Strike a Pose! Humble Nuances to Gender Equality

Great stencil street art work by thepinkbear.rebel street artist. Exploring gender roles and equality with reversing the two main characters in a famous photo taken after WW2 was won

Humble nuances to gender equality.

This time of year, a woman’s cry sounds like a growl across the world. It’s March, in which the woman rules and claims her superiority over all species in the many ways a man cannot, and so the battle ensues. Not far from the truth at all, but it refers mainly to the need for the ouster of male supremacy. This notion has been a touchy subject since the beginning of Venus vs. Mars, and today the rights of women in standing alone but on equal terms with man has become a constant present-day issue and of the future.

It’s sad but true that a biological sex difference can create a war of the worlds and words from the home to the boardrooms and bedrooms. I get to profile in terms of the behaviors and differences year after year and interpret the debates, emerging meanings, perspectives, etc. What hasn’t changed is how sexism remains the irritant.

Is it sexist to say that women are superior to men?

Many headlines over the years posted this question, ‘Is it sexist to say that women are superior to men?’. Fundamental differences, including the blue and pink minds (ref. Pink Brain Blue Brain by Lise Eliot), insist. I quote, “the tiny sex differences present at birth are magnified through socialization.”

One anthropologist goes this far to say, ‘Maleness is a birth defect.’ It reminded me (also cracked me up on the words birth defect!). It also brings forth the question, ‘Are any group of people, regardless of gender identification, biologically superior to any other?’

Well, right here right now, if the super forms of the male and the female were to strike a pose, whose would be the superior? I have my preferences, as will most, for it is in the eyes of the beholder. But to say, is it sexist that women are superior to men? I will agree with the select majority and anthropologist Barbara J King’s answer, Yes, in a way that hurts men and women.

To the above thoughts on fundamental sex differences that create mental barriers between the woman and the man, there are the differences in the facts of evolution, hormones, psychology, etc., and it hurts and impacts (in my opinion) both the feminist and masculism actions in ideology and everything learned around it.

Feminism isn’t about superiority or domination; it’s about gender equality.

However, to the power that the woman yields, I agree, and as I have researched, their differences in behavior favor them, not men, for most of the things that will matter in the future. However, to make any situation, win-win gender equality must reign while accepting and acknowledging and respectfully so, the vast dimensions in thought and practices that men and women share. Debate with me on this, and I will be happy to share the facts.

Feminism isn’t about superiority or domination; it’s about gender equality. In a world so vast and spread in cultural behaviors, serving as equals on emotional, spiritual, and physical levels only advances acknowledgment and acceptance that defines growth for our existence. I’ve said this twice already. This second time it is for those guys who do not go beyond the gym and the boardroom to exercise authority and power of the muscle!

In all the diversity and inclusiveness manuals, I have often thought that a penalty must be attached ‘For Men Only’ who violate or oppose the powers women have, especially in the workplace and those who execute them with humility. The workplace battles have been most transparent in acknowledgment and acceptance issues worldwide.

It is, indeed, baffling to see the very few women on top who have taken charge and can make both men and women listen. Something about ten women in the lead, two brought by Alexa and Siri! It does seem unfair. While men have been in a privileged position for years, it would behoove them to empower women up to their level, no doubt. Women make for great problem solvers. Feminism is about the power of choice and acknowledging it, and we choose to stand on an equal base on all matters.

To gender equality, then we say cheers!

Not just in March, but every day. Differences that create disadvantages only sour and deepen the wound. So, to the man and the woman and the human race, let it be a marriage of minds, of convenience, of growth as echoed in the words of Khalil Gibran, “Love one another, but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. Fill each other’s cup but drink not from one cup. Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf….”

Strike a pose, Ladies. You are on the cover of ‘Empowerment’!

Seema Azharuddin

About the Author

Seema Azharuddin has been actively involved in a variety of fields like acting, producing, writing, journalism, and consulting, including being a champion for several causes and campaigns. Currently, she continues to volunteer as a spokesperson for the Indian diaspora for Biden’s presidency and contributes to a number of publications.

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Stencil street artwork by thepinkbear.rebel street artist. Exploring gender roles and equality with reversing the two main characters in the famous photo taken after WW2 was won. Via Crawford Jolly / Unsplash

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