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A treasure trove of handcrafted goods from around the world?! Yes, please! If you are looking for culturally meaningful and artistic handmade products from around this beautiful globe, then you must visit Maia Homes.

When fueled by passion, things really do take on a whole aura of their own! After years of traveling to countries with rich cultures and histories and discovering her desire to share all the beautifully crafted goods she saw, Mai founded Maia Homes. An online store offering an exquisitely curated collection of homewares for lovers of global artistry.

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Mai, Founder of Maia Homes

A Passion for Travel and Culture

On trips to Egypt, Cuba, Morocco, China, and so many more culturally rich destinations, Mai always brought home handcrafted souvenirs. Her friends and family would often admire her exotic collections. And in 2020, when the pandemic hit and Mai had to cancel all travel plans, she tried to find ways to connect to all the wonderful places she had been and with new areas. And so began the idea for Maia Homes. A way to bring an international bazaar-like shopping experience to people without having to leave their homes.

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All About Connecting

One of the key differences between Maia Homes and other homewares platforms is they do not charge listing fees. “I want to empower small businesses around the world, who otherwise never had a chance to reach their customers globally because of other platforms’ requirements and listing fees,” says Mai. They simply create beautiful listings for the creators and even offer to pay upfront before a shipment to a customer.

Today Maia Homes offers an exquisitely curated collection of products from over 50 vendors from different countries. And they are constantly looking to connect with more talents, artists, and small businesses in the home improvement industry to help them reach more customers worldwide.

“We are doing our best every day to create and curate eye-catching decor objects and furnishings from around the globe that are not just functional, long-lasting, but also meant to inspire your artistic expressions and styles.”

Committed to bringing the best customer service experiences from product presentations, quality, packaging, shipping, and return service. Maia Homes is on a mission to be the number one destination for incredible homewares. But even beyond that, “Maia Homes’ true purpose is to inspire you to keep learning and find your true self through art, culture, and history of every corner of the world.”

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