It Bags to Desire

Bags are a key part of any look, they have the power to give new power to an outfit, but they are also a way to feel more confident. It is not by chance that there is a great passion for this accessory.

These particular It Bags listed below are iconic and desired by all women who are into fashion. They have a history associated with them and the name of the piece is usually associated with a remarkable person. It Bags are always timeless, some are more than forty years old, but they will always remain current and recognized.

Read on and be inspired by the story and fun facts about 10 of our most favorite iconic It Bags!

10 of The Most Iconic It Bags Ever

The Fendi Baguette

It is considered by some fashion lovers as the first It bag.

The success of this accessory is partly due to Carrie Bradshaw’s character, played by actress Sarah Jessica Parker, in one of the most famous TV series ever: Sex and The City, and currently in the new edition, And Just Like That. Very quickly, all the women who watch the series wanted to recreate the character’s looks. The Baguette became a representation of luxury. There is a memorable scene during the series, in which Carrie said of the iconic purse, “This is not a bag, it’s a baguette”.

In fact, it’s impossible for this creation of Fendi to go unnoticed. It’s that key piece that completes any look, without much effort. In SATC Carrie donned a purple sequin Baguette, however, the bag comes in 1000s of colors and patterns making it a true fashion icon.

Fendi Baguette It Bag
Sarah Jessica Parker wearing The Fendi Baguette (Photo via @justlikethatmax)

Lady Dior

For us, this bag is love at first sight and it seems it was also for the wonderful Princess Diana. The Princess of Wales started to be seen and photographed at various events using this bag. It has come out in several versions over time. And it currently also has several sizes.

But, you have to go back to the ’90s to know the history of this stunning accessory. It all started when Bernadette Chirac, wife of French President Jacques Chirac, called Dior with a special and personalized request. She wanted to offer a suitcase that was completely unique to Princess Diana.

So this It bag was renamed “Lady Dior” in honor of this fashion icon, who will always be remembered, among other things, for dressing impeccably well. In this way, Diana will always be a fashion icon. It will always be a symbol of elegance and refinement. We are sure that the Lady Dior is fit for royalty.

Medium Lady Dior Bag (Photo via
Medium Lady Dior Bag (Photo via

The Birkin, Hermès

As in the previous case, this stunning accessory also has a person known at the origin of the creation of the bag. This time it’s actress Jane Birkin. She wanted a practical bag, which had several compartments and facilitated storage and organization because the actress liked to keep many things in her purse. The objective was to create a way to combine organization with elegance and beauty.

Birkin is the result of meticulous and handcrafted work, which is why it is also distinguished from others. The high value is related to the fact that it takes weeks to complete. In fact, not just anyone can buy this, as there are long waiting lists to obtain the product, which go beyond two years.

Other sizes of the It bag and other types of materials were added, namely leather and, of course, other colors that were not so traditional for all tastes.

Birkin Bag (Photo via @hermes)

2.55, Chanel

Another well-recognized It Bag by all and therefore needs no introduction.

In the ’50s this bag was a real innovation for including long straps, which until that moment had rarely happened. So Coco Chanel left out the typical handbags and created something different. Its name dates back to the year of its launch, 1955.

Later, there was an adaptation that was also iconic, called “11.12”. These are different models, but with some similarities. So the classic touch that was at its origin has never been lost. In addition, they are two models that never go out of fashion, so they are always present in the brand’s collections, with different colors.

Chanel It Bag
The 11.12 Bag (Photo via @chanelofficial)

Classic City, Balenciaga

There is a curious fact behind the story of Classic City. Actually, initially, the design did not please its creators, because it had no structure, at a time when all bags were rigid.

However, the designer did not give up on the model, which enchanted several models such as Kate Moss. All success starts at that moment! The creative director made an effort to produce only twenty-five bags for some models and other famous people connected to the fashion world. In fact, this was a good strategy, because the accessory started to be in the hands of the right people and became a trend and reached the notoriety it has until today. Circling among the right people, the item quickly became an absolute desire.

classic city Balenciaga small iconic bags
Classic Small City by Balenciaga (Photo Courtesy of Balenciaga)

Speedy, Louis Vuitton

Created in 1965, the Speedy quickly became a classic in the history of fashion, winning the hearts of those who wear them. This bag was a request by Hollywood actress Andrey Hepburn and a kind of adaptation of a suitcase, but for everyday use.

At first, it was developed with the famous and distinguished brand logos and now it has several versions. Louis Vuitton took advantage of the great success of the suitcase to create limited editions that aroused, even more, the desire to have one.

LV It Bag speedy bandouliere
Onthego and Speedy Bandoulière (Photo via @louisvuitton)

Luggage, Céline

This one is a milestone in Céline’s history, as it came after a difficult period for the company, which led to a restructuring of the company.

The truth is that this suitcase was not immediately accepted by people. However, everything changed after a while, when the Olsen twins started to appear with this accessory. After that, Luggage started to sell out in all the stores and there were even queues to buy them.

Mini Luggage Handbag by Céline
Mini Luggage Handbag by Céline (Photo Courtesy of Céline)

Cassette, Bottega Veneta

This is one of the most modern and also the newest It bags! Since 2019, it has conquered fashion lovers and appeared all over Instagram, many looks have been seen with Cassette, from models and actresses to influencers.

Its name is related to its rectangular shape. Later, this case had other adaptations, but without losing the essential features that make it unique, resulting in Padded Casette.

Casette bottega veneta It Bag
Casette Bottega Veneta (Photo Courtesy of Bottega Veneta)

Gucci Jackie 1961

Everyone who follows fashion closely knows this handbag. But where did it gets its name? It is said that the name came from the famous Jackie Kennedy, who was photographed with her bag, giving a lot to talk about. Previously, she had another name, but no one will ever recognize her by that name.

New bag designs and innovations have always been appearing, but very recently the bag has become even more elegant and graceful.

Gucci It Bag
Gucci Jackie 1961 (Photo via @gucci)

The Diana, Gucci

Another bag inspired by Diana, the fashion icon. Elegance is the word that defines Princess Diana.

The strap made of a material different from what was seen at the time is the unique and distinctive feature of this accessory, as it is made of bamboo. Gucci has always bet on this material and it seems that everyone is a fan! And if Diana wore it, this means it’s the right bet for your look, without a doubt!

Gucci Diana Bag (Photo via @gucci)

Words by Sílvia Oliveira
Feature Image: Courtesy of Dior

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