Body & Mind In Interior Decor

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Not only does the human mind of an artist masterfully create beautiful designs, but the human form is also a constant source of inspiration. Hands, legs, lips, and beyond. The human body often appears in interior decor. A fabulous way to add a bit of whimsy to your space.

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egosit mirror koket hand decor

EGOIST | Mirror

The simple style of this mirror brings together Art Deco symmetry with the touch of a delicate cast brass hand holding a chain in its palm.

outburst chandelier koket

OUTBURST | Chandelier

The Outburst chandelier reflects an explosion of a powerful woman and will make a statement in any space with its polished brass hands reaching through shooting arrows of angled glass in black, gray, clear, and soft pink.

tabu cocktail table koket legs

TABU | Cocktail Table

Add sex appeal and whimsy to your living room with the Tabu Cocktail Table. Sensual brass legs stretch out beneath a sophisticated bronze glass top to create the perfect conversation starter for your next cocktail party.

vengeance table lamp koket

VENGEANCE | Table Lamp

Seeking retribution, she fights to take back what is rightfully hers. Cast brass hands grasp the Vengeance lamp’s marble column structure embodying her impassioned struggle.

nahema dining chair koket

NAHÉMA | Chair

Try not to get handsy with the flirty and modern design of the Nahéma chair. Her sweet seat and contemporary detached back are bound by a metal and lacquer frame complete with two hand details, insistently grasping at your desire.

muse sconce koket luxury lighting

MUSE | Sconce

Aroused by all that is beautiful, her polished brass hand delicately grasps a white onyx fan attempting to cool the glowing heat of her inner light. The Muse Sconce will inspire its voyeurs with its radiant charm from any wall that she graces.

gisele side table koket luxury furniture hand decor brass

GISELE II | Side Table

Three elegant Victorian cast brass hands on a delicate tripod base hold an aged mirror top. This luxurious table is sure to be a showstopper in any room.

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