le19M: Explore Chanel’s Creative Space

Le19M is Chanel’s new artistic creation space, inaugurated on December 7th, 2021. For the celebration, there was an enchanting parade that featured Chanel’s 2021/22 Métiers D’Art collection, that’s focus was to honor the work of the artisans. The goal of the Paris-based space is to preserve handicrafts and everything that is handmade, especially in luxury fashion. Read on and explore!

Discover Chanel’s New le19M Building

The Building Design

After 3 years of construction, the stunning 25K+ square meter space opened with eight “Maison” ateliers. Each specialty area brings together workers from different arts. Embroiderers and shoemakers are some of the artisans who will work in this space.

The design of the building is by architect Rudy Ricciotti. For this work of art in concrete, the architect was inspired by a set wrapped in a weaving of concrete threads inspired by a vertical textile weave, a signature Chanel look of course. This stunning exoskeleton is made up of 231 modules 24 meters high and acts as a solar mask, as it thickens depending on the sun’s orientation.

le19M Building Design
The Building (Photo via @passantdl)

Le19M aims to demonstrate and inspire the skills and know-how of artisans, in a free way. So, that everyone feels free to express their creativity. The workshops are distributed on five different levels within the same space. There is a place for their teams and for their customers, if necessary.

Another key element of the structure is its orientation around a garden. In this way, it is possible to enjoy the calm, serenity, and comfort of nature. Thus, people can work in a peaceful environment that is conducive to imagination.

The Story Behind the Name

You may wonder why Chanel chose the name le19M for their new compound. And of course, there is a story behind it. The number 19 has several meanings associated with it. 19 is the birthday of Coco Chanel and is also the neighborhood that houses the building, in Porte d’Aubervilliers. On the other hand, the letter M symbolizes “Metiers d’arts” and also “Main”. It is once again a consecration to artisans.

The Residents and The Preservation of Craft

Le19M is the residence of a community of around 600 artisans who, through their skills, help to reaffirm Paris as the center of luxury creation.

Each “Maison d’Art” stands out for their specialty in the area in which they work. We’ve highlighted some examples so you can be inspired by these brilliant works of art.


When it comes to the art of feather work, the creation of textiles, and embroidery flowers, Lemarié is the French house to note.

Lemarié fabric flowers le19M métiers d'art
Lemarié fabric flowers (Photo Courtesy of le19M)


Every piece of jewelry from Goossens is a demonstration of savoir-faire. Handcrafted, hammered, patinated, and embellished with delicately colored stones, each piece of the maison is unique and designed for the elegance of each woman who wears it.

goossens fine jewelry le19M Craft métiers d'art
Goossens fine jewelry (Photo Courtesy of le19M)

Maison Michel Paris

Maison Michel Paris has an artisanal know-how that differentiates itself in the creation of hats and decorative ornaments. All success is also due to the rigorous selection of materials to make your beautiful haute couture pieces.

Maison Michel Paris le19m maison chanel
Maison Michel Paris Hat (Photo Courtesy of le19M)

Massaro Paris

Massaro Paris has the know-how associated with the shoemaker. The artisans carry out the most diverse activities related to this area, such as cutters, block makers, seamstresses, making creations for the biggest luxury fashion houses in the world.

Massaro Paris Shoemaker le19M resident métiers d'art
Massaro Paris Shoemaker (Photo Courtesy of le19M)

The 2021 Metiers d’Art Show

The new space served as the setting for the presentation of Chanel’s 2021 Metiers d’Art show. In this show, unlike past editions of the annual event, there was no specific theme, but instead a demonstration of talent by the artisans.

Thus, the aesthetics presented were a little different from those previously seen. The style was much more metropolitan and, in a way, relaxed, but without losing the sophistication and detail that is inherent to Chanel. Among the trends noted in this show are low-waisted pants, which is a hot topic, as they are a piece that is either loved or hated, colorful embroidery, and casual coats.

le19M Métiers d'Art 2021/22
Métiers d’Art 2021/22 (Photo Courtesy of Chanel)

We look forward to seeing all the fabulous things that come in the future of le19M!

Words by Sílvia Oliveira
Feature Image: Courtesy of le19M

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