Biophilic Interior Design for Those Without a Green Thumb

biophilic interior design faux plants

When you think of biophilia, “humans’ innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life”, you may think of only living plants, however, this is not quite the case. In fact, the power of green can also be induced to certain levels with replica trees and plants. While the real deal offers up health benefits a fake can’t, for those of us who don’t have a green thumb or just need something requiring little care, getting your faux look on is a great way to up the power of biophilia in your interior design.

5 Ways to Get Biophilic Interior Design With Replica Greenery


One of the most common ways people incorporate nature in interiors is with potted plants either on the floor, set on a tabletop, or hanging. When it comes to biophilic interior design, this is one of the easiest routes to take.

Modern artificial plants are incredibly lifelike and bring great cheer and liveliness to the setting. And best of all for those without a green thumb, or time for care, the fact that faux plants are essentially maintenance-free makes them a great choice.

If you are looking for your plants to blend into the background, floor and table plants can work great. Plants can also make a grander impression, especially if you opt for a hanging look. We also love the endless options available for the planter to serve as part of the room’s overall vibe. No matter which style you go with they will take your space to the next level.

Empty wood table with artificial plant decoration on the wall of coffee shop ecology design interior. Fake tree from plastic plants ornamental design on the wall of green office.


Yes, that’s right, we said trees! If you have more room in your space consider artificial trees for a fabulous biophilic interior design statement. Whether you opt for a smaller topiary or a full-size bamboo tree, they can be incorporated architecturally in some very creative ways. Think about a glass-enclosed courtyard. Or perhaps a bonsai tree garden mediation room?

They can also look beautiful used outdoors in courtyard or terrace spaces. While you make think why not just put real trees if they are going to be outside, the beauty of a faux tree is of course it doesn’t need water or sunlight to thrive year after year. 

When looking for the perfect replica trees be sure to find a company that offers botanical accuracy. No one wants a cheap-looking fake tree!

Interior of Winter Garden building in New York City

Green Walls

Beyond planters, a great way to bring the outdoor feel indoors is with green walls. With so many design options available on the market today from a collection of small planters to a full-on growing wall, this is a great way to create a statement biophilic interior design. Add one to a wall in your living room for an artistic green vibe. Or behind your bar for a stunning focal point. If you want to add some color to your green wall consider one with flowers for a vibrant look!

Green wall materials usually come in square tiles or rolls. Further, many of the best green wall providers offer customization options as well and can help you design the perfect piece for your space. 

Words and logos can also be incorporated into green walls for an even further personalized look. Think of a favorite quote. Or if you are looking at green walls for your commercial space consider incorporating your brand’s logo.

biophilic Interior Design Modern elegant office with green wall

orchidea sculpture by koket brass wall light art


This is one you may not have thought of, but adding some artificial or preserved moss in your home is a fun way to harness the power of green. Preserved moss is vibrant and full of life, and beloved for its soft appearance and calming and comforting influence. There is something innately soothing and pleasant about an interior with moss blended into the design scheme.  

Moss can be purchased in panels and applied to anything from furniture to walls, floors, or even the ceiling. It also makes a wonderful material for creating biophilic works of art.

biophilic interior design Meditation Center Studio Interior Design Wood Moss Natural Calming Environment

Art Installations

If you want to get extra creative with your interior, consider a biophilic design art installation. Maybe freestanding in the center of your foyer? Or maybe it is a hanging work of art with lighting for a dual function? An expert in bespoke replica plants can help you create the biophilic art of your dreams.

biophilic interior design Fountains at Thomas Polk Park, in Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina.

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