12 Brands We Love from Lh V5 ‘The Human Touch’ Edition

Our favorite brands, laid out just for you. This exclusive list features brands we love right now and all the brands seen throughout ‘The Human Touch’ print edition of Love Happens.

12 Brands You Will Love to Shop from
Lh V5 ‘The Human Touch’ Edition

Liberty Armchair by Bessa


João Bessa created Bessa, the Portuguese Art & Design decor brand, to bring back the beauty and feelings behind true stories through craft production. Each product design revives the past and celebrates the sentiment of ancient times. Bessa prides itself on creating handcrafted high-end products, sculptural and functional art pieces, exclusiveness, and innovation.

the harmonist perfume sun moon prequel collection


Lola Tillyaeva founded The Harmonist in 2016 to emphasize the power of scent through an expression of balance and harmony. To encourage self-discovery, The Harmonist uniquely offers distinct and fulfilling fragrances based on personal connection to the five elements: wood, fire, earth, water, and metal.

animal rings diamond earring diane kordas jewellery


American-born, London-based Diane Kordas designs jewelry that is casual, classic, and timeless. This fine jewelry brand is consistently set in 18k gold and provides subtle allure whilst honoring the skill of true craftsmanship. Kordas’ sought-after designs come with a highly innovative approach. And have been worn by some of the world’s most iconic women.


The Portuguese brand, Josefinas, was founded by women and named after one of the founder’s grandmothers, who served as a huge source of inspiration. Resilience and craftsmanship gave birth to the ballet-inspired shoe brand that believes handmade products have unparalleled magic. The power of women radiates through each meaningful design.

passion sconce koket luxury lighting
human brands vela scarves jersey


In 2009, Marwa Atik and her sister Tasneem Atik Sabri co-founded VELA to revolutionize the way the world looks at the hijab and modest style. Latin for “veil”, VELA creates the most comfortable scarves. And generates a powerful community of women celebrating one another for their uniqueness and strength.

human brands nude pump brother vellies shoes


Aurora James founded Brother Vellies, a luxury accessories brand, in 2013 to maintain traditional African design practices and techniques through sustainability. Celebrating history and design, Brother Vellies provides timeless and one-of-a-kind pieces. While honoring those who hand-make each product across the globe.

pasotti umbrella art


Established in 1956 by Ernesta Pasotti, Pasotti manufactures handmade luxury umbrellas in Italy and distributes them worldwide. The brand prides itself on its consistent use of enameled brass handles, Swarovski® crystals, silk fabrics, and marvelous decorations that have stood the test of time as the brand lives on from generation to generation.

bracli lingerie human brands


Founded by Luis Álvarez, Bracli combines intimate clothing with original features designed to stimulate the most sensitive parts of the female body. Bracli, home of the original pearl thong, rebels against conventional clothing to promote fantasy for all who indulge in the exchange of sensual pleasure.

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Greenomic Delikatessen’s attractive and original Italian pasta comes cleverly packaged as the best of a good hair day. The delicious German brand has expanded from its delicacies to include the finest oils, herbs, sweets, and gifts a company could offer.

human brands thomasine crystal luxury gloves for women


The Swedish-Parisian couturière of gloves Thomasine Barnekow created THOMASINE, a luxury accessories brand that is renowned for delivering “gloves like soft jewelry,” in 2008. The brand celebrates the luxury design work of Thomasine that challenges traditional craftsmanship through “a blooming garden of gloves.”

vinoble cosmetics human brands


Vinoble Cosmetics was established in 2005 by Luise Köfer to offer premium spa products and treatments created from grape’s highly effective and domestic ingredients. The award-winning brand redefined itself in 2018 to demonstrate a rooted respect for nature with plastic-free packaging and an all-vegan product line to connect to nature and promote skin happiness.

luxury unique purse designs GUSTOKO BY PAULA FIGUERAS


Paula Figueras created GUSTOKO to offer luxury bags that are wonderfully made and inspired by her homeland, the Philippines, and her adopted country, Portugal. The brand prides itself on one-of-a-kind handmade pieces created by the Philippines’ best artisans and natural materials while aiming to reduce production waste by recycling.

Words by Caitlin Battle
Article Originally Appeared in Love Happens Volume 5
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