Inspired by Human·Kind at Design Miami

Miami Design Week returned this month with the 2021 edition of Design Miami/ alongside Art Basel Miami Beach bringing art and design to the city. And while not to the level of pre-pandemic vibrancy, creativity definitely came to Miami.


The theme for this year’s Design Miami/ was “Human•Kind through the lens of design”. Posing the questions—what does it mean to be human in this world? And how can we become better stewards of nature and each other?

The world is a network of beings entangled with other beings. We are all interconnected and equality and inclusivity are essential. As such, Curatorial Director Wava Carpenter curated Human·Kind to spotlight design-led visions for a more equitable and interconnected future, one that is inclusive of BIPOC and LGBTQ communities, women, developing nations, displaced populations, disabled bodies, and life forms great and small.

Tomorrow Land

Outside the event center (seen above) and throughout the Miami Design District visitors to the fair encountered ‘Tomorrow Land’, a playfully designed series of sculptures, seating, and ornamentation. Created by Studio Proba in her signature style and paired with an interactive virtual game by Enjoy the Weather, the installation added a fun inviting vibe to Miami Design Week.

Read on for some of the things we loved most from Design Miami/! And discover how you can Shop the fair!

Inspired at Design Miami


carpenters workshop gallery design miami 2021
carpenters workshop gallery design miami 2021
Carpenters Workshop Gallery Design Miami/ 2021 (Photos via Carpenter’s Workshop Gallery)

At this year’s fair Carpenters Workshop Gallery presented a collection of sculptural highlights from the gallery’s year of exhibitions, alongside a selection of artworks exhibited for the first time. Featuring designs by creatives such as Nacho Carbonell, Aldo Bakker, Vincenzo De Cotiis, Roger Herman, Rick Owens, Atelier van Lieshout, Frederik Molenschot, and Vincenzo De Cotiis, the exhibition radiated craftsmanship and innovation.​


r and company design miami 2021
R & Company at Design Miami 2021 (Photo by James Harris Photography / Courtesy of Design Miami/)

This year, R & Company presented masterworks by historical and contemporary designers Wendell Castle, Studio Job, Joaquim Tenreiro, and Jeff Zimmerman.⁠ In addition, Rogan Gregory created an immersive environment (above), exhibited alongside major works by Richard Marquis, Marilyn Pappas, and Katie Stout.⁠

In addition to presenting beautiful organic designs, R & Company also came to show with a couple of NFTs including below, Liberty by Job Smeets.

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objective gallery design miami 2021 photo james harris photography
Objective Gallery at Design Miami/ 2021 (Photo by James Harris Photography) / Courtesy of Design Miami/)

While its primary showroom is in Shanghai, Objective Gallery will soon be opening a location in New York. Renown for unifying artists and designers to create functional yet elegant furniture, lighting, art, and lifestyle objects. At this year’s fair, Eny Lee Parker created the column lighting structure, ‘Twist Column’, a stunning room jewel!


todd merrill studio design miami 2021

From Miami-based ceramist Lauren Shapiro’s debut with the gallery to a new collection of quartz-mica and marquetry furniture by French artist Jean-Luc Le Mounier, Todd Merrill Studio showcased unique works of collectible design from 10 international artists. Other highlights included abstract mixed-media paintings and furniture from Stefan Rurak. And stack laminated and bentwood furniture by Irish designer Enda Scott.

Todd Merrill Studio at Design Miami/ 2021 (Photo by James Harris Photography / Courtesy of Design Miami/)
Todd Merrill Studio at Design Miami/ 2021 (Photos by James Harris Photography / Courtesy of Design Miami/)

Further, one of the most ambitious works of decorative arts today, a unique ping pong table titled “Spin Love” by Lionel Jadot stopped traffic. A collaborative creation of mixed-media and a multi-functional object, in addition to ping pong, “Spin Love” can be divided with each tabletop elevated to serve as a double-sided room divider or screen, with a matching pair of standing floor lamps.


ruemmeler curio design miami 2021 photo by james harris
Ruemmeler presents new designs & one-off pieces at Design Miami/ 2021 (Photo by James Harris Photography)

Los Angeles-based (and made!), RUEMMLER presented its new collection and one-off pieces at Design Miami/. Inspired by French and Scandinavian ’30s and 40’s design, RUEMMLER offers contemporary furniture and lighting defined by clean lines, soft curves, and the expression of raw material typical of that design era.


