7 Ideas For Living Room Sofas That’ll Make You Never Want To Leave Your House

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Your living room is an important space in your house. Often a place filled with activities and memories. It can be a receiving space to entertain your guests. A hangout spot for you and your family. Or just an area where you can lounge and melt the stress of the day away. And to do all of these things, you need the perfect living room sofas that are stylish, functional, and ultra-comfortable.

Choosing the right living room sofas can be an exciting errand. Not only do you get to choose the ideal sofa that can best cater to your needs and preferences, but you’ll also be choosing a significant piece that takes the center stage in your living room design.

As you can imagine the variety of living room sofas available to choose from is close to endless. There is a myriad of choices, with each serving different functions and offering design aesthetics for every type of homeowner. You can check out some designer furniture at RJ Living to give you an idea of the choices available in the market today.

That said, here are some ideas for living room sofas to help you narrow down your options.

1. Sectional Sofas

Sectional sofas are flexible with regards to styling and can certainly spruce up your living room. These types of living room sofas paired with large soft pillows and elegant fleece throw blankets can make cold nights seem warmer and cozier.

You may turn on the fireplace and fix a mug or two of hot cocoa to complete the atmosphere. There’s no leaving this room if that’s the case.

2. Recliner Sofa

The first mass-produced recliners were originally single-seaters, but now they come in multiple seats that can make lounging and binge-watching more fun with your family.

These types of living room sofas allow you to relax and finish off a TV series you’ve been hooked on while having your back reclined comfortably and with your feet up.

3. Down-filled Sofa

If you want the softest living room sofas in your home, you can consider choosing one that is filled with down feathers. These sofas can be ideal when relaxing or lounging because of their sumptuous feel on the user’s body.

However, while they promise ultimate softness and comfort, it’d be good to note that these sofas can be more expensive because of the nature of their material. Down feathers are taken from the underbellies of geese and are hidden under the tougher exterior feathers.

Additionally, you should consider the maintenance of this plush sofa too. It may need to be re-fluffed from time to time, to maintain its quality and softness.

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4. Lawson-style Sofa

Lawson-style refers to sofas that have pillows and cushions that can be separated from the body and its frame. In simpler terms, its cushions can be moved around, taken off, placed on the floor, or stacked together.

The flexibility of this living room sofa allows for a casual setup with family or friends, wherein you can sit on the floor using the removable cushions while playing board games or watching a movie.

5. Pull-out Sofa Bed

This living room sofa camouflages as a normal sofa but can transform into a bed with a few twists and turns. This type of sofa is favorable for long nights with conversations with your friends or your partner, or a movie night that turned into a movie marathon night with your family.

6. Chaise Lounge

Chaise, when translated from French, means a long chair. In simpler words, it’s a chair that has a longer body to support the legs.

Despite its odd shape, a chaise lounge doesn’t just look glamorous and elegant because it’s a versatile and comfortable option for a living room sofa as well. Chaise lounges upholstered in soft but durable fabric or even leather can provide a cozy, reclining position for its users. Additionally, it adds more comfort if paired with fluffy throw pillows and soft, colorful Afghans.

7. Leather Sofas

Not all leathers are the same. In choosing a leather living room sofa, choose one that’s made with cowhide and not synthetic.

Synthetic leather looks like real leather but doesn’t feel like it. Although faux leather has many advantages like its durability and resistance to scrapes and scratches, it doesn’t have the rich luxurious texture of cowhide leather. It doesn’t stretch, breathe and age as real leather material does. The cowhide has a buttery feel and is not prone to cracking. It has better insulation too, which makes it cozy and warm during the cold season.


As a prominent feature, living room sofas easily become the center of attention of your living space. Aside from its design and style, the comfort it brings can make a significant difference too.

That said, it’s best that you consider and think about what you want in your living space when choosing a sofa. That way, you can curate your furniture selection to your lifestyle and the activities your family can do in your living room.

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