New Interior Design Trends That Will Be Hot in 2022

koket interior design trends 2022

When it comes to 2022 home interior design trends, some of our favorite styles shine on! After living pandemic style for the past two years, the importance of the home as a space for relaxing, working, and everything in-between remains as important as ever. As such, trends like rounded furniture for comfort, a top-notch work from home office, and blending indoor and outdoor living will continue to be strong this year. Read on to discover interior design trends we love for 2022!

1. Fresh Colors

Going into 2022 a desire for a fresh start reigns strong across the world. So of course fresh colors were called out by all top color experts for the year. From Benjamin Moore’s call for the soft cool green of October Mist and the quiet calm of a forest of Sherwin William’s Evergreen Fog to Behr’s serene Breezeway blue and Pantone’s cheery call for Very Peri, the tone across the board is clear.

2. Curves

curved furniture rounded chairs luxury home design trends 2022

A Love Happens favorite, rounded furniture is definitely in for 2022. Curved shapes help soften a room and promote relaxation. When paired with fresh neutral tones, rounded furniture is the ultimate minimal statement piece. Splashed in color, the same piece becomes a brilliant focal point.

3. Work From Home Space

the perfect work from home office decor luxury koket desk bookcase and chair

Working from home is now almost as common if not more than working in an office. Thus, a well-designed home office is essential this year and we are pretty sure this will remain a common thing forevermore. If you are spending 8 or more hours each day in one room, make it look beautiful and enjoy it!

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4. Indoor Outdoor Symbiosis

nature inspired design koket

During the pandemic lockdowns and curfews, the desire to bring the outdoors in flourished. Decorating with plants and nature themes makes any space more lively. And of course, this trend goes the other way as well with outdoor living. The outdoor room boomed in popularity in the summer of 2020, and once experienced no one wants to give this one up!

5. Personalized

The very best home interior design is always tailored to its inhabitants! And a must as we continue to spend more time at home. Functional for all our needs from kids to work to pets. But also in line with our individual character and personality. From the art on your walls and the decorative objects on your tables and shelves to the style and tone of your color and finish palette, personalized interiors is a trend you can’t possibly not love. Want to take it to the next level? Go bespoke for the ultimate in personalized interior design.

Wrapping Up

If you are getting ready to design your interior the first thing you should consider is the kind of atmosphere you want to create. Interior décor is about building an intimate connection with your spaces. Thus, from integrating unique furniture to adding statement pieces, there are many ideas that will transform your home interior into the place you want to be every day.

Did we miss any interior design trends you see coming in 2022? Do you have any interior design tips you can share to help homeowners transform their spaces? Let us know in the comments below.

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