Minos Beach Art Hotel Is All That Romantic Honeymoon Dreams Are Made Of

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If you happen to be planning a honeymoon or a special romantic getaway with your significant other, Minos Beach Art Hotel in Greece is a destination of choice. Uniquely catering to newlyweds and the celebration of their milestone, Minos Beach Art Hotel is the place to go for precious, sunshine-filled Mediterranean memories to hold on to for a lifetime.

Minos Beach Art Hotel is all that romantic holiday dreams are made of. From the moment guests arrive at this eastern Crete Mirabello Bay destination to settling into rooms and getting familiar with the breathtaking surroundings, everything at this naturally luxurious establishment whispers privacy and relaxation.

Cretan Luxury at Minos

Complemented by neutral-toned décor, bespoke furnishings, and traditional architectural design Minos Beach Art Hotel embodies luxury but with the authenticity of Cretan culture. The only things guests need to focus on are remembering to put on sunscreen and which cocktail to have next. Indeed, Minos Beach Art Hotel is the epitome of Greek elegance. Offering guests a unique waterfront holiday experience blended with nature—ideal for those seeking the utmost of privacy, relaxation, and tranquility.

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Art at Minos

What distinguishes Minos Beach Art Hotel from other high-end hotels is its connection to art and culture. The hotel’s Open Air Art Museum features more than 50 contemporary installations commissioned from local and international artists of note. Each piece of art is moving and adds its unique value to the already stunning architecture of the hotel.

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Rooms for Every Style

With 126 room types spanning suites, bungalows, and villas with private pools, visitors can select the option that best meets their needs. Those preferring to have a private pool for uninterrupted fun in the sun are advised to book a villa. While those wanting a sea-facing terrace with steps leading into the sea should reserve a waterfront bungalow. Further, all room types are air-conditioned, and bathrooms feature rainfall showerhead/tub combinations. One thing is certain though, regardless of which room you choose, your stay at this unique hotel will be unforgettable.

All Kinds of Things to Do

At Minos Beach Art Hotel, privacy is the order of the day. Guests have access to two private beaches and a nearby bar. In addition, there is a pool with dedicated sun loungers and cabanas. Finally, if you are in need of some greenery, there is the option to stroll through the perfectly manicured gardens.

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For other entertainment options, various sports and water activities are also available. In addition, the hotel is located just half a mile from the center of the history-rich Agios Nikolaos. An area popular for its many tavernas and restaurants. The Archaeological Museum of Agios Nikolaos opened in 1969 and is one of the most significant in Crete—a must-see for visitors with an interest in history.

Dining & Bar Options to Delight!

The reality, however, is that when staying at Minos Beach Art Hotel, you never have to leave the property, not least for dining purposes. There are five restaurants and three bars on the estate, allowing guests to dine conveniently.

For gourmet cuisine, the open-air La Bouillabaisse’s Mediterranean à la carte menu will appeal. While Bacchus (the hotel’s main restaurant) and Terpis (the hotel’s Cretan eater) offer buffet selections for those that prefer variety.

In 2021, Luxury Lifestyle Awards selected Minos Beach Art Hotel as a winner in the category of Best Luxury Honeymoon Hotel in Greece. The five-star establishment is a member of the bluegr Hotels & Resorts (a private, family-owned Greek hotel and tourism company) and Design Hotels. For more information, visit minosbeach.com.

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