Verdi Curio at Design Miami/ 2021
Verdi Curio at Design Miami/ 2021 (Photo by James Harris Photography)

Columbian textile studio VERDI shared La Macorina, a limited edition art meets hammock design, during the fair. With more than 4,000 handmade knots in Amazonian fiber and a feathered exterior, this pendulum-type sculpture by the brand’s Creative Director Tomás Vera in 2018 subtly transforms into a hammock just as Colombia’s enthralling peacock transforms when it opens its feathers.


bohoinc furniture home decor
Bohinc Studio at Design Miami/ (Photo by James Harris Photography)

In the curio of Bohinc Gallery appeared five functional works of art sculpted to reflect their namesakes; Profiterole Table, Kipferl Desk, Patisserie Table, Afternoon Chair, and the Kissing Armchair. Alongside the new pieces, Bohinc’s Moonrise wall lights for Roll and Hill and South Pole wall hanging from collaboration with Kasthall decorated the walls.

twenty first gallery curio at design miami/ 2021
Twenty First Gallery at Design Miami/ (Photo by James Harris Photography)

Flora Contemporaria by Marcin Rusak. In tune with its expertise in contemporary decorative arts, the New York-based gallery presented an exclusive collection of four cabinets by Rusak, each featuring signature materials and techniques. With their color palette ranging from black, through bronze, and ochre to white and finally completely translucent, the pieces serve as a record of the studio’s current investigations.


tom dixon design miami/ 2021 photo james harris photography
Tom Dixon at Design Miami/ (Photo by James Harris Photography)

The limited-edition MASS 4-poster brass bed adorned with Kvadrat textiles Vidar fabric, originally designed by Fanny Aronsen and recolored by Raf Simons,⁠ starred in Tom Dixon’s LIMITED presentation at Design Miami/. The curio also included ⁠new additions to the made-to-measure MASS collection, a family of super polished solid brass objects, handmade in the UK. Made from solid brass extrusions which can be used in a multitude of configurations.⁠


the future perfect design miami/ 2021 curio

Always forward-looking, The Future Project showcased the expansive possibilities of collectible design in the 21st century. From Chris Wolston’s whimsical woven chairs (above left) and curio’s Calico Wallpaper walls to Bradley Bowers Halo series (below left – awarded Best Contemporary Work in Show Design Miami/ 2021) and John T Hogan’s gorgeous colorful glass creations (below right).


savannah college of art and design scad at design miami 2021
Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) at Design Miami/ 2021 (Photo by James Harris Photography)

A celebration of design innovation, contemporary art, and creative education, artists from SCAD at Miami presented an immersive design during the fair. The university’s exhibition featured works by Scott Carter (B.F.A., painting, 2008), Jose Gallo (B.F.A., sculpture, 2015; B.F.A., photography, 2015), Patrick Kuhnmuench (M.F.A. motion media design), and Archana Menon (M.F.A. furniture design), whose distinct practices engage overlapping disciplines including art, architecture, design, and music.


pelle lighting photo eric petschek
Pelle Lighting at Design Miami/ (Photo by Eric Petschek)

New York-based lighting and furniture design studio PELLE, created by Jean and Oliver Pelle, shared its new ‘Infinite Lure’ collection during the event. The collection features two distinct lighting experiences. First with a hand-cast hand-painted cotton six-fond chandelier and a majestic work of floral art with lights, a vanity mirror, and tray tables. Then in stark contrast to the organic forms, a floor lamp and wall light offer a new kind of lighting based on precision and massing.


james de wulf tables marble
James de Wulf at Design Miami/ (Photo by James Harris Photography)

Los Angeles-based artist James De Wulf is known for his avant-garde concrete couture! At Design Miami/ 2021 the artist showcased cutting-edge table designs as part of his Exo Series.


dior medallion chair exhibition art basel miami 2021
(Photo via @designmiami)

On the occasion of Design Miami/ and Art Basel, legendary fashion house Dior brought the US debut of its Medallion Chair Exhibition featuring reinterpretations of the chair—an emblem of Louis XVI style, which Christian Dior first selected as the seating for his fashion shows upon founding the house of Dior—by 17 outstanding designers from around the globe. Featured designers include the likes of Sam Baron, Nacho Carbonell, Pierre Charpin, Khaled El-Mays, Martino Gamper, Constance Guisset, India Mahdavi, nendo, Linde Freya Tangelder, Atang Tshikare, Tokujin Yoshioka, Pierre Yovanovitch, and others.⁠


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Feature Image: Outside at Design Miami/ 2021 (Photo by James Harris Photography)

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