Tempted By Design: The Gathering Place

Where is the heart of the home? Many people, including many top interior designers, would tell you it is the living room. Many grandmothers would tell you it is where their secret recipes reside, the kitchen. Once upon a time, we even claimed it is the master bedroom because that is where the magic happens. However, the heart of the home really may just be anywhere that allows family and friends to gather together. Spaces where human touch, whether it be physical or emotional, is encouraged — Gathering Places.

When considering what makes a room a “gathering place”, it traces back to an area that is spacious, providing ample seating, while also radiating comfort and coziness. Gathering places serve as safe havens for families and friends to unite, re-energize, converse, and make plans along with memories. There is something truly magical that lives within gathering places. The unity it brings is something that should always be cherished.

In honor of cherishing touching moments and human connection, in this edition of “Tempted by Design”, Love Happens shares a versatile selection of gathering places that are not only true works of art, but also fundamental for social moments, functions, and parties. These spaces transport individualized family members and friends into one intimate community. Sharing four walls or, in some cases, a fence.

Each selected gathering place is glamorous, yet functional. When effectively serving its purpose, the heart of the home can be felt in many different rooms as long as everyone can come together. Whether the gathering space is the pool, backyard, living room, kitchen, or foyer, the following top designers created astounding spaces with the concept of socializing at the forefront of their impeccable and luxurious designs.

Nina Magon Studio | Houston

the gathering place nina magon interior design
© photography by Julie Soefer

Based in Houston, Texas, Nina Magon Studio seamlessly blends architecture, interior design, and construction to create the world’s most exclusive residences. In this project known as the WD Residence Nina combines exactly that with luxury and tradition. As the interior architecture comes with a tranquil and contemporary edge, the furniture, fixtures, and equipment offer soft and deep finishes to cater to the client’s need for spending time with family and friends. The home is versatile through its ability to entertain and gather. While also serving as a work of art through its modern and forward-thinking design elements. Each room seems to flow into the other, allowing for the art and entertainment to continually transcend.

luxury dining room design by nina magon
© photography by Julie Soefer

ORA studio NYC | Long Island

ora studio nyc luxury gathering place design
© photography by Richard Cadan

Founded in 2001, ORA studio’s mission is to challenge the boundaries of design in architecture. And in this impeccable French-style Long Island residence, Giusi Mastro, founder & owner of ORA, did just that. While also designing a home that her client’s family would feel deeply connected to. The expansive open interior layout paved the way for the modern and contemporary home. The main floor, sectioned by six columns and a marble fireplace as the living area’s luxurious backdrop, was initially visualized as a modern loft-like environment. Continuous sections connect each atmosphere to the next, promoting a constant sense of togetherness. As the lighting in the dining area uniformly glows with the living area, due to the coffered ceilings that produce a hidden lighting effect, family and friends can gather and appreciate this modern take on conviviality.

ora studio nyc luxury dining room design
© photography by Richard Cadan

Jensen Interior Design | Riyadh

robyn jensen living room luxury royal interior design spellbound cabinet koket
© photography by Mark Luscombe-Whyte

Robyn Jensen, the Los Angeles-based owner of Jensen Interior Design, transformed this family living room of Riyadh Residence of HRH Princess Maha bint Mishari Abdulaziz Alsaud into the spiritual heart of the house. Jensen Interior Design believes in using design to tell her client’s stories and capture the imagination. Hence the beauty of this contemporary palace’s gathering place as it retains the intimacy of a family home alongside its undeniable glamour. The room’s ambiance radiates of sense of serenity that promotes luxurious intimacy. The Tree of Life’s spectacular cherry blossoms alongside the lacquered Spellbound Cabinet by KOKET, with its bronze blossoms that seem to have fallen straight out of the tree above, all create an aura of blissful enchantment in the heart of the home.

gathering places robyn jensen interior design luxury royal living room design
© photography by Mark Luscombe-Whyte

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Ramzy Alaa Interiors | New Giza

Ramzy Alaa, founder of the Egypt-based interior design firm Ramzy Alaa Interiors, is known for his dark color schemes and beautiful blending of contemporary with classic. A style he perfectly depicts in this spectacular mansion home in New Giza, 6th of October City, Egypt. The residence’s black-and-white palette with its luxurious outdoor gathering space promotes proper indulgence for all extravagant get-togethers. It is as if the extensive wrap-around couch is effortlessly floating upon the pristine pool. Meanwhile, the open lawn serves as an excellent venue for functions. Furthering its fabulousness, it is pleasing to the eye as it appears to melt and illuminate into the pool’s sumptuous exterior. This backyard is the epitome of lavish venues that turn any gathering into the ultimate social event.

the gathering place ramzy alaa outdoor luxury living pool and cabana bar at home

Shalini Misra | Delhi

gathering places shalani misra luxury modern farmhouse dehli brick outdoor living room

Upon 25,000 square feet, in a farmhouse in India, lies this grand suburban retreat designed by Shalini Misra. Based in London, Shalini Misra takes pride in its ability to craft distinct concepts and design narratives. Each uniquely aligned with the clients’ vision. Through collaboration with landscape designer J2, the home was built to bring people together in a peaceful space. Surrounded by nature and with elements of Vaastu. Each area of the home not only unites people with people but also the outdoors with the indoors. The natural greenery combined with the interior’s locally sourced craft and materials provokes a sense of tranquility that transforms this house into a one-of-a-kind home.

shalinig misra delhi luxury home
shalani misra luxury living room gatherin palces

Steelman Partners | Saipan

palace saipan lobby reptilia by koket steelman partners

Steelman Partners, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, is known as an industry-leading architectural firm. An expert in hospitality and entertainment-based projects, they produced an ultimate gathering place—The Imperial Palace Saipan. The grand lobby within the luxury resort is utterly breathtaking through its exquisite design and details. Inspired by the cultural dichotomy of Chinese and Korean civilizations in Saipan, the stunning bespoke crystal Dragon Chandelier greets guests with grandeur. Gather together and sit upon the gorgeous lavender Reptilia Sofas and Tresor Stools by KOKET, and bask in the communal glory that awaits in this ornamental masterpiece of design.

the gathering place palace saipan lobby reptilia by koket steelman partners

Sabrina Monte-Carlo | French Riviera

gathering places pool and outdoor living design Sabrina Monte-Carlo | French Riviera
© photography by Yvan Grubski

Based in Monaco, Sabrina Monte-Carlo is a recognized interior design studio. A one-stop destination for all interior and exterior decoration projects! Designed by Sabrina Monte-Carlo, this backyard of an oasis, known as Villa Riviera, is only part of the beautiful contemporary home located in the French Riviera. The patio area radiates its vibrant colors to offer its homeowners and guests a brilliantly picturesque time together. This colorful scene along the Mediterranean is as beautiful as the view it comes with. Offering ample seating, guided shade from its beautifully beamed pavilion, along with all of its other many invigorating details, like its luscious lawn and pristine pool, Villa Riviera is a top destination for loved ones to come together and escape.

We hope you enjoy these gathering places and that they inspire and remind you of one of our most precious treasures, the human touch!

Words by Caitlin Battle
Article Originally Appeared in Love Happens Volume 5

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