The Beauty of a Professional Wedding Photographer

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You are ready to make your wedding day a day to remember. You have planned every detail with care and you are confident that your wedding will be an unforgettable experience. Now, you want to preserve the beauty of your event with images that portray the love you feel.

In addition to being a keepsake, your wedding photos are a visual record of the memories you will create together. They visually present the love and laughter of your wedding day. Not to mention, they can recall the details of the day in years to come. To ensure that your wedding photos are nothing short of perfect, consider hiring a professional wedding photographer. Capture the beauty and the emotions that are running high on your special day.

Quality wedding photographers cannot compare to average photographers. There are a few things that wedding photographers, like the Australian SvenStudios, can do that really make your jaw drop. It makes you realize that not every photography studio is created equal when it comes to capturing your day!

Here are 10 reasons why hiring a professional wedding photographer can be the best decision you make for your wedding.

10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

360 Virtual Reality Recording

Uniquely capture your wedding day from every angle. Don’t miss a moment of getting ready in the hotel or dancing at the reception party. And, of course, capture all the emotions in between the ceremony with 360 virtual reality recording.

Due to Covid-19, it has been difficult to have all the guests you want at your wedding. Therefore, you may want to consider the wonders of virtual reality to include everyone. The photographers at SvenStudios offer a virtual reality recording of your ceremony free of charge. This ensures that people can attend no matter where they are in the world in the most ‘real’ way possible.

Live Streaming of Ceremonies

If virtual reality does not interest you, consider the next best thing: live streaming. Through a secure online link, your guests can watch the ceremony as it unfolds in real-time. This also allows guests to watch the ceremony from another perspective without having to miss a beat. Live streaming your ceremony is the perfect way to celebrate with those who cannot attend.

Drones for a Unique Perspective

Drones are all the rage these days and for good reason. They offer a unique perspective than what is possible with a traditional camera. Drones can capture your wedding in ways that truly define the beauty and scale of the event. They add an extra layer of interest as they capture the details of your reception from an aerial view. Moreover, this vantage point can show off the beauty of your location and give a sense that you are floating among the clouds. Best of all, drones are unobtrusive and will not disturb guests as they go about their day.

Hybrid Coverage of Both Photography and Videography

Not every studio offers hybrid coverage of both photography and videography. However, highly consider this is a service especially if you are on a budget. By having a photographer who is also a videographer, you can save money and still have important video coverage. You not only get beautiful images, but you also have a touching video record of the special day. Capturing both the highlights and all the details of your big day, a hybrid wedding photographer is sure to be worth their weight in gold.

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Professional Keepsake Albums

Your typical freelance photographer will give you all your edited digital photos on a disc or USB drive, but a professional wedding photographer will provide you with keepsake albums and prints that are of the highest quality. Made to last a lifetime, these professionally bound and designed albums will be a cherished memory for you and your family to flip through. Reminisce on all the emotions of your big day with the turn of every page. In addition, your photographer may also offer wall prints, canvas prints, and other unique photo products that will make your wedding photos the centerpiece of your home. Truly unique wedding photographers put thought and care into the design and creation of their photo products, ensuring that you receive something that is both beautiful and sentimental.

Same-Day Edits of Photos or Video

Same-day edits are unheard of when it comes to photography and videography, but it’s a service that many professional wedding photographers offer. This means that as the wedding day progresses your photographer will be hard at work editing the photos and videos that were captured that day. By the time the reception rolls around, you will have access to all the edited and finished photos and videos that were taken throughout the day. This is an amazing way to relive the moments as they unfolded and to share with guests who may have already left the wedding. It also allows you to quickly see how your photos and videos turned out, ensuring that you are happy with the final product.

Different Day Photoshoots

Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular as many couples want to tie the knot in a beautiful and exotic location. However, since most weddings take place during the week, many destinations are not available for rent on Saturdays. This is where a professional wedding photographer comes in handy! By scheduling a pre-wedding photoshoot (or two on different days) leading up to your wedding, you can make the most of your destination by having all the photos you need in front of those amazing backdrops. Oftentimes, destination wedding photographers will offer this service at a discounted rate. Therefore, this is definitely something worth considering if you have your heart set on having a destination wedding.

Cutting Edge Technology

While all wedding photographers have access to some pretty amazing technology, not all of them have the latest gear. This is something you should definitely ask about when meeting with potential photographers. Certain studios make a point of using the most advanced technology in their work. This can mean anything from underwater drones to medium-format cameras. Both of which can capture breathtaking photos and videos of your wedding day. If you are looking for something truly unique and special in your wedding photos, then be sure to ask your photographer about their use of cutting-edge technology.

Photographer-Run Photo Booths

Photo booths have become increasingly popular in recent years. They provide a fun and unique way for guests to capture memories of the wedding. However, what many people do not know is that not all photo booths are created equal. In fact, many photo booths are run by amateur photographers who often do not have the skills or experience necessary to capture high-quality photos. This is why it is important to choose a professional wedding photographer who also offers a personalized photo booth service that matches the theme of your wedding and provides stunning results. With years of experience in both photography and event planning, a professional wedding photographer will be able to set up and run a photo booth that is sure to delight your guests and provide some amazing wedding photos to cherish forever.

Full-Day Hire Wedding Photographers

Unlike a friend or family member who may be available for a few hours on your wedding day, professional wedding photographers are available for the entire day. This means that you can take your time getting ready, have plenty of time for photos, and not feel rushed through the ceremony or reception. In fact, many photographers will even stay until the last dance is over so that no moment is missed. This is perfect for those who want to take things slow and enjoy every second of their big day without feeling rushed or stressed. A professional wedding photographer understands the importance of taking your time and will work with you to ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly and effortlessly.

Bonus: Ability and Willingness to Travel

Your wedding demands the best of the best. So, find a wedding photographer that is willing to go the extra mile. Whether it is a destination wedding or an intimate backyard affair, your photographer should be available and willing to travel anywhere to offer their services. This means that no matter where in the world you decide to get married, your photographer will be there to capture all the beauty of the day. From the beaches of Bali to the canyons of Arizona, there is no location that is out of reach for a professional wedding photographer. So if you have your heart set on a destination wedding, don’t forget to ask your photographer about their availability and willingness to travel.

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