The Key to Exquisite Interiors

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Looking for fresh ways to give your home some upscale flair? You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to bring a touch of elegance to your bedroom, living room, or hall. Because there’s a wonderfully cost-effective way to transform any room from dreary to dynamic: just hang up some new wall decor features. In this article, we’ll talk about the importance of investing in quality wall art, and the best affordable ways to make drab walls look glam.

3 Reasons Why Wall Decor Really Does Matter In Interior Design

If you look at interiors in top-level design magazines or just browse home-decor Instagram, you’ll probably notice one common theme – regardless of the size of the space or the style of the decor, you rarely see a truly impressive interior that has bare walls.

Of course, some top designers do prefer to leave walls unadorned. But for most of us including a wall art feature or two is all but essential if we’re aiming for a well-rounded design scheme. But why is this? Read on as we set out three main arguments for why wall decor is an integral part of any exquisite home.

Wall Decor Brings Art Into Your Home

For many people, luxury and art are synonymous. Throughout history, it was common for the richest families to decorate their homes with beautiful artworks. Hanging paintings in your front room might seem a bit extravagant in the 21st century. But the underlying concept remains the same – displaying art of some kind goes a long way towards creating a luxurious atmosphere.

And the best thing is that these days we don’t need to commission a portrait or spend enormous sums at art auctions to achieve that same effect. You can get an elegant, top-end look by just displaying your own photos printed as artistic canvas prints. Thanks to the amazing production standards of modern custom printing, almost any image can be printed in near gallery-quality. So if you’re dreaming of a glamorous interior, you can design one for much less.

Interior by Peter Stanton Interior Design showcasing the power of a black and white portrait with this classic Marilyn Monroe shot. Also in the room is furnishings by KOKET.

You Can Use Wall Art to Tell a Story

These days, telling our own unique stories is more important than ever. It builds emotional bonds and helps us learn from each other. And pictures, of course, are a wonderfully effective means of storytelling.

So how best to decorate your walls in a way that harnesses this narrative power? There are many ways to display images on the wall, each with its own advantages. Large single prints make an immediate statement. While eclectic gallery walls capture the viewer’s attention and encourage them to take a closer look at every feature of the arrangement. Either way, wall decor is an easy way to give your room a pop of color and character. An indispensable element of a well-thought-out interior.

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It Creates a Natural Focal Point

Wall decor serves a broader purpose too. It gives your decor scheme a clear focal point, bringing a centered, harmonious feel to the room. A well-balanced interior is particularly important for large rooms with a range of decor features and accents that need to be brought together into a coherent whole. An imposing piece of wall decor helps to unify the whole design scheme. Acting as the keystone of the room’s atmosphere and color palette.

chandra koket chairs interior design by
Interior by KA Interior Design featuring a prominent work of contemporary art creating the perfect interior statement alongside the Forutna dining table by Boca do Lobo surrounded with Chandra dining chairs by KOKET

On a Budget? Not a Problem!

Carefully selected photo prints can work wonders in all kinds of living spaces. And the best thing is, you can decorate effectively with wall art even if you’re working to a tight budget. This is probably the biggest secret of expensive-looking interiors – often they aren’t expensive at all! Choose reliable discount companies that reduce costs by streamlining their production processes. And you’ll be surprised how affordable high-quality wall art can be. 

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For example, one of the best-known discount printing brands in the US,, sells canvas prints from as little as just $5 for an 8”x8” print (more than 20 canvas formats are available in total). The company benefits from its dominant position in the market to deliver printed wall art and home accessories at amazing prices without compromising on print quality.

So if you’re planning to finally revamp that empty wall above your headboard or dining table, explore the range and decorate with style on a budget!

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