Master Your Concealer Brush With Tips from the Pros


The concealer is the holy grail of makeup products. Its ability to cover up blemishes and dark under eyes after a long night makes it an essential item in your makeup arsenal. Concealer creates a flawless finish when used correctly, but all too often, it’s misused, denying it the chance to reach its full potential. The secret to a flawless finish is using a brush designed to apply concealer smoothly and evenly. Check out some of the top ways makeup artists use concealer brushes to take their looks to the next level. 

First, Why Use a Concealer Brush? 

While most of us wouldn’t think of applying eyeshadow or bronzer with our hands, we may have been tempted to apply concealer without a brush. 

Your pinky finger might work in a pinch, but for the best results, you’ll want to reach for a designated brush. Not only will the application be smoother and streak-free, but it will give you greater control over where the product goes, how you blend it, and how much coverage you want to build. 

Most importantly, not touching your face with your hands will help keep acne at bay. Our fingers are more likely to bring and spread bacteria on the face, which only makes blemishes more prominent. 

Makeup Artists’ Favorite Concealer Brush Techniques

You’ve likely already used a concealer brush. But to get the most out of it, you’ll want to use the proper techniques. Here are three ways you can use your concealer brush like a makeup artist. 

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Covering Blemishes

Who hasn’t tried covering a pimple with concealer before? We’ve all been there, and covering a blemish is tricky without making your face look flaky or cakey. 

To avoid that cake-like build-up, be sure to prep your face by gently exfoliating then hydrating with a rich cream and if needed, a color corrector. 

Next, using a concealer brush with soft, dense bristles, apply a concealer a shade lighter than your skin tone by patting it onto the blemish. 

Finally, finish your look by covering your face with a well-matched foundation, either powder or liquid. 

You can even use your concealer brush to dab on a little extra translucent powder to your pimple to shrink its appearance. 

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Hiding Dark Circles

If you apply concealer in the classic upside-down rainbow shape below your eyes, you might be doing more harm than good when it comes to dark eye circles. 

Instead, start by applying a face primer, foundation, and sunscreen. Saving the concealer application for last when it comes to dark circles will prevent creasing. It will also make it easier to blend the concealer in the next step. 

Draw an upside-down triangle with your concealer under each eye with the concealer brush, then dab and blend the lines. This trick will brighten up your entire face and avoid emphasizing your dark circles. 

Highlighting and Contouring

Using a concealer is a great way to brighten up your complexion and highlight your natural features. 

Start by applying a lighter concealer to your cheekbones, t-zone, and the bridge of your nose. Then use a darker concealer on the sides of your nose, jawline, and forehead. Polish it off by blending it with a larger brush or sponge. 

The same technique can also be applied to give you plumper lips. Using a fine-tipped concealer brush, you can trace around your lips with the concealer just before applying your lipstick to give the appearance of larger lips. 

Concealer Brush: A Magic Tool

The possibilities are truly endless with your concealer brush. From covering up blemishes and dark circles to highlighting your best features, the concealer brush (and a high-quality concealer, maybe two!) is your secret weapon to a beautiful finish every time. 

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