What Will 2022 Look Like In Men’s Fashion? The Most Fashionable Trends for the New Year

2022 mens fashion trends defacto

With 2022 in full swing, you may have thought of that old adage, “New Year, New You” and wondered what to do to switch things up this year. Whether you have strong resolutions for achieving your goals, or whether you simply want to enjoy some new hobbies and more social time with friends, there are lots of ways to make the most of the new year’s spirit and change your life for the better! One of the most simple ways to enjoy 2022 is to explore new fashion trends. Spruce up your closet and your style by checking out DeFacto online for the latest men’s fashion trends for 2022!

What’s in this year? We have your full look covered with men’s trousers, dress shirts, t-shirts, jackets, and accessories for all occasions. Read on for a breakdown of the new year’s top trends and ideas for how to start building outfits that will compliment everything you want to achieve in 2022!

One big change we foresee in the new year is a shift back towards a smarter look for men of all ages. Though loungewear and athleisure have their advantages, men are excited to get out there and explore other clothing options again!

Don’t get us wrong: Getting smart doesn’t only mean wearing ties and suits. There are plenty of creative ways to express your individual style and step your wardrobe up in the new year.

Chinos > Joggers

Joggers and sweats will always be appreciated for their service over the last two years of home office work, and we’d never give them up completely. But the new year is a great time to leave some of your leisurewear at home where it belongs and embrace new styles.

A good transition out of your home office sweats is to chinos. DeFacto’s Anthracite Regular Fit Chinos are sharply tailored for the office, but still incredibly comfortable and relaxed. Alternatively, the Regular Fit Chino Trousers are available in a range of colours that are perfect for business or pleasure.

mens fashion trends 2022 defacto

Upgrade Your Jumper Game

Like joggers down below, hoodies and jumpers took over tops in the last couple of years. We are all for cozy style, but you can upgrade your jumper looks easily by exploring new fabrics, colours, and cuts.

For example, knitted jumpers immediately give a classier and more adult vibe. We love DeFacto’s Regular Fit Long Sleeve Knitted Jumper in Beige, suitable for home, office, and spring walks alike.

Turtlenecks are also an easy upgrade for an elevated men’s fashion look in 2022. DeFacto has many gorgeous designs. The Regular Fit Turtleneck Long Sleeve Jumper in Anthracite, featuring a sleek black line detail down either sleeve, is one of our favourites.

For staying warm without looking sloppy, we recommend investing in some vests or gilets. DeFacto’s Regular Fit Sleeveless Vest is the ultimate in smart, layerable attire.

men's fashion trends 2022 defacto sweater vest

Attention to Detail

Even if you are not ready for a total closet revamp, adding one or two items with beautiful details is a way to show you care about presenting yourself well. DeFacto’s 2 Pack Faux Leather Belts in blue and black feature a subtle textured design that adds nice detail to any outfit. We also enjoy the Faux Leather Belt With Metal Buckle, which has a subtle inlaid pattern, for the same reason.

avalanche console marble and brass koket

I See Red

Red is all the rage! You can wear it as a total look, or combine it with another basic color such as beige or gray, since we know red is a very bold colour and not everyone is ready for it. Maybe just a little belt, watch or scarf though? It’s a must-have!

Don’t Be Scared of Patterns

We communicate by the way we dress and very often we actually get across an important message about ourselves, but that doesn’t have to be the case. More and more brands are launching collections full of clothing with nothing special about it except for a neatly exposed brand name. Then, you prefer not to let other people know how much your t-shirt cost you, traditional stripes and check or colorful jacquard patterns are fully acceptable.

red plaid shirt and red hat fashion trends for men 2022

Trends for All Men

Wherever 2022 takes you, remember that it doesn’t have to be boring – especially when it comes to fashion. Invest some time now to make the most out of a new year of men’s fashion trends in 2022. DeFacto has you covered.

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