Fall In Love With Manolo Blahnik’s Golden Anniversary Collection

Manolo Blahnik celebrates five decades of creation with an absolutely stunning and enchanting new collection. The luxury footwear brand has launched this extravagant collection made in gold, recreating some of the classics from history that will never be forgotten while inserting a touch of modernization. Each shoe of the Manolo Blahnik 50-Year Collection is presented in an exclusive and limited edition packaging.

In fitting with the traditional 50-year “golden anniversary” theme, the color used throughout the collection is gold, adding sophistication and refinement to the pieces. The golden anniversary is enveloped in elegance, which can be seen throughout the collection. From colors to textures, all styles stand out for their unique characteristics, full of glamour!

‘Manolo’: The Golden Anniversary Collection by Manolo Blahnik

The Story of the Brilliant and Creative Brand

The history of this brilliant brand began in 1971, in London. In fact, it didn’t take Manolo Blahnik long to become one of the most famous luxury shoe designers. Currently, there are physical stores in the largest cities in the world, such as New York and Tokyo. Part of the fame of this brand is due to Sarah Jessica Parker, who became a fashion icon with her looks, particularly in the series Sex and The City, which made everyone talk about, and want, their own paid of Manolos! The iconic cobalt blue Hangisi 105 Embellished Satin Pumps she wore of course made an appearance in the debut episode of the SATC reboot, And Just Like That.

The 50-Year Gold Collection

“I have always approached color in a bold way, from all angles and variations”, are the words that introduce the Manolo Blahnik 50-year Collection.

Each pair of shoes in this golden anniversary collection pays tribute to the brand’s values, even if a touch of innovation is added. The gold finish found on the sole of these shoes makes them even more fabulous. If we had to define this collection in three words it would be: extravagant, glittering and powerful, because all models convey this through their design.

The Flequillohi Boots are made up of feminine fringes. You can find golden satin (obviously) too and the three layers of fringes create movement no one can resist!

manolo blahnik 50-Year Gold Collection
FLEQUILLOHI Boots (Photo via @manoloblahnik)

The Maysale Crystal model features a sparkling crystal clasp with unique gold buckles. The solid crystals provide a ton of sophistication and a new shine.

We are particularly in love with the bell detail present in some of the models. In fact, this fascinating accessory is inspired by the designer’s memories of his mother, recalling a bracelet she loved. In this way, the designer, considered by many people as one of the most notable in the footwear sector, wanted to add a sensory experience to the shoes, step by step.

50-Year Gold Collection Shoes
CAMPANILLAFLAT (Photo via @manoloblahnik)
manolo blahnik 50-Year Gold Collection Shoes bells
RAYUELA (Photo via @manoloblahnik)

Celebrating With an Afternoon Tea

On the actual date of the 50th-anniversary, there was an afternoon tea in the incredible restaurant at the Carlyle Hotel. The entire party took place in an atmosphere of familiarity and comfort, transmitted through the beautiful space. The environment resembled a cozy home, where we received our friends. In this case, the very best friends of the brand.

The Manolo Blahnik Archives

In addition to the collection, the brand also celebrated its iconic 50-year history with a dynamic digital archive. This is an online exhibition that combines several images of the greatest successes of the memorable designer (and not only), entitled “ A New Way of Walking“. A must for shoe art lovers!

A New Way of Walking (Photo via @manoloblahnik)
A New Way of Walking (Photo via @manoloblahnik)

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Words by Sílvia Oliveira
Feature Image: Courtesy of Manolo Blahnik

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