair is a forward-thinking, luxury interior design practice based in London and Portugal. Led by Jo Littlefair & Martin Goddard, the firm is a personable, professional, and creative company that celebrates diversity and individuality. Working internationally to deliver client aspirations using their wealth of knowledge and sophisticated sense of style, Goddard Littlefair is never still in their pursuit of new inspirations to weave into the stories of their designs.

Goddard Littlefair Belvedere Gardens Penthouse Kitchen
Belvedere Gardens Penthouse at Southbank Place designed by Goddard Littlefair


Nick Stuttard & Steve Howat

Nick Stuttard and Steve Howat

The company was founded in 2005 by Nick Stuttard and Steve Howat, former colleagues at one of London’s leading luxury residential developers. Combining an unrelenting commitment to quality with investment in highly skilled people, they have quickly gained a reputation as true specialists in the refurbishment of London’s finest residences. Specializing in refurbishment of residential properties located in prime central London, London Projects has a portfolio of well over 200 projects in premier locations.

Chapel Street house by London Projects
Chapel Street house by London Projects


Mike Fisher

mike fisher studio indigo

Since its founding in 2005, Studio Indigo has garnered a reputation for creating homes across the globe of expressive luxury and yet distinct character. Concepts Mike Fisher and his team pair via a multidisciplinary approach encompassing interior design, architecture, yacht design, and estate management. A creative cross-pollination across architecture and interior design ensure cohesive spaces are accomplished with the highest level of detail that is personal to each client.

Decadence Bookcase by KOKET in a drawing room design by Studio Indigo (Photo by Julian Abrams)
Interior by Studio Indigo featuring KOKET’s Decadence Bookcases (Photo by Julian Abrams)

So, there you have it! We hope you enjoyed our list of some of the most inventive and talented top interior design and architecture firms in London!

Words by Mariana Silva
Feature Image: Nobu Hotel Portman Square, London by David Collins Studio

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