The Voices Behind Love Happens ‘The Human Touch’ Edition

At Love Happens one of our favorite things is working with our talented writers! Each of our contributors comes with their own unique voice. A voice they beautifully align with the mission of our magazine, and that of our publisher the luxury decor brand KOKET. A mission to inspire and empower through design and content. Read on to meet the talented contributors who helped us bring to life the fifth print volume of Love Happens, ‘The Human Touch’ Edition.

maira ines romba love happens contributors


Inês holds a PhD in Communication Sciences and is the Head of Development and Institutional Affairs of Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP). She is also Professor in the Master of Communication Studies at UCP, and host and content creator for her own digital TV channel. Inês loves to communicate.

emily dimond love happens writer


Emily is a Public Policy major at the University of Maryland. Writing has always had a special place in Emily’s life! Some of Emily’s hobbies include traveling, reading, watching movies, and drinking coffee.

seema azharuddin love happens magazine


“Will write, and share experiences with the world”, is the ‘I do’ vow Seema stands by. An established writer both in the US and India, Seema leads in communications and is empowered in empowering women. Her profound involvement with cultures and people keeps her focused on quests for causes and campaigns.

jazzy nelson love happens contributors


Jazzy is an avid advocate of which is a non-profit organization promoting a culture of love, inspiring our human family to act with loving kindness in our daily lives. Jazzy is also one of Love Happens longest standing contributors!

emma voigt love happens writer


Emma combines her expertise in Conflict Resolution with her creative passions by exploring the power of fashion in various contexts. In pursuit of adventure, you’ll currently find her road-tripping across the US making stops for rock climbing or sailing.

caitlin battle love happens writer


Caitlin is a recent graduate of the University of Georgia, where she studied English literature and language. Her love for the written word, desire to learn new things, and passion for writing keeps her driven and focused. Through her talents, she strives to glorify God in all she does.

rita rodrigues love happens contributors


Rita is a fierce business developer who studied international relations and political science. With a taste for backpacking and a book addiction, if she is not in a meeting or planning the next strategy you will find her gathering the team to throw a few challenges at them— something she is particularly passionate about.

adrian porter love happens magazine contributors


Adrian currently studies Science at Tidewater Community College, achieving her associate’s degree. Outside of writing and school, she is working towards building a career in interior design. In her free time, Adrian enjoys traveling, DIY projects, gardening, and fashion!

mariana silva love happens magazine contributors


Mariana is obsessed with fashion, beauty, and spirituality. She is also a confident activist that hopes to inspire through content and words of aspiration. If anything, she would like to think that she helped at least one person who was feeling uncertain and unworthy be set free from society’s standards.

jailynn taylor love happens magazine contribtuors


Jailynn is a Fashion designer turned Fashion Writer. She worked the last two years in NYC as an Assistant Designer and has obtained a vast amount of knowledge on current trends. Jailynn is currently working to become a full-time fashion writer